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  • baxb 2

    Severe Edema in both feet, ankles and calfs

    Several days ago, I developed Edema (or Oedema) overnight in both my feet, ankles and calfs up to my knees. This is my third bout of edema. The first was last year but only in my right foot and the second time was a couple of months ago, again in both feet and ankles but was very mild. Two days later,...

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  • quail 2
  • Choochamo 2

    Severe Edema in both legs/feet EVERYDAY of my life, please help!

    I don't know what to do. Just one day it developed and I have to deal with it everyday.. My legs look like elephant legs. I am not overweight, I have no heart condition, I don't eat salt, I sleep with my legs elevated, I exercise, but it is so painful. I don't know what to do. I am 27 years old and female....

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  • Benny Blanco 5

    Lymphoedema (Scrotum)

    Hiya  I don't seem to be having much luck lately   Currently my Scrotum and associated Skin are the size of a small melon, it's now become beyond self caring  So I'm heading to Accident and Emergency in a hour or two, wish me luck Love ya x 

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  • kaydi 3

    Pain at top of leg after elevating legs for oedema

    I have a severe pain at the top of my leg caused by elevating my legs that is making walking difficult, what am I doing wrong? I have researched leg elevation to make sure my cushions are placed correctly and have also tried placing the cushions under the bottom of my mattress instead but both ways eventually...

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  • sayanti 82870 1
  • renee1979 1

    Swollen Hands and Feet

    If any one can help I'm 36 and my swelling started about 8yrs ago out of the blue and I try to drink lots of water eat right exercise but it just comes and goes when ever it pleases so depressing

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  • loisstag 1

    After having a Bad Cold for a week

    My feet got so sore to walk on and ankles were swollen some. I finally went to my Dr and I told him about having a bad cold first and then after a week my feet got sore to walk on and he told me it was coming from my cold that made my feet to hurt and be sore. Could that be true. Never heard that answer...

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  • vijayaraj1974 1

    Every other day i have this problem

    I am a 42 years male ,For the last 1 month i am suffering from oedema problem ,it comes every other day and goes after 24 comes on palms, fingers , under feet, tongue and face.There is no pain but little itching.If anybody knows how to get rid of it permanently  , kindly advice. Thanks in advance.

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  • ladyjack51 4

    TIME HEALS....

    I ran across this, my own posting over a year ago and I was so frustrated and in such a bad place. And the hospital treating me nearly let me die....told me they couldn't help me. I almost killed myself that night. But...I didn't and by accident went to the ER of another Hospital that absolutely helped...

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  • cindi1214 2
  • sally14335 3

    Compression hose too painful!

    I have been fighting swollen legs and ankles for a couple of years now.  I have had consultations with many doctors and tests with heart doctors and kidney specialists who all say it is not that problem.  The final doctor visit told me it was all due to the vericose veins and the answer to that is compression...

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  • fergul 2

    swollen leg

    I have had a swollen leg for over 1 year, (pulled muscle to start with) swelling didnt go down, then rupture bakers cyst. had dopppler, seems ok, given compression sock, tried anti inflamiory meds, still no change, now gets sore at calf not hard to touch, no heat, but feels 'tight'

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  • LauraS 2
  • Guest M


    I've had this condition for abt 8yrs. I've had all the blood tests and we're still none the wiser. I take Telfast 180g for this, however, it's now coming almost weekly and taking longer to disappear. I have now to get a patch test done which i am informed only does up to type 4. I have been told i have...

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  • laurababies1234 1


    i have a very big right leg and the doctor told me it,s lymphoedema, can it be drained take the fluid out,, please help..

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  • jo29553 2


    Just finished my operation few days ago with regards to removal of a borderline tumor from my ovarian areas. I was told that they had removed my lymph nodes together with the mass that they found as they wanted to test is there any spread at any areas. But beforehand they didn't tell me any side effects...

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  • glynis28541 2
  • LauraS 2

    Lymphedema from serious allergic reaction 1.5 years ago

    Can anyone relate or advise? I was recently diagnosed with stage 2 (lifelong, entrenched) secondary (not inherited) lymphedema resulting from an allergic reaction to a drug that occurred about a year and a half ago. The reaction consisted of massive whole-body swelling--40 pounds of it--in two weeks....

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  • jo29553 2

    Lymphoenma stage 0?

    I had recently removed some of my lymph nodes due to a growth of borderline tumor in my left ovary. I think I am currently categorized as lymphoenma stage 0 so I am wondering if I can actually go for activities such as traditional Thai foot massage, sauna, running and etc? My doctor-in-charge actually...

