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Macrolides Antibiotics

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  • Kingsway3 1

    Started Biaxin ((Clariomycin)antibiotics

    started Biaxin fir cold. After 3 days devolped a body rash with itiching. Still have it after 3 weeks. Has anybody else had these symptoms. Been numerous doctors. Now they have taken a skin biopsy to get to the root of it 😱😱😱

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  • giuila 2

    Pleurisy and Chest Infection Clarithromycin

    I really hope someone can give me some advice. Before Christmas I came down with a cold which turned into a chest infection. I didnt go to a GP as usually these things clear up. However by Christmas Eve I was starting to feel pretty bad and called the doctor but they were closed so I didn't go. Went...

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  • dean72988 1
  • derek76 6

    Clarithromycin was not like this before

    My doctor prescribed 500mg Clarithromycin to me for an infection (Epididymitis)  I had been prescribed it on two previous occasions for other things without ill effects. My doctor commented that he was not giving me a quinolone as they had caused me to have tendon problems in the past. I started the...

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  • beverley47094 2

    Anyone experienced severe anxiety/depression taking Clarithromycin?

    I take Citalopram for anxiety/depression. This year I have had 2 chest infections that needed treating and was given Clarithromycin, 500mg twice a day. The latest chest infection was recently and I stopped taking the antibiotics 5 days ago. I have had some awful symptoms that I don't know what has caused....

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  • pammi77404 2

    Cough and rib pain

    Dear readers, I've read a lot of posts from over a year ago for the same symptoms as I have now. I would like to hear from anyone who has got better and can share how long it took them to get back to normal. It started with a loss of voice and a bad cough and a flu. Got better after two weeks of paracetamol,...

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  • jane58120 1

    Chest Infection for 4 months will I ever feel well?

    ! came down with this chest infection in February had 2 lots of antibiotics and felt well for 2 or 3 days in March and then got bad again. I have been on 2 more lots of antibiotics Clarithromycin and Doxycycline but still coughing and am now on serevent and ventolin inhalers. I have had blood tests...

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  • rhonda40363 1

    Antibiotic side effects

    I was prescribed Clarthromycin and Metronidazole for H Pylori bacteria.  The first four days were fine, but on the fifth day I woke up with dry heaves, feeling faint, bloated, and generally worse.  Has anybody else experienced this while taking these antibiotics.  I have another week to go, and have...

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  • trisha. 2

    has any body experienced these side effects of clarithromycin/

    I had a sinus infection for a few weeks & went doc who prescribed me 500mg clarithromycin twice a day. A day or 2 into the medicine I developed a headache (similar to sinus pain but worse) thought it was just my infection but then I found myself short of breath. Couldn't sleep at all. Then whenever...

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  • rahela1010 3
  • kim59492 4

    Clarithromycin side effects

    Hi I suffer from palpitations on and off. I've had to go on the above antibiotic for a throats and sinus infection. I've taken two days with and things feel a bit better but I have had more palpatations than usual. Also a horrible bitter taste in my mouth. It's horrible. Should I carry on with antibiotics...

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  • julie27944 1

    Chest tightness and other things wrong

    Im after having chest pains, neck and shoulder pain, some dierriara on and off, vomiting on and off, finding it hard to breathe most of the time, I've been to the doc twice and A&E once and they done chest x-ray, ECG, and bloods and they said it was a virus and throat infection I had, but it's been 3...

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  • sabha123 1

    Chest infection for nearly 3/4 weeks I don't know what to do

    I'm only 16 and last month I was suffering from chest pain which was under my left and right Breast where I kept getting sharp pain and in my back I also couldn't breath properly so I went to the hospital after a week full of pain and they gave Me amoxicillin and a inhaler which didn't help at all !...

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  • melissa55652 2

    7 week old chest infection resistant bug

    Doc underdosed amoxicillin a pathetic 250mgs tds x 5days n this one was working just didn't fully kill n it got resistant. Think he thought it wasn't that bad but it was. Symptoms: night sweats, chills in blood, chest tightness n pain, dizziness, low energy, headache, can't concentrate, misery. Given...

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  • johnny61409 1

    mental health

    How to observe why change the behaviour of mental man. what method will be used to increse health level?

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  • amberfking 2


    Hi there, I've been on azithromycin (Z-pack) for a double ear infection. I'm only on the 4th dose and I'm having some weird side effects. Atleast I think that's what they are. I'm a sufferer of health anxiety. And I have been having is mainly around my heart for a few months. And of course I'm prescribed...

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  • rahela1010 3

    Heavy chest lump on neck

    Iv been given erythomycin for a lump on my neck that ive been told is lymphdenitis.. Its only my sexond say of having them but i feel as though i have a heavy chest.. Has anyone else experienced thsi? Also the lump seems as though its not gone down at all

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  • sallybongo 3

    Felopidine and cramp

    I have been taking Felopidine alongside Losartan for BP for several months. My problem is since I started on the Felopidine I have been getting severe cramp in my legs particularly and sometimes like last night it seemed every muscle in my right leg went into spasm and then my left leg joined in. I didn't...

