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Non Epileptic Seizures inc NEAD

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  • tony53395 2

    how do i cope with NEAD

    hello everybody my name is tony, i am from manchester and i have NEAD.  i have had the condition for 4 years now and i still find it difficult to live with on a day to day basis i have lost a lot of friends becouse they are scard to help me becouse of my seizures, which i know can be dificult to see...

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  • emily131199 2

    Did I have a seizure?

    Last year I had two fainting episodes, each time I fainted three times consecutively. The first faint actually happened without me closing my eyes or knowing I d lost consciosness and then two more followed within a minute of each other. When I went to the GP, they dismissed me as "just a fainter ",...

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  • mary50992 3


    I haven't been on this forum for sometime. I have been coping with my seizures when they occur. I am now taking coq10 for over a month now. It is a substance that occurs naturally in the body but depletes as we grow older or with certain meds. So far no seizures. Have a read on google . I have been through...

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  • adele25585 1

    rare type of seizure

    Hello every one. My son is almost 3 years and was borned with a rare type of seizure. During the episodes, his entire body become stiff, stop breathing, eyes open and facing the ceilling. This has also cause him to have a developmental delay. All medical exams came back negative, please if there is any...

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  • gil iii50687 1
  • helen-jayn25121 1

    Possible Dissociative Seizure

    Im New on here and just starting to get to grips with the possibility of having Dissociative Seizures. I've had 4 seizures since September 2016. I've had a couple of scares on the underground escalator in London, but most of my seizures occur at work - does this happen to anyone else? The seizures started...

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  • yvette9989 2


    The Nead came first but then the depression came last year. I find life a struggle and my eyesight has worsened but I do try to manage.

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  • peter31669 2

    How can I work with having seizures everyday?

    I'm 48 male, a month ago started having seizures (never had one before) while in the hospital for numbness on the left side of my face. Two days later after the Dr's run different test on me, I  was diagnosed with non-epileptic seizure. Now I can't drive which have affected my work as I'm a plumber....

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  • Shifty50 2
  • peter31669 2
  • gillian22170 2

    Non-drop epileptic attacks

    hi I have had episodes where I fall to sleep and my husband has problems waking me due to being in a deep sleep. A neurologist has diagnosed non-drop epileptic attacks. Does anybody know how these can be prevented and what the main cause is please. I Also have type 2 diabetes and copd 2 so sometimes...

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  • david87617 2


    My daughter has been diagnosed with NEAD. She has just had four seizures in three hours all lasting about five minutes. Does this happen too other people. Up to today the most she had had are two in eight hours.

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  • munier786 1


    im sending this message to find out if there are any other people out there almost the same like myself, i got a seizure full blown convulsion, for the 1st time at age 24yrs, up until today i dont no what is the cause of it, all test is negative and clear just that now im living my life day to day on...

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  • pwincess 22776 2

    Severe headaches

    I've been getting severe headaches for the past month. I'm not sure if it's because of the seizures or something else. Does anyone know. 

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  • charlotte81152 2

    Daughter diagnosed NEADS

    Our 13year daughter has been diagnosed with NEADS. This is having a huge impact on all our lives. She has up to 100 seizures a day. She also has absenses which can last over an hour. She is seeing a pyschairatrist who has said that there is very little help available. I am desperate to know how I...

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  • gamerchic 1
  • yvette9989 2


    As it's Christmas week here's wishing all fellow sufferers a peaceful and happy Christmas.

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  • yvette9989 2


    It gets really difficult to deal with for both NEAD sufferer and partner and it seems to be difficult to be recognized or to be given advice for dealing with it.

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  • Guest M


    Am I mad!!! I think the nurse don't believe me!! well I cant remember a thing from these and now I may have lost my job due to this!!!! I work within the NHS and have been diagnosed epileptic for nearly 21 years but last July I had a status epileticus and ended up in ITU but since then every seizure...

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  • lollie78 1

    Non epileptic attacks - diagnosed a month ago

    I came back from holiday and started having these strange body muscle cramping fits with pain at first in head. ... within weeks I started having attacks which to me at the time where black outs and I would wake with sore muscles or rub marks on feet elbows back even . My partner video me and I saw I...

