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    Stopping Paxil after 1 month cold turkey. Symptomsb

    Hey all! I was recently prescribed Paxil. I started taking 20mg a day(starting on May 13th). I have come to the conclusion that I do not want to take this medicine anymore. I was wondering if any of you all know if the withdrawal symptoms would be as awful as I have been reading about...if I were to...

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  • syed87746 2
  • gigi29 1


    Hey everyone! Has anyone taken topamax/topirmate for fibromyalgia? If so, has it caused you to lose weight? Also, did it give you funny feelings like disoriented? Please share any info or opinions. Thank you!

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  • Nadene7 1

    Tapering off of Neurotin

    I take 300 mg capsules of Neurotin daily. I've been on it for four months. The side effects are really bothersome. I'd like to get off the meds. Any advice as to how to taper would be appreciated. The doctor wanted to try it for the neuropathy pain but it does very little for me.

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  • holly75952 3

    Paying to access medical records

    I live in Wales, UK. I am planning on paying to access my NHS medical records and just wondering if anyone else has done this? ​I want to know whether you get the following information: ​1. Records of your admissions to hospital for your entire life ​2. Blood tests carried out and the results 3. Copies...

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  • susiecooper16 2

    I have developed intolerance to several medications - why?

    Over the last few years (I am in my 50's) I have developed intolerances to several medications to the point that I am very concerned as this includes antibiotics and similar:  to date they include omeprazole, sucralfate, rinitidine, itraconozole, amoxycillin, doxycycline and now clarithromycin.  I used...

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  • holly75952 3

    When to stop taking codeine?

    I am nearly 4 weeks post-op. (i had my top rib removed). ​I dont want to get addicted to codeine but I'm taking it at least twice a day and sometimes three or eeven four times a day depending on the pain. ​When does addiction set in? How do i tell? will the doctors help me?

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  • As0004 2

    Painful Swollen Perineum

    I noticed a small pea sized lump on my perineum between anus and scrotum which use to sting very mildly if touched . But since then it has swollen considerably and is causing discomfort and when touched pains also on coming contact with anything that I can't sit comfortably .It is hard and no pus formation...

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  • Carolineq8 5

    Looking for non opiod pain meds

    Hi guys I'm wanting some advice on alternative pain meds, iv been on a whole list of them with not good results, mostly opioids! Iv tried amitripilyn, oxycodone, dihydracodine, fentalyn, MSD, morphine... I have lumbar fussion, thoracic arachnoid cyst compressing spinal cord, cervical degeneration, bone...

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  • sandy67 4

    serotonin syndrome

    Can you have symptoms of this for a few years and nobody actually know that's what it is? Just been looking up clonus as I had some neuro tests last week and was worrying in case it was MND or MS, then noticed at the bottom of the page I was on that serotonin syndrome cam also be the cause. I couldn't...

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    Looking for Important Body Supplement

    Hey everyone,I want to improve my muscle growth. But I don’t have any kind of knowledge about whey proteins is actually work or not which is best? which whey protein should I take ?I never had been get it before and how can I be sure which one is good and will not side effect if someone can suggest me...

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  • detour12 3
  • tim57758 1

    levothyroxine and weight gain

    Hello, I am not in the UK but in the US.  2 months ago i was diagnosed with Hypothyroid and put on 25 mcg of levothyroxine.  at that time (month ago) i weight 220 lbs went to 230 lbs, Last week i was placed on 50 mcg of levothyroxine and now i weigh 242.  I workout twice a day, weights in the morning,...

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    Re-start HRT

    I have been off Livial Tibolone for well over six month after been on it since my fifties, 'm finding it very difficult with the Hot Flushes every night,feeling very low and lots of aches and pains,basically well below par,my sex life as also taken a great dip.   Ive tried different remedies such as...

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  • trudy81519 1

    Amitriptyline & Prozac combo affect

    Hello, 1989 my Father an best friend was losing the battle with cancer. Trying to spend every possible minute with him and 2 young children while working full-time and the inevitable luming was both emotionally traumatic and heartbreaking. At my scheduled Dr. appointment I broke down and wept uncontrollably,...

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    Overprescribed meds and a BROKEN medical system

    I am literally crying right now as I write this.  I have been SO sick for so many months; getting worse and worse.... and I think I finally know what's wrong.  SEROTONIN SYNDROME.  After doing my own research in the last month, I discovered I am prescribed SIX medications that have major interactions...

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  • Vaultdweller111 3

    Ramipril experiences

    I started a one a day dose on Friday going up to two a day a week later... I've felt fine up until today, I've stated feeling very tired and light headed this afternoon! I take the tablets for high blood pressure and have checked it through the lightheadedness it's not overly low 112/80 but I was wondering...

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  • nicola38219 1

    Seeking Thoughts on The Pharmaceutical Industry

    Hello Everyone, I hope you don't mind me posting here. I am a  writer who is trying to improve the way the pharmaceutical industry work and to encourage a patient-focused rather than sales-focused approach. I am writing an article on their sales model and how they sell their medicines, and wanted to...

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  • anne92030 4


    I need help, all doctors do not really know! ​i take lamictal 50 mg , prozac 5 mg, one prazepam and lorazepam evening ​i cant breathe , have vertigo, dizziness and muscles faintness ​also abundant menstrual disorders ​what can i do, as i cannot walk ; too weak , imment malaise sensations, trouble seeing,...

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  • michael1304 1

    Pregablin withdrawal

    I have been on 600mg of pregablin a day for around 2 months. I take 600mg every morning. I decided the other day I want to get off it. For the past 2 days I have taken 300mg instead of 600 this is now my second day on 300mg so far I feel fine. I have read a lot of horror stories about withdrawal. Would...

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  • michael1304 1

    Pregablin withdrawal

    I have been on 600mg of pregablin a day for around 2 months. I take 600mg every morning. I decided the other day I want to get off it. For the past 2 days I have taken 300mg instead of 600 this is now my second day on 300mg so far I feel fine. I have read a lot of horror stories about withdrawal. Would...

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  • forrest 3
  • Melly79 2


    Hi I am new to this forum and have recently started taking Lexapro 5mg I'm on day 4 and have found I have not been dreaming or recalling them like I used to is this normal??? Can anyone help please??? I did have a great sleep last night and have woken up well rested although a little more anxious and...

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  • detour12 3
  • Cactusweed 1

    Abilify withdrawels

    Hello, Is anyone experiencing withdrawel effects after quiting Abilify aswell? After i quit nearly 3 years ago I experienced hot skin while I had the feeling I got stung by hundreds of needles. Aswell I encountered a sleeping disorder after nearly 6 months. Now I need meds for sleeping and started taking...

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  • carol7212 3

    Gravol anyone?

    Hello all, Due to gastric issues I've found myself taking Gravol tablets for nausea. I have acid reflux and in the past I went through the horror of a perforated ulcer. During my hospital stay after the ulcer surgery they were giving me a PPI and Gravol in IV form. Now when I take the Gravol pills...

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  • Forestflower 3

    Infertility worries due to medication

    Okay so I'm new to this forum. Before I start some points on this post may be a little tmi as I will go into some detail to do with menstral cycle. To sum up my question and story, currently I am 21 years old. From the age of 12 until now I have been on various anti depressence and anxiety tablets such...

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