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  • kathleen51561 1

    Effects of Clarithromycin

    I was prescribed Clarithromycin for an infection whichhad produced phlegm and was making me exhausted. I had not been prescribed antibiotics for about 22 years. The effects have been incredible. Whilst I could feel the infection shifting - from day one I felt spaced out very very tired and had trouble...

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  • sara6313 1

    Clarithromycn side effects reaction

    I am still suffering from what i believe to be the side affects of this drug?? throat pain, wind mainly but not taking for some 14 days now at the time I thought I was having a heart attack I felt so ill.  back up the back of my neck coming through to my front lump in my throat, indigestion and an awful...

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  • surfnode 2

    clarithromycin - insomnia - not slept for days

    Hi, I wasn't too sure which sub-forum to post this in so hopefully here is ok ? I recently have a bad chest infection and was prescribed clarithromycin by my doctor to treat this - thankfully the chest infection has subsided however a negative result of taking the clarithromycin antibiotics is that...

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  • chris66840 2

    Clarithromycin - appetite loss etc

    I have just (I hope) taken my last pill in my 7 day course of this antibiotic. It has made me  lose my appetite completely but I have force-fed myself as it is so important to eat I know. Apart from this the drug made me feel slightly dizzy (too strong a word really but something along those lines)....

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  • Guest M

    I was prescribed antibiotics for infectected ingrowing t...

    I was prescribed antibiotics for infectected ingrowing toenail. After 2 courses of tabs i was give CLARITHROMYCIN as the previouse tabs were a waste of time. CLARITHROMYCIN were great, i had no side effects whatsoever and within a couple of days i felf alot better and they cleared up the infection after...

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  • Pixxie 1

    Great - it works! Minor side effects - just eat first!

    Clarithromycin 500 is brilliant! After developing a sudden nasty chest infection where I was coughing, choking and vomiting (as couldn't breath), with an agonizing persistent cough and loss of voice, I thought I was on the verge of pneumonia or would have to call the ambulance. My GP prescribed Clarithromycin...

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  • jane6 3

    Clarithromycin for a nasty dry cough

    I was quite shocked when my gp recommended antibiotics for my hacking dry cough. I have the flu too. I started taking Clarithromycin yesterday morning. So far I have taken 3 tablets, so far so good! My violent cough which was totally debilitating and exhausting (non-stop) and causing me nearly to throw...

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  • Guest M

    Clarithromycin, have stopped taking this.

    After taking a course of penicillin which had no effect on a nasty toe infection I was prescribed Klaricid 500 but have had to stop taking it after only 3 tablets. Experiencing chest pain, chronic diarrhea, muscle and joint pain, tinitus and coughing, The ghastly taste and smell I could have lived with...

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  • Ailidh 2

    Clarithromycin - better than I'd dared hope...

    When my new-to-me prescribed me a week of clarithromycin for a toe infection (newly diagnosed with diabetes, so being cautious, I guess) I honestly doubted his competence, or at least if he'd even glanced at my notes. . #1 I have had an allergic reaction to erythromycin in the past, which I told him....

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  • alan 48875 1

    Long term chest problem, i.e.about 6 years!

    Hi all, Just thought I would share my problem with you and hopefully get some feed back. Hopefully get some feedback. I have been having problems with my chest now for about 6 years now, at the beginning it would be a bad cough a couple of times a year. A bs would normally do the trick after a few treatments....

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  • kelly14556 1
  • dmarno 1

    severe flu infection with bad cough.

    Hi I was reading comments about peoples flu experiences as I have the flu my self with a horrendous cough but I recently discovered that acid reflux has not all but similar symptoms to the flu and the fact that antibiotics can also cause acid reflux. There are natural remedies such as aloe Vera that...

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  • sam40699 2

    Clarithromycin feel nervous and really sick

    I've recently just finished a course of amoxicillin for a chest infection but now I have been put on a second course of antibiotics which are the clarithromycin 2 a day 500 mg ...I have only yet taken one tablet and I started feeling very shakey and nervous and sweaty but was fine before I took it has...

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  • popping candy 2

    exhaustion with clarithromycin

    hi, i don't know if anyone has had the same side effects as me but i coped with the mausea and sickness for 2 days, but i have barely been able to move of the sofa in 6 days, i am totally exhausted and feel so weak,i only have one more day to go on these meds clarithromycin,i am also on cepralex for...

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  • Barbiegirl 1

    Will I ever get better?

    I have been on Clarithromycin for 4 days now- being treated for Chest Infection, bad cough, phlegm etc... have a horrible taste in my mouth and feel worse than ever. I don't feel like they are helping at all!! I will finish the course but please tell me I will get better as I've been like this for weeks...

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  • harriet2012 1

    Clarithromycin rash

    I have been given a course of clarithromycin for tonsillitis and after 3 doses I have developed a widespread rash - not itchy, no other symptoms. Am I ok to continue taking the course or should I stop taking the antibiotics now?

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  • Guest M

    Erythromycin / Erythrocin

    I was prescribed Erythromycin (4 x 500mg daily, for 7 days) for a persistent sinus and chest complaint after Amoxicillin failed to clear it up. I've taken Erythromycin in the past with no ill effects but this time was different. After the first day I went off food but had constant pains like hunger...

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