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  • remember 3

    swollen legs and ankles---peripheral edema

    hello i am a 31 year old male. past 2 months i have noticed my legs have swollen plus ankles now past 2 weeks my legs have become weak and my knee joints hurt when i walk up and down the stairs. i was squatting earlier and almost could not stand back up. when i put socks and trainers on i feel how tight...

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  • caroline70725 2

    Graduation - Farrow Wraps to Haddenham Compression stockings !!

    I saw the Lymphoedema Therapist this morning and she is very happy with me as the Farrow Wraps have reduced the swelling in my lower legs so much that the Wraps are now too big. She has now put me into Comp stockings for lower limb - - 900 Pertex Light CL1 closed two size 13, tho she says I should go...

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  • jessica90713 2

    Swollen feet/ankles for 4 weeks

    Hi my hubby is suffering from swollen feet and ankles. Has been for approx 4 weeks. His feet don't go down at night they are they same all day and all night. He was experiencing a tight pain in his calf but he said that isn't as bad now. He's had a blood test for clot but they came back negative. But...

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  • Azbella 3

    Edema in lower extremities and weight gain and cough

    I'm having a hard time believing I've gained bout 20 lbs in est 30 days . I noticed today I have pitting edema in both legs . Also have an annoying cough . Wondering if I'm heading towards CHF . I take HCTZ each am . Am on BP meds as well. I'm wondering if should increase HCTZ and weight myself before...

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  • donna38794 4

    Left leg!!

    Has anyone one every had just one leg to swell? Its my left leg, no pain, it does dent if I push on it. Its only bad when the weather gets warm. I guess I should get it checked out been going on for about 3 yrs. My GP just shrugs his shoulders says he doesn't know what it could be.

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  • sally14335 3

    Suffering with edema in legs and ankles

    This is something relatively new to me.  I am 80 years old and have never until the past 2 years, had trouble with calves and ankles swelling.  I know enough to look this up and my kind of edema is secondary.  It is not coming from chemo and I have not had cancer.  I have had 2 surgeries for bladder....

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  • lizzie67 5

    Oedema in shins but normal bloods?

    Hello Ive been experiencing swelling in my shins on and off and I had it in my third toe once! Why would this be? Ive had full bloods and they are al normal. I had an echo and MRI of my heart for inverted T waves and all was fine. Can anyone advise? If it was something bad, would my shins swell...

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  • kim12880 1

    Angioedema of the tongue

    Earlier this week I had an episode of angioedema of the tongue and was treated at the emergency room.  The swelling is gone but I have some very big & painful lesions under my tongue.  Does anyone know how long they will last or how to get them to go away?

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  • Cagsy48 2

    Lymphedema advise

    I saw a consultant in manchester around 4 months ago who diagnosed me with Lymphedema. Although I am overweight he did not link me lymph to this he gave me a letter to give to my GPs for creams and to order compression stockings I got my creams and was waiting 4mths for stocking I never got after complaining...

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  • caroline70725 2

    Farrow Wraps? Any advice?

    Hi, I have been prescribed Farrow Wraps for my swollen feet and lower legs - I am finding them difficult to walk in, the foot part makes any type of footwear almost impossible! And I cannot put them on myself with any kind of tension. Anyone out there with experience of these Wraps with advice?

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  • kay244 2
  • jenn36335 2

    HELP! Swollen legs (calves & shin)

    I have extreme swelling in both of my lower legs, primarily my right that have not gone down since the birth of my 2nd child, 20 months ago. Bloodwork all came back normal, no clots, no vericose veins, water pill didn't work, heart fine. We have pretty much narrowed it down to either my bc pill or citalopram...

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  • tjp3964 2

    Bought some shoes and they don't fit!

    I don't usually post in forums at all, but I'm kind of getting distraught with my edema.  After losing 50 pounds, I was excited to buy a new pair of shoes with heels, the first in years I thought I would be able to wear.  Well, they were wide enough but couldn't accomdate with swelling.  Has anyone else...

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  • LaurieEyeBee 3

    Have We Tried Everything?

    My 90-years-young mom has rheumatic heart disease and had two artificial valves put in back in 1988.  She was like a new person after that and her only problems were some issues with taking bloodthinners plus atrial fib.  Any excess fluid she might have accumulated was being nicely taken care of by her...

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  • nicholas43260 1

    Strange oedema under eye

    Hello, Once in a while, a tiny oedema appears under my right lower eyelid. It is slightly raised, about 3 mm in diameter, and red (more than the picture shows). It appears suddenly and disappears spontaneously, after a few hours. I could not relate it to anything (allergy, tiredness, stress). Any idea...

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