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  • carole57474 2

    Pain in ribs when moving suddenly and when lying down

    A week ago I suddenly developed pain in my ribs when moving suddenly and when lying down.  I had been cutting hedges which migh account for it, and I also had a violent sneezing fit which may not have helped. I have little or no pain in the daytime but it comes on at night.   Anyone else had...

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  • mandyjane1973 1

    Naproxen is giving me severe stomach pain

    it feels like a cross between trapped wind and menstrual cramps and starts thirty or so minutes after I take the tablet. I've been persevering for three days and I feel like giving up as I can't sleep though the pain, it's worse than the pain I'm taking the naproxen to combat! ( inflamed...

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  • kimberly51631 1

    Withdrawal symptoms like a narcotic

    I suffer chronic back and neck pain. I stopped taking the narcotic pain meds in 2009 and continued with Naproxen. I have been on Naproxen for over 10  years and I just stopped and my withdrawals seem to be worse than the narcotics. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

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  • abdalla73403 2

    treatment for the chronic brain inflammation?

    Hello, I’ve been having chronic brain inflammation for about 6 years, and I have consulted many doctors and tried various drugs for my case … I tried the following: Felden 20 MG ( got a little improvement) Cortisone for 2 months ( got no improvement ) I have tried other NSAIDs like (xefo , mobic,...

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  • Guest M

    Taking Mefenamic acid tomorrow

    Just prescribed by my GP -- I am always so apprehensive about taking new drugs because of side effects -- I am really sensitive... Can anyone give me reassurance please? Or maybe a kick up the bottom to get me moving in the right direction? I am such a big baby. I know I have to take this because...

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  • greyf0x 2

    Naproxen - Sharp stomach pains for four days

    Hi everyone, four days ago I took Naproxen and Codeine for hip pain. I usually take Tramadol but I had ran out. Since then, I've had crippling, sharp stomach pains that are keeping me up at night. I did actually take Lansoprazole with the tablets because the last time I took Naproxen it made me...

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  • Fred Flintstone 3
  • Cheetah 4

    Ibuprofen gel on three separate areas?

    I've been prescribed Fenbid (Ibuprofen) gel for use on an arthritic knee that flares up occasionally.  However, I also have bursitis in both hips and have been told by a rheumatologist to try an ibuprofen gel on these, too.  Steroid injections did nothing to help. The instructions on the...

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  • jean87388 2

    voltarol emulgel and nausea?

    hi ​I have recently been diagnosed with sciatica and prescribed CoCodamol and voltarol emulgel.  I take the co codamol with food and so farr it hasn't caused side effectss but I feel quite nauseous after applying the voltarol.emulgel . ​I would be interested to know if anyone has had similar...

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  • jill92142 1

    Mefenamic acid.

    I took mefenamic acid 3 times a day the day before my period has I had extreme cramps. I took them for 3 days in total 3 times a day. But I didn't have a bleed/period at all. Not sure what's happened. Will I get a normal period arrive any day or is that it until next month??

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  • brianthesnail 3

    salonpas available on prescription?

    Hi guys Does anyone know if salonpas patch is available on a doctor's / gp,s prescription. ... I have tried many meds for a herniated thoracic disc such as celebrex and naproxen however they made me feel lousy, however my wife ordered these salonpas patches online and they...

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  • libralady13 5

    Ibuprofen tablets and ibuprofen gel

    Hello  I have 2 questions which I wonder if anyone has had experience of 1.  My husband had been taking one 400 inbuprofen tablet each morning for an osteoarthritic hip.  Occasionally he would take 3 in a day but rarely. He also takes omeprazole to protect the stomach along with other...

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  • paula57733 3

    Had to stop taking ibuprofen after been rushed to A&E

    Hi everyone. I have health problems wont bore you. But I take alot of heavy duty meds. I was rushed to A&E the other day due to severe abdominal pain. The dr told me to stop taking the ibuprofen immediately as I use to take 4x 400mg aday for over 5 years. what I would like to know is if you get...

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  • brianthesnail 3

    celebrex side effects

    Hi guys I've been on celebrex for 2 weeks and just the last few days I've been feeling unwell. .hard to pinpoint the exact symptoms but generally can't tolerate alot of food and general lethargy I was due to take my daily dose dinnertime but have missed it to see...

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  • ettennyl 1

    weight gain

    Have anyone experincement weight gain with takeing Diclofenac 75mg. This is my first time using this diclofenac, and I am very scare to take this with all of the side effect that it cause.

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  • bri21 3


    i am on 8 mg steriods ,been on Sulphasalazin now stopped as did not feel good and mouth ulcers also naproxen i stopped yesterday ,as recent been told have a Inflammatory bowel disease also inflammatory arthritis. i have had stomach ache a couple days yesterday runs and i feel week .can...

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  • KatKatThomas 1

    Any tips to sooth terrible stomach pain, after stopping Naproxen?

