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  • foss99 2

    Share your MyHealth goals and get support

    This is a forum to discuss your MyHealth score and goals. If you tell people what you are aiming for then you are more likely to reach your goal. Our community can also support you and motivate you on the way to a healthier you. If you haven't got a MyHealth score yet, visit

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  • sophie66728 1

    crying, worried about everything, bereaved

    My husband died 6months ago i nursed him for 15yrs as he was very very severely disabled I'm desperately looking for work, I'm 57 and no one seems to want me, ive bern off the marketfir so long but i need the money or im not going to manage went to 4 agencies today and every time i start to explain,...

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  • linda14673 2

    Frozen Shoulder getting me down

    Hi, im on my second frozen shoulder, my first time was early last year and i dont remember it been this painful or as bad or lasting very long, I attended physio sessions for it and it just seem to disappear, even my physio therapist doesnt remember it been as bad as this shoulder. Now its my right

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  • haseeb51681 3

    My Health Test Results

    Hey  i was jsut wondering i just completed my Query Test and i scored 54 is that Bad ? its in between 60 and 50 but it stil means i am un heathy right  what can i do to make it batter 

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  • Starfire 2

    Where is the help for patients with complex PTSD?

    Im really feeling angry that after waiting more than a year ive been told that patients with complex ptsd cannot obtain any help whatsoever within the NHS mental health network and that there is a gap in the healthcare service.    Where is the funding going?   Its not into primary mental health or

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  • mollysox 2

    Gave up

    It doesn't allow for physical restrictions. I want/need to exercise but various problems stop me. Don't know what to do

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  • george52691 3


    Having just completed the "My Health" section, having been invited to. I finished up with a score of 53 !! There is just one problem, the questioner doesn't provide for any explanation of your medical history/ problems other than the standard. Hence the score is meaningless for people such as

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  • beth67 1
  • bettyagu 1

    My Score scares me.

    Hi, Am new on Patient and just had my test done, i scoerd 59 and that scares me so much, i don't smoke and am a very light occassional achohol drinker. Although am so aware of my daily busy routine and i truely find it hard to manage. Am always stressed and have less time to relax or even visit. My work,...

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  • zoe42 1

    How to see progress over time?

    I've been using this site for over a year. I come here every so often to update my Q score. After that I look at the 'my health' graphs but it never shows my ongoing progress. It only shows where I am 'now'. I would love to see how my Q score has changed since I started, along with my weight graphs etc,...

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  • sam74638 1


    i had to lie and say i was 18 to take the test, im 16 years old and have a score of 46, am i going to die before im 30? i dont want to because i have strong aspirations but from what im looking at, i dont think i have a chance to live them

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  • mona13433 2

    My overall health score is 28

    glad to do the test , but suffering very badly with anxiety as soon as they said I was at risk of heart attack , wow I nearly had a panic attack , then I thought well you can either do something about it or give in , so here I am , I will cut my smoking down and get some kind of exercise . Nice to

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  • dave30804 2

    How can I exercise?

    Just had a Q-score of 41 and told I should increase my activity levels, despite having ticked the box that asks if I have a physical limitation I have severe arthritis in the shoulders, spondylosis with loss of disk height and nerve entrapmement/compression at all levels of the spine causing

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  • gina87110 2

    Q score not risen

    Since January I have lost 4.5kgs and not put any on at any stage but my Q score hasn't risen in relation.  Any ideas? 

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  • blackcattwo 1

    My scor

    I have a lot of medical problems. My main one at the moment is taking Lactulose and can not find any advice how to get of it. can any body help. Nothing written about it anywhere.

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  • Wanderinghans 2


    I did the health exam today. I was dismayed to find that the old, now discredited, saturated fat risk myth is being upheld by the program designers.  Attention to the consumption of seed oils should be paramount in the exam given their dire health consequences. Another area not receiving attention

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  • Sharmeen_f 2
  • carolynne5 1


    I am 5'8" tall and weigh 10 stone 4 ib, THIS is a healthy weight. You are saying to set my goals at 9st 13 or 9 st 12 No thank you, I want to be this weight. You are encouraging low body weights at bmi of 20 or 21. It is healthy to be 25 or less. Comments please

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  • jon65 1

    filling in the questions on this site

    i filled in the form on this site. only to find its wrong. it was so wrong it says im healthy. i suffer from Ehlers–Danlos syndrome, Atrial fibrillation SCOLIOSIS OF THE SPINE, depression and bad indigestion. i spend most of my life laid on my bed. thats so when i need to do some thing i can

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  • alangela08 1

    Asks no questions about other illnesses.

    I have been told to exercise more lol. I have osteoporosis and have 6 fractured vertebrae, 3 within last 3 months. I have severe spinal osteoarthritis, fybromyalgia, systemic Lupus and can scarcely move or walk. Need to use a wheelchair and in severe chronic pain!!! The only thing mentioned is the

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  • peeceegee 2

    A reduction of 3.4 BMI doesn't affect the Q score

    My score is 70.  I've committed to improving my diet to reduce my BMI from 27.4 to 24, but my score will remain 70.  While I appreciate that because my bio-stats are all ideal, a reduction of 3.4 BMI won't greatly affect my cardiovascular risk.  However, I'm losing weight to reduce the pressure on

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  • timpwigley 1


    I have just done your health check test and i got a score of 69. One of the big areas to improve was my diet which is fair enough, the other was weight or BMI. I am a rugby player and i am physically fit and i am muscular but to get a better health score and by your standards be a healthier person

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  • RogerD 1

    Drink fruit juice??

    My Q score summary told me to drink fruit juice, but there's a lot of talk now about fruit juice - even too much fruit - containing far too much fructose, and this causing adverse blood sugar levels. Are you not aware of this?

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  • sheila42338 2
  • lynn 23719 1

    I scored 83, my weight is perfect and so is my diet!

    Sorry but this questionnaire is lacking certain questions . I am a vegan, I eat coconut oil as part of that diet but where is the question about that? It is totally not appropriate for me and the result is insulting. Saying I should improve my diet and my It's the questionnaire that

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  • Katlin66 3

    My goals include a weight related one. Why?

    According to this survey, "Your weight is in the optimum zone for your height and gender." So why has it been flagged up as something I need to address? In fact it suggests I put on weight in my 'goal'. Why, if my weight is in the optimum zone? Doesn't make sense to me. As a competitive person

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  • janet 5 1

    How can you say I'm healthy?

    The reason I have a "healthy" body weight is cancer. I had my oesophagus and part of my stomach removed three years ago because of adenocarcinoma. I can only eat small amounts. Some foods I can't swallow, and some I can't digest.. I eat some unhealthy food because it's better than nothing.

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  • billone 1

    Qscore questionnaire is not appropriate.

    I stopped half way through this when I realised it was going to be based on the old cant of eating too much cholesterol. I can find no validated scientific evidence which proves a CAUSAL link between weight gain and eating fats. I have a chronic fatigue syndrome and diabetes. After many years and

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  • Chris Carter 1

    How can you check your details?

    I've just signed up for this site and I can't find how you contact the people who run it to check any user information. I can't find where you can check and change details on-line either. It may be that this information is available but I just can't see it. (I think they think I'm female and I'm not)!...

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  • NigelW 1


    I signed up because I read that it's science based here. I filled out the questionnaire and saw the following:- Carbohydrates Carbohydrates should provide the majority of your daily calories and should be as unrefined as possible in order to keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day.

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