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  • LucyBallsy 2

    I have an unexplained disease in my feet for 4 years

    Back in 2013, I started having foot problems, I'm Diabetic and I'm old so at first it was thought to be water weight or have something to do with Neuropathy. At this point, I have been tested for everything from Lupus to Cancer- and the Doctors say I'm a Medical Mystery. Currently, I have to take 4 pain...

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  • stretchy1 2


    Hello everybody, i hope you are all as well as can be expected , so now after 2 years of differant attempts, it now seems my ruhemetologist has finerly got the balance right with Roactemera & Prednisonol, but i still get aches & pains and swelling, but nothing like before ,& i am now more mobile but...

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  • gemma424 2

    Severe groin pain

    Hi.. My sister is experiencing severe pain in her left groin area. She is in tears every night and no one seems to be able to help. She was in hospital for a week and underwent a MRI, CAT scan etc and still nothing. They say they can't find anything. It is constant in her left side. It used to go down...

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  • deirdre40063 2


    My pain started in the right groin where the leg hooks on to the abdomen. Hurts when I walk and sit too long. At times the pain is a 10. Had an MRI of spine. I have 3 bulging discs. Had ultra sound of groin which was normal. This has been going on for 2 months. I have seen ortho, neuro, chiro, acupuncture....

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  • warsteiner2009 1

    Leg Pain and zaps

    About three years ago started having strong pain in my left thigh.  Even during intercourse during climax, got sharp pain (odd and hard to Google on line). I still think this is a symptom no one is taking serious.   It then migrated to my right thigh about year later. Now it is in both left/right calve...

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  • MagicalOtter114 1

    Loud crack sound from neck, can't move head

    When I stretched this morning my neck cracked loudly and was followed by a pop. Since then I haven't been able to turn my head to the right or look down as it gives me a lot of pain the upper right part of my chest. What have I done to my neck and how do I stop/ease the pain

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  • brie37444 2

    Muscle Pain and Lightheadedness, what should I do?

    Lately I have been struggling with:  fatigue  head ache   wide spread muscle pain   muscle cramping  muscle cramps in leg  allodynia  back pain- lower and upper neck ache  knee pain  feet pain  dizziness  lightheadedness  costochondritis  and severe stomach issues  The muscle pain is pretty much a constant,...

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  • gloriamb 2

    "Undiagnosable" Torso Pain - Help

    I am at the end of my proverbial rope with these health issues. I have been to several doctors in two different countries with no answers, and my pain is getting worse. I'm hoping someone here may be able to help me. I am a 29 year old female in good health, or I was, until recently. Four months ago,...

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  • sharon42488 2

    Groin pain following labral tear arthroscopic procedure

    I had surgery for suspected labral tear, a tear was found and bone anchors used to put it right. Initially I improved but then started with pain in groin and through to back of pelvis. I had a psoas tendon injection that only relieved it for about 10 days. Rest hasn't helped, physio seems to irritate...

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  • joebbray98 1

    abnormal pain in my anus

    I've had this pain in my anus for around 2 days now, I haven't had any kind of injury it just started when I woke up in the morning, it's really hard to say what it is exactly but I just know it's making it painful to walk or sit down and as it's night now it's hard to sleep, it feels like there may...

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  • cheryl25598 2

    Sudden sharp stabbing pain in front of left shin just below knee!

    I've had this on and off maybe once every couple of weeks, but today its happened about 5 times! If I kneel on my left leg to do something I suddenly get a very sharp stabbing pain in the front of my leg just below the knee slightly to the left! Its not a shin splint as its not right next to my shin...

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  • Fey123 1
  • The Pain 2
  • mikey24 1

    Pain in groin

    I woke up last night and sat down and I had a pain start in my right side groin. It started as a sharp burning pain and when I went and laid down it felt like a throbbing pain then kinda of went away. It hurt a little today but it started to throb again about a hour ago and it just hurts some now. I...

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  • melody122704 2

    Hip Pain for 5+ Months

    I'm 15 years old and about 5 months ago (probably almost 6) I began having hip pain in my left hip after doing warm ups and walking around for a bit (it's not tender.) It's nothing new. It's the same warm ups I've been doing since I was 11 or 12. I went to the doctor and she chalked it up to tendonitis,...

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  • carol33003 1

    Head Sensations

    2 years ago I had neuro surgery for a unruptured aneurysm , I have recovered from that but now get a sensations of of movement in my head , Which can be like waves when I am laying down or sitting. I also get a lot of pain in my neck and left shoulder that causes a lot of fatique. Carol

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  • Mumof4 2

    Pain in arm after IV medication

    I was recently in hospital for GA and the anesthetist put in a cannula on the back of my left hand, bit stingy and sore when they put medication through the cannula, then I remember nothing....I woke with on other cannula in the back of my right hand also. A week on, my left arm from the back of my knuckles...

