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Macular Disorders including ARMD

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  • carol80409 2

    Macular Hole

    I was diagnosed yesterday with a small macular hole.  I am to be evaluated further on Monday in order to determine the stage I am at.  The opthamologist indicated it was small during my initial examination.  I am scared... I am 52 years old... sounds like the post operative on this is horrible, and a...

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  • Lilliepop 3
  • tiffanyju 1

    mother with md

    my mother was recently diagnosed with it, just wondering if i need to have eye tests more regular than every 2 years?

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  • miele55255ch 4

    Macular Degeneration and Depression

    My husband was diagnosed with dry AMD in both eyes about 3 years ago. It has been getting worse and he's become depressed, disgusted, cranky, angry etc. especially now that I have to drive him around. I don't know what to say to him about it. Everytime I bring it up he changes the subject. He won't talk...

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  • christine15623 1

    after injection reactions

    i have been having my left eye injected for just over a year,my first injection was okay ,no problems as was the second my third was very bad had to go to a&e due to having a scratch on the last one was so painful i actually passed out 8 hours after the injection .I know i have to keep having...

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  • astrid02591 2

    Still not an answer from London Eye Hospital

    Now it is 45 days and two reminders since we sent London Eye Hospital a claim for refund and compensation for my heavily deteriorated vision after a lens implant, and we have still not got an answer. If it is true, that “only” 4 % of the patients experience deteriorated vision, or no improvement, it...

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  • luanaJo 2

    Virtual Realiity device and ARMS

    I have been receiving treatment for ARMD for more than 3 years. Monthly Avastin or Eyela injections have been fairly effective. Both eyes are "wet". My right eye is still good enough that I can read and drive with corrective lenses. My left eye is fairly useless. I have lost mid-vision and anything I...

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  • astrid02591 2

    London Eye Hospital fails to deliver

    LEH still seems totally uninterested in investigating what goes wrong, when an AMD lens transplant doesn’t work, but leaves the patient with a deteriorated vision. Once you have paid for the procedure they have no further interest in you, nor are they interested finding out why the procedure had the...

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  • Ishbel2207 2

    Macular pattern dystrophy

    Been diagnosed with above as well as dry ARMD both eyes and wet ARMD in right eye Which I am having treatment for anyone else had this diagnosis?

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  • elizabeth91477 1

    Macular Hole

    I had a vitrectomy seven weeks ago in the US.  I only had to position for one day, due to new findings about lengthy face-down recovry really being unnecessary, although I couldn't return to full activities for two weeks.  My distance vision is vastly improved from what it was before the surgery and...

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  • Mumbles1 3

    Macular degeneration

    hi, my hubby has been diagnosed with the start of macular D and I'm trying to buy the best tablets to stop it getting worse.  I'm in the UK so any recommendations as to what works and what doesn't plus best value for money, though you can't put a price on sight!  I've bought Retinex but I'm not sure...

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  • joe12790 2

    Great results with anti VEGF drug - Eylea

    I have Macular Edema related to Diabetes. I had 2 injectionS of Avastin with good results but I have had 2 injectionS of Eylea with great results! My swelling and cysts in my right eye are almost completely gone. I am scheduled in 4 weeks for another OCT scan and am very optimistic I will be put on...

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  • Ishbel2207 2
  • stewart61546 1

    Great result for Macular Degeneration

    My mother aged 90 has one eye wet and other eye dry Macular Degeneration she was receiving injections 15 years ago and stop when she started putting 20+ Manuka Honey in her eyes. She puts the honey in each eye morning and night, the eye has to water and it does sting a little. It will not cure but does...

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  • lannie51295 2

    please help

    hi all,thank you for allowing me to join your group. My mom was diagnosed with dry Maculdgenration in both of her eyes. She also had catarac in both of her eyes. We kept on waiting to do her catarac because of fear not to touch her eyes so her dry AMD will stay dry. In July she did catarac to her eight...

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  • bagladyNYC 2

    possible Avastin side effects

    I'm having problems. Left leg is very swollen and is has become very painful. Got next to no sleep last night. A bit of swelling in right ankle, but not much. I thought I had another blood clot but tests in the ER said no. No one had any idea as to the cause including my geriatric doc. This morning I...

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  • david46066 1

    macular hole

    I had a macular hole surgery 6 weeks ago. The hole is not closed. What are the chances it could close? If a second operation is neccessary how soon after the first should the second be scheduled. Thanks Dave

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  • quintain 2

    Macular Degeneration treatment

    My wife has an appointment for an injection being the second of 3 initial injections for age related macular degeneration during the expected junior doctors Septemebr 5 day strike. The first injection was carried out by a nurse. Could the second injection appointment be compromised as a result of the...

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  • MJ311 1
  • kieran20659 1

    Macular Degeneration/Bests sufferer. Can IOL/phakic make it worse?