    Whenever my back goes, I take naproxen and Co-Codamol alongside omeprazole for a few days as any longer causes too much discomfort and I can usually put up with just putting ice blocks to my back to help with the pain and inflammation once I'm over the worst and healing. However I am wondering...

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  • charlotte2707 2
  • Rocca 2
  • Guest M

    Naproxen caused me constipation! Anyone else?

    I was on Naproxen for an elbow injury - torn tendons - and had to come off them due to the terrible constipation I endured while on them, despite the limited pain relief I enjoyed. I have had a medical today with my employers M.O. who is surprised to hear that Naproxen would have such a side-effect....

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  • Guest M

    Diclofenac side effects

    :I have been prescribed Diclofenac 50mg 3 times a day for pain and restricted movement due to frozen shoulder. After 3 days of taking the tablets I started getting stomach pains and diarrhoea, so stopped taking them. On the 4th day the stomach ache lasted all day - not severe but annoying enough to be...

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  • marion77320 1


    I was given Naproxen lalong with Co-codomol ast week but come last Friday stopped taking it.  The bad stomach cramps I got with it was so bad almost brought me to tears,  I went to the Pharmicist and he told me that it was the Naproxen that was the cause.  I always took them with food...

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  • Elita 2

    Naproxen & Aspirin

    My instructions for taking Naproxen indicate that it should not be taken with aspirin.  My question is; how much time should I let go by after taking a Naproxen to be able to take aspirin? Thank you in advance for your response.     -Ella 

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  • pauline29573 1

    Naproxen and heart burn

    Hi I was prescribed this medication for back pain, but after three days I felt like a heaviness inbetween my chest bone at the top of my stomach, I felt sick and had like heart burn come intigestion I have stopped the tablets but I'm still getting the heart burn I've tried taking gavaston, how...

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  • sue02301 2

    Naproxen side effects

    Hi I have failed back surgery syndrome and spinal stenosis recently I went to the Drs as I have severe shoulder pain and she prescribed naproxen for pain, told me to take for two weeks! I was on anti inflammatories years ago and they wrecked my stomach, I still take esomeprazole. Well I only took them...

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  • lisa18188 2

    Meloxicam - side effects?

    Hi all, I am 34 years old and I was diagnosed with Ankolysing Spondylitis earlier this year following an MRI. The doctors have me on Meloxicam for the inflammation. This past week I have had blood in my stools and nausea which is worrying me greatly. I have had no previous problems with my digestive...

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  • anne1561 2

    Prp and hip bursitis

    have hip bursitis and have been getting steroid shots for many years. Doctor doesn't want me to have more and I tried prp in hips a week ago. I am much worse. Don't know what to do. 

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  • amyleannxx 1
  • Shanzii 1

    Mefenamic acid stopped my period?

    I usually have 3-4 day long periods. However I suffer from really bad period pains, so recently I was prescribed mefenamic acid three times a day during my periods to lessen the pains. This is the first time I've used them and on the first day of my period I took three pills as instructed. They...

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  • thomas98058 1

    permanent swelling from NSAIDS (Advil) allergic reaction?

    Hello! This is my first post. It seems I have nowhere left to turn and doctors are giving me conflicting answers. Anyway, long story short, about a year ago I had two allergic reactions to Advil (ibuprofen). For the first reaction, I had rapid and severe swelling under and around both eyes. It started...

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  • The Pain 2

    Pain Management

    I have had servere back pain for a number of years i have had 3 ops my last op being metal rod, wedges, screws, and a cage i know ouch, i now have a spinal cord stimulator, cut down my morphine from a 100 Mgs morning and night i was on 30 Mg's morning and evening,but my pain seemed to be getting...

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  • Cheetah 4

    NSAID gel. Stomach problems?

    I've been advised by a rheumatologist to use a NSAID gel to help with hip bursitis.  If I take oral ibuprofen I get severe stomach pain and have to take a stomach protector with it.  However, the last time I used an ibuprofen gel I vomited a few hours after applying it. The doctor said...

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  • Guest M

    Severe stomach cramps and diarrhoea after taking Diclofenac

    After taking these tablets for three days, I started to suffer severe stomach cramps. The next day the inevitable started (diarrhoea). I am now into the third day of suffering, unable to eat or drink anything, without visiting the loo. I stopped taking the medicine, as soon as this started, but it...

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  • emma90131 2

    Help! I have an otitis externa and need advice

    Hi, I have been to my doctors twice this week due to severe ear pain I have been having for a few days, they have prescribed me with some ear drops and cocodamol. The pain is still so unbearable and I took the cocodamol 2 hours ago so cannot take another dose, I was wondering if I took naproxen would...

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  • Sneezydee 1

    Using Ibrupofen

    Does anyone know if you can use the gel and take tablets as well. I have hip bursitis in both hips but the right one is really bad. I am using the gel which is rubbed onto the affected area but was in so much pain in the night that I took some of the tablets as well. I am not sure if it is safe to use...

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