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  • lu97031 2
  • matek1979km 2

    Very weird pain lasting for longer than 3 months in both upper arms.

    Hi ,  About 16 months ago I have started experiencing a pain which stated first around my chest the moved to my shoulders, back, down to the waist, legs and around 3 months ago to my both arms. The initial pain was more like a muscle pain with lots of tender points around my body and very weird burning sensation...

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  • Hartage 2

    15 Year Old Girl w/ Constant Pain & Twitching (HELP PLEASE)

    Hi, I'm 15 year old female, and an otherwise healthy person. Around early December of 2016, i started to get massive neck, arm (where elbow is) and shoulder pain and extreme headaches. In January of this year, they continued and I was hospitalized b/c they were so intense and I had multiple MRI's, blood...

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  • MercedesAlicia 2

    Chronic Pain in Neck, Eyes, Head , Chest and Muscles

    Good Day , Ive been dealing with symptoms for 4 years now that no doctor can specifically diagnose. Ive seen 2 neurologists , 3 physiotherapists , , chiro,accupunture,headache clinic in johannesburg,countless GP's, Eye Specialist and been on pain medication for the last 4 years. I have baffling...

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  • annaozaimudi 2

    Cough and chest pain

    I've been cough since March, cough with streaks of bloods. My blood test resulted my white blood cells count high. Normal x ray result and normal Phlegm test result. However, my symptoms is non-stop cough, chest pain whenever I breathe in, laying down, cough. The pain sometimes on the left side of my...

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  • jessica27672 2

    Chronic pain everywhere + twitching

    Hi, a friend of mine is dealing with pain everywhere, and I mean everywhere and we don't understand what he has. He has seen many doctors, taken many tests (CT, MRI, fMRI, EEG, EMG, PET, MRA) and they still havent detected anything odd. Along with that, he has taken X rays everywhere and has tried a...

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  • carl48085 2

    Ulnar Bone Sticking Out On Left Wrist

    I had a multi-injury accident almost 12 years ago. My left hand was involved and a ligament tear was repaired, in 2008. Now my question can the ulnar be so pronounced so many years later? I would rather think it would have been detected before now.But now in 2017, it is very noticeable and...

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  • thilagaraj85230 1
  • nina95738 2

    Pain in front left side of neck

    My voice stopped 5 weeks ago. Dr prescribed some medicines including antibiotics. My voice got better but now I'm having pain in front left side of my neck while i swallow.

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  • pamm1e 1

    Mesh implant

    Been in pain all night as usual, it's like stabbing sharp unexpected pain. Is this inflammation or something else from my mesh (erosion or my body rejecting mesh) 😭 I'm not on fb so trying to find answers via other sites. I know there is big uproar about mesh implants at moment. I've not been right...

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  • selphie85 3

    Pain near incision belly button

    8 months post op of removed gallbladder.  While I doing sit-up for 5 to 10 times, I will feel pain at bit right side of my incision belly button. Sometimes when i move or doing certain movement, the pain will sudden come out too~ and is only pain at right side, left side never pain. Izzit my operation...

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  • hannah2802 2
  • jaylb 2

    i have a strange pain on my thigh?

    so, i've got this strange thing going on with my left outer thigh. for the most part, it's completely fine. but, whenever my dogs (shih-tzu, spaniel, weimanara and labrador) or cat (snow bengal, tiny thing) put their paws on my thigh and put pressure on it - say if they are walking across my lap - the...

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  • angie19938 1

    Hip pain

    I'm a 40 yr. old female with pain in my right hip, buttock, and groin. The worst of which is the groin. Caused mainly by twisting. Like changing direction while walking, or even rolling over in bed sometimes. Any thoughts?

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  • annaozaimudi 2

    I've been cough for 1 month and a half

    I'm 22 years old. Every morning and nights I couldn't focus on my daily life as my chest hurts everytime I breathe which I always gasping for air everytime. Whenever I talk and laugh it will be hard for me. My chest feels tight. I've cough hard in the morning, night and at the place with air-cond. I've...

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  • kpj169  2

    Groin pain post op thr all scans negative

    Hi I'm 48 yrs old and had a hip revision. I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at age 23 I had a surgery called a Ganz osteotomy and it was successful for about 15 years. The past 8 years I suffered bad hip pain to the point where I couldn't walk anymore. I decided to do a total hip replacement 6/16. I'm...

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  • glen58725 1

    Groin pain!

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone has sort of a same story and can give me some answers I need. About 9 months ago I lifted a pallet at work and felt a sharp sting in my left groin. my work took me straight to the doctors and they declared it was a groin strain and should heal in a couple weeks. The...

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  • ukulele girl 2

    Right groin pain

    I have a pain in my right groin which goes to my hip and down the front of my leg. It is worse when I am sitting down although it wakes me at night in bed. I know it is not sciatica as I have had that before. Any ideas? Love to all. Xx

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