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  • charlotte38959 2

    Non epileptic absences, normal tests, no diagnosis yet

    I've just spent nearly a full week in hospital after collapsing and being unconscious for 40 minutes and then having 'absent episodes' through the night in the ambulance and hospital. Was fine for a day or two then it all happened again. All tests normal, MRI/EEG/ECG. They don't think it's epileptic...

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  • yvette9989 2
  • matt52055 1

    New (relatively) seizure patient

    Hey everyone I hope this is the appropriate place to ask this question. My fiancé has had three seizures in the last year and a half. She's fallen twice and went to the ER two weeks ago for what seemed like a random seizure. Today she went to the neurologist and his diagnosis was it is a genetic disorder....

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  • aja2278 3

    Depakote new med

    I just started to take Depakote this past month. Ive noticed i have been so thirsty. I also started another pill called Cymbalta. Now ive been taking then will b a month tomorrow the 7th. Im getting up all hours of the night to drink water, but not peeing it all out. Also on some sleeping pills & still...

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  • yvette9989 2

    night time seizures

    All the seizures and other events have occurred at night. Has anybody else's events happened at night?

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  • yvette9989 2

    new patient

    I've been having NEAD for over three years before it was officially diagnosed properly. I am 47 years of age and a married woman with one daughter and one grand daughter. My frustration at the lack of information available is complete because it wasn't diagnosed until 29 of march this year.

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  • gwyneth 61184 2

    Obsessing over Deja Vu attacks...

    Hi, a little background about me, I was diagnosed with anxiety (w/ depersonalization/derealization), pure O OCD, and minor depression. I've always had them since I was little, I just never paid attention, not till 3 months ago when I was so stressed out and it got really bad. From being a hypochondriac...

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  • rich32120 3

    Seizures on toddlers

    I am wandering if someone can shine some light on this for me. When I was around 3-4 I had reoccurring absent seizures. And i feel like this is a major factor on my issues. Because I lack working memory,social skills, memory recall, empathy and have off and on depression. Has anyone else had a family...

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  • alex00548 1

    anxiety medication causing interesting side effects?

    hello,I've been on and off many anxiety medications for a little over 6 years now. I'm a 19 year old female with no major health issues (that are known). I started out on lexapro 6 years ago,was on it for 4 years then decided to add on buspirone to help curb some other anxiety that came up. around that...

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  • emma45434 2

    First seizure - advice needed

    Hello, my partner is in good health and unexpectedly had a tonic clonic seizure 2 weeks ago. Seizure lasted about a minute and he took about 25 minutes to become fully alert again. This was completely out of the blue and we're desperately trying to find answers to our growing list of questions. What...

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  • sufjam 2

    cervical disc herniation OR influenza vaccination convulsions

    Hospitilizated for various reasons; with a history of two "grand-Mal" convulsions about five years ago; hapened to have an mri illustrating cervical disc herniation in c4-c5 spine as well as non-concerning 'benign' vertebral hemangioma. During followup neurologist seemed firm that my convulsions once...

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  • skelly53 2

    Going to school

    My son is 12 years old and gets stressed very easily but does not talk about what makes him stressed and hides his feelings. Every morning going to school seems quite happy but once there every morning usually only lasts about an hour before he has a seizure. Has anyone got any ideas as to what we can...

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  • lydia95202 1

    I need advice am I selfish

    5 years ago I had two seizures I had test I'm not epileptic fast forward to now the other day I was sat on the loo all I remember next is being in my local shop like an out of body experience then my partner found me walking up the raid I'd been gone some time the bathroom was in disarray and my head...

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  • bethan 53569 2

    Have I had a seizure/fit??

    Yesterday morning woke up to go to the toilet but before I could get there I felt a strange sensation in my body and my eyes went like tunnel vision, as if I was about to pass out (of which I have only done once a few years ago due to heat). I next remember dropping to the ground and hearing a very loud...

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  • sophie40201 2

    Non epileptic attack disorder

    Hi, I'm 14 years old and i have non epileptic attack disorder. I came across this website when i was search on non epileptic attack disorder otherwise know as nead, and i seen how you all shared you storys and look for answer, you all supported each other. I would love to hear you storys and to share...

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