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Penicillin Antibiotics

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  • julia63125 2

    Co amoxiclav and liver damage

    After 11 long weeks I can say I'm am now well and truly in the mend after what had been an awful few months. I had co amoxiclav for an infection which after only 8 tablets ended up damaging my liver. I've had jaundice, Puritis, extreme fatigue, upset tummy, dark urine, white coated tongue and a

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  • pauline1995 1
  • Guest M

    Be careful - Flucloxacillin can make you feel very unwell!

    I have just started a course of these and took my first capsule at 16.00 0n 21/8/08, an hour before food / on an empty stomach. At 20.30, I suddenly had severe heartburn followed by sickness and diarrheoa, which lasted until 01.00. I remembered that this happened the first time I took these and

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  • julia63125 2

    Co-amoxiclav reactions

    I was on co-amoxiclav for 8 days for an infection. A day after the course had finished I felt so unwell, shaky, dry mouth, dark wee and fatigued. I thought I was dehydrated. My dr ordered bloods. Results came back as liver damage. By this time I was also slightly jaundiced. Waiting for a liver scan

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  • Ivvy43 1
  • hannah111000 1

    Flucloxacillin for 7 years, are there any long term effects

    Shortly after I turned 22 I began to suffer form acne, (I never had any issues with bad skin growing up or thought my teenage years) but never the less over night it seemed to happen, although only on my chin and around the mouth? I tried everything possible, creams, ointments, changing my

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  • rosie33991 2

    Co-amoxiclav 500/125 tablets.

    my husband suffers with acute dizziness. I think it is caused by him taking these tablets 3 times a day for the last four years.  Hospital started him on Co-amoxiclav four years ago, doctors treating him for 'Nocardia' I am at my lowest ebb, watching him suffer so much.  Surely this amount of

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  • linda72262 3

    Doxycycline side effects

    has anyone experienced major dizziness after taking doxycycline or a related antibiotic. I took it for sinus infection. The sinus infection is better, but after 7 days, I stopped taking it due to extreme dizziness and am on day 3 post and am still having tummy and dizziness issues. Would love to

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  • luke15302 2
  • james84138 1

    Flucoxacillin causing sore mouth?!?

    Hello everyone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My mother was recently prescribed flucloxacillin for a suspected abcess. She has been taking them around a week now. But this evening she began to notice her tongue becoming very red and painful. Her lips where also becoming in what she

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  • laurx 2

    Flucloxacillin causing me bad discomfort!!

    Hello i got put on flucloxacillin due to a infection but from the day i started it ive been having stomach pains, tight chest and terrible headaches does anyone think i should go see my gp or just carry them on?

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  • Keke123 2

    Bleeding from antibiotics

    I was put on antibiotics for a rash on my face by my doctor which looks a lot like perioral dermatitis, they were flucuxocillin?? If that's how you spell it but you probably know what I mean, and I had them for 7 days didn't really get Rid of the rash but now the first day off them I noticed blood

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  • fionaxoxo 1
  • Guest M

    Co-Amoxiclav problem

    I was sent home from hospital with these tablets, the dosage was 625 three times aday. I have managed 3 days but for the last two days I have been in agony with stomach cramps and diarrhoea. I feel awful, in pain and so tired. I am definately never taking these again. :oops:

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  • amyquinn1504 1

    Flucloxacillin and Metronidazole

    I had pain from a wisdom tooth so I was prescribed metronidazole from my dentist, however I also spotted spots almost like boils and acne appear on my neck face and back (this was before I started metronidazole). I went to my GP and he prescribed me flucloxacillin for the spots! Within the first 12

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  • Guest M
  • Dougal 1

    Floxacillin -are the side effects worth it?

    hi - just thought I'd add my penny worth to the side effects debate with this drug. My husband is just getting over having legionella and unfortunately his trachaetomy site has got infected so was prescribed this 4 times a day , after two days of taking them he complained of really bad indigestion

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  • Cathy 1


    After only 2 days of taking Floxacillin - I have never felt so ill in my life - I woke up to severe vomitting & diahorrea, a constant headache and aching body - I stopped taking Floxacillin yesterday morning and still feel awful. I also have a very strong taste of salt in my mouth which won't

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  • catherine22418 1
  • pam60654 2

    Penicillin Long term use side effects?

    I had a splenectomy 12 years ago and I have been on a daily dose of penicillin V ever since. Has anyone had any side effects from the Pen V? In particular thinning of the hair and skin? Constant anxiety and poor sleep patterns. i may be clutching at straws but this is the only Med that I have not

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  • Jutty 1

    side affects from co-amoxiclav 500/125

    I have been suffering with an ear infection so my gp perscribed me since taking thse i have felt very out of character , dizzy ,faint, sick , hot / cold and also wanting to no if anyone else has had similar side affects?? my heart also speeds up n slows down which for me is out

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  • annette 1956 3

    Side effects of antibiotics!!!!!!

    Hi All, on a course of antibiotics for H Pylori, having lots of side effects, but the one that worries me is a sore chest, it calms down with rest then flares when I'm on the move, anyone else had this side effect???? The doctor said it could be a side effect because they are powerful drugs, still worried

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  • julie55630 1


    My mum was given these to take 13 days ago the first 10 days she was not monitered I didn't know at the time as I live in a different area of great britain. She has been apparently acting weird not speaking, being dissorientated,getting confused etc. If she had taken the 3 tablets each day

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  • stephx 6


    Hi I had a baby 10 days ago after having unexplained gushes of blood inbeetween was prescribed co-amoxiclav I've just taken 4th tablet a hour ago and now I've had to run to toilet I feel sick to my stomach and like I have a stomach bug but worse because I feel so weak ! Is this normal? They

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  • DBE86 2

    Why did I have a fever after flucloxacillin reaction?

    Would flucloxacillin reaction lead to fever?Posted about 17 hours agoHi there I recently was prescribed medication for some itchy and annoying bites I obtained whilst in Venice. Despite me telling the Walk In centre I had an allergy to penicillin, they prescribed me flucloxacillin- I took one (I know,...

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  • aimee25204 2


    Hi, I've be given floxacillin to treat my toe nail which is infected I've been on the antibiotic since Sunday and was wondering if it is okay to drink alcohol with it. I'm going to a big party tomorrow night and would like to have a drink, wasn't sure if it would be safe or not

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  • Fjohn 2

    Knee replacement and Anxiety

    Anyone experienced anxiety while recovering from Knee Replacement? I have tremors, bleary vision, balance, extreme fatigue. I have always had anxiety but not these symptoms. I am 74 years old. Knee Replacement on July 13 Best Wishes, Fjohn

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  • vera28356 1
  • jay77198 1

    Antibiotic Side Effect or Not?

    I'm 16 years old and a had weird rash develop so I was prescribed some antibiotics that I've had before when I had an mrsa infection on my arm and went to hospital 3 years ago, and about 72 hours into taking antibiotics I've felt really light headed and dizzy and its lasted now for 4 days and I'm

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  • Judz 2

    I can't stop the itch!!!

    I reacted to penicillin almost 3 weeks ago out in full blown went to the hospital been given the steroids and the antibiotics the on the hydrocortisone the rash is still still coming out I can't stop the itch

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  • Lilac S 2
  • jakeb90779 2


    So it says take an hour before food! Trouble its affected my stomch so badly i can't eat an hour later dues to bloating and acid reflux. Any recommendations?

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  • traci99981 1

    Left Breast abcess 3 antibiotics, still reