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Norethisterone Preparation

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    Bleeding for 3 months now I'm on norethindrone 5mg

    I was bleeding for 3 months so my obgyn put me on norethindrone 5mg 3times a day. But I heard a lot of people started bleeding after stopping the the least I need to do my iron levels was 7.3. also taking iron pills with it. Norethindrone upsets my stomach badly. But I gotta take it so I won'

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  • Summer21 2


    Hi alll iv took norehistone for about a year I'm having a problem with it know they started to make me feel really sick n don't know why can any one help please ?

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    Period delay

    So I just got my period 2 days early so the next time I'll get it'll be on my prom day! So I thought about taking any sort of medication to delay it for just 1 day or 2 maximum, this ofcourse, after I consult my doctor. The thing here is that my friends told me that the period following that

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    Norethiserone, what's normal?

    I've been taking norethiserone for 25 days to regulate my period, after having one for 6 weeks! My doctor said that 2-3 days after stopping them I will have a normal period between 3 and 5 days, but I'm already on day 7 and starting to get really frustrated with constantly having a period. I have

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  • Guest M

    I've been on Norethisterone for 18months for severe floo...

    I've been on Norethisterone for 18months for severe flooding which caused anaemia and hospitalisation. In july I went into hospotal for an ablation but woke up to be told the procedure could not be done as my uterus was too big. Told to take the tablets continuously and consider a special coil. At

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  • trudy39295 1


    Hi can some one give advice period started on 19th november went on 4 to weeks doc gave me northisterone to stop bleedin so i took it after bleedin had stopped i had nothing for 2day then startd to bleed again im havin no pain no nothing just dnt get it. Or get what is wrong i hope nothing serious

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  • nicole36663 1

    Depressed after taking norethisterone

    I took the pills for a week because I went overseas and while I'm used to my period coming more than three days after the last pill, I always feel extremely depressed after stopping the pill. I cry a lot and out of no where. I feel very lonely too and everything that usually makes me sad, makes me

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  • hayley191185 2

    going on holiday

    I am going away and am due on midweek. my GP has given me norethisterone to delay my period wich is great but im a bit worried as i am trying to get pregnant. if i take it and delay my period can this cause a misscariage if i happen to be pregnant and do not know. 

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  • Ghes13 1


    Hi I have PCOS, I took norethistrone Sunolout for 5 days 2 tablets Everyday as recommend by my Gyno and also drank a cup of raw Papaya juice and even pineapple juice but still no periods y?

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    Period pains while taking Norethisterone

    I started taking the tablets yesterday, the stated three days before my priod is due on Saturday as I am going on holiday that day. But Have been having heavy period pains, along with dizzyness since I started them. I usually don't get the pain until halfway through the bleed, so Im a little

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  • Ang3456 1

    Norethisterone - minimum amount of days?

    I've been taking norethisterone to delay my period for a hotel trip away with my boyfriend. I am due on the night we arrive and would only like to delay it for that one day. My periods are usually 4 days in length and I have a show the weekend after, I've read that some women start from 2-7 days

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  • kaur2343 1

    Norethisterone and the combined pill

    Hi I just took my first norethisterone tablet to delay my period. I'm taking it for only 4 days. I was wondering if I can start the combined pill when I get my period back? Really confused. I probably just should've started the pill instead of taking norethisterone to delay it. But hey ho, can

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    Hi, i am taking Norethisterone which is supposed to delay my period. However after taking the pills (2 in the mornings) for 2 weeks, i started to get my period and lasted for more than 1 week. Is this normal?

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  • Nanny Ogg 1

    Horrible Cramps after Stopping Norethisterone

    Hi, I am new to this site but posted this elsewhere too. I have endometriosis and was put on the Mirena coil after a lot of pressure from my GP in February 2014, had been on micronor up till then, which had reduced the pain but I was spotting a lot. The coil gave me a lot of pain and after 3 months

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  • kadge 2

    Late taking tablets

    Hi I was prescribed norethisterone to delay my period for my holidays as I tend to bleed lightly but for longer. I started my tablets today and then came on earlier than expected. I have read different things on Internet but my question is has anyone took the tablets and it stopped an already

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  • jean73660 2

    Side effects of norethisterone

    Has anyone else suffered from severe fatigue while taking norethisterone? Headaches, dizziness etc. I just feel like I want to lie down and sleep all the time. This would be fine except I have to work! I've been prescribed it for dysfunctional uterine bleeding - I am 45 and over the last 6 months I

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  • zoelou0x 1

    Norethisterone tablet, dosage advice please!

    Hi, I have used norethisterone before to delay my period, I normally take 1 tablet 3 times a day. I am going on holiday Friday, and I am due on Wednesday so started them Sunday, but I am a couple of days short, so do you think I could take 2 a day instead? Would it still work? Thanks xx

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  • ambee29651 4

    Anyone taken Norethisterone

    Hi has anyone taken Norethisterone I'm going egypt end of month and I'm due on middle of my hoilday and want to take it to stop my perdio any reviews would be great

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  • Martian76 1

    Pregnant on norethisterone

    I was told 12 years ago after havi g my first child that I would never be able to conceive naturally again due to problems which resulted in blocked Fallopian tubes! I conceived my second daughter thro ivf who is now 6! Have not used contraception for 12 years! I took norethisterone last October to

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  • felixb 1

    Norethisterone for inducing periods

    hi, My daughter is 17 and she briefly had anorexia 2 years ago and has never had a period. Her doctor is recommending Norethisterone however my daughter has been given little information on likely efficacy vs likely side effects and therefore feels unable to decide. Does anyone have any good

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  • LaurenMenzies98 1

    Important information needed

    So I have been taking the norethisterone tablet , and I had unprotected long do I wait to take a pregnancy test and do I now stop taking the norethisterone tablet?

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  • ar1007 1

    Could I be pregnant?

    So basically I had my pill for 3 weeks (microgynon) but missed a few then had my 7 day break but I started my period so my friends mum told me to take northisterone to stop it so I did, and I had sex with my boyfriend, but I've not started my period again and a bit worried. 

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  • tiffany23049 1


    My period came on last month for 4 days went off for 10 days then came back on and has been on now for 8 days

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  • patriciahull 1

    3 week holiday.

    I have been having problems with heavy bleeding for a few months so went to the Drs and was given Norethisterone. 1 to be taken 3 times a day for 3 weeks. I just wanted to know if anyone has had any problems or advice. 

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    10 days after norethisterone

    I was on the injection 2 years came off 7 months ago periods were everywhere I was on for a month took norethisterone for 10 days now ive been on my period 10 days what do I do id rather not have any more tablets because I think its making it worse 

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  • chez34 1

    no period for 12 weeks after taking norethisterone

    In April I took utovlan for 2 weeks to prevent my period while on holiday. After 4 days of stoppiI had a withdrawal bleed and was like my normal period. I haven't had a period now for 12 weeks. I am having cramps but then nothing. My partner and I are now worrying as we want to start trying to

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  • Guest M

    What can I say?! I really sympathise with the many women...

    What can I say?! I really sympathise with the many women suffering badly with periods as I am lucky that my endiometriosis condition is minor in comparison. I am amazed at the number of women who are taking noresthisterone but all have different experiences with it. It proves that everybody reacts

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