    Hello, I am 27 and 3 years ago I was diagnosed with MD, specifically Bests disease. I have recently found out about IOL/Phakik which I qualify for in terms of perscription. I wanted to check what the risk level would be for making it worse in terms of macula degeneration if I had the implantable contact...

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  • ali0709 1

    Macular Pucker and treatment?

    Hello everyone, I'm 22 years old and I had my Macular pucker sergury on January of this year. I know it'sounds an age related problem but i had some problesm with my eye when i was little. Anyways, I only did my left eye first. The floaters are gone but I don't see it clearly. My vision is not good,...

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  • elisenic 09104 2

    My macular hole experience

    Iwas operatedon my right eye of macular hole last April 21 . I was awake and of course the experience was not so good at all because on last few minutes of operation it was somewhat painful perhaps anaesthesia already gone. I thought I will be confined but I was advised to go home right after operation...

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  • elisenic 09104 2


    I've been depressed after my macular hole operation last April 21,2016 because after two weeks sore eyes inflamed my both eyes,I have to find another optalmologist because my surgeon was no where to be found.Now I'm OK but very very stressed and nervous because my appointment with my surgeon is still...

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  • Cheetah 4

    Epiretinal membrane and driving?

    I've had an epiretinal membrane for a few years and this distorts my vision in one eye.  I also get slight double vision, as the image in each eye is different.  My overall vision is quite reasonable, so I was told I didn't need an operation. I haven't driven for many years - I don't like it very much...

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  • doglover 2

    CMO.after Cataract Surgery,

    Hello, I have just been provisionaly Diagnosed with Cystoid Macular Odema, I had Cataract Surgery 2 weeks ago on my CRVO Eye,.So was made aware of risk factors prior to Surgery,. The Macular Odema from my CRVO had been stable for 18 months prior to Cataract removal & I was not receiving any treatment(...

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  • Mott 2

    Macular edema after cataract surgery

    I am desperate to converse with anybody that has or have had macular edema due to cataract surger. My sad short story: I had cataract surgery on both eyes. Right eye in February 2016. Left eye same year in March. My eyes almost immediately started to blur. After many unsuccessful trips and calls to the...

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  • paulhipwood 2

    ARMD and use of video magnifiers

    Dear All My 91 year old mother in law lives with us. She has ARMD (wet type). Bobbie uses an Ipad, Android smart phone and a Kindle. She also does crosswords and colouring using optical mannifiers. She has just joined the Macular society and will be attending a meeting next week. We are looking at Video...

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  • sueoz 3

    Macular hole operation

    I have just had a macular hole operation.  I didn't have the gas in my eye, but had oil instead.  Had the oil removed 4 days ago and my vision is awful.  Hopefully it will improve dramatically in the near future.  I have had two ops.  One with gas and the second with oil.  If you have the choice, go...

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  • Cheetah 4

    Epiretinal membrane and double vision. Will a vitrectomy cure it?

    I've had a macular pucker, or epiretinal membrane, in my right eye for three years now, after a posterior vitreous detachment.  For the past year it has gradually caused a distortion in my vision, only in that eye - wavy lines and also a difference in image size between my two eyes.  This has caused...

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  • smith70132 2

    Planning future in the UK with Wet MD

    Hi all, I hope there is someone here who can help me or give me guidance on where to find out the information I need. I am in my early 50's and got diagnosed with Wet MD in July this year. I had 3x4 weekly Eylea injections to which, I had a brilliant response. The 4th injection was stretched to 8 weeks...

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  • Cheetah 4

    Macular pucker/epiretinal membrane

    I've had this for about five years now and it affects the vision in my right eye - straight lines are wavy, etc.  The worst thing is the double vision I get, as the image I get from each eye is different.  I've still to find anybody who has, or has had, this and would really like to compare notes with...

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  • penelope09654 2

    getting tests done quickly

    Hello. I am new to this discussion. My husband has been diagnosed with AMD and last week had tests at eye clinic. Now they are almost sure it is wet-AMG so made another appointment for the dye=test, but not until 28th july and that is nearly 3 weeks wait. The Macular Degeneration Society haave been helpful...

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  • janice71250 1

    Scar tissue over macular hole repair?

    I recently had surgery to repair a macular hole.  The Doctor told me the hole had sealed but not as much as he had hoped.  I returned for another follow-up visit after the exam, he told me that scar tissue had covered the hole and that my vision would not return.  I cannot see or distinguish anything...

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  • bagladyNYC 2

    Anyone having possible side effects from Avastin?

    My first shot was April 2014. In June I was sent to the ER because the doc-in-the-box felt I was having a blood clot. Sot did I. My left leg was swollen just like it did in 2011 from a blood clot. However, after testing, they said that wasn't the problem. I told them I had just started taking Avastin,...

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  • KrisX 1

    Just recently found out. Just a question

    So recently found out i have macular degeneration, but dont know much details just yet. Looking up stuff to learn more about it.  1st timer here, so sorry if my writing is so slopply. Got my 1st Injection in my left eye, my vision seems to be blurrier then before i had the treatment is dis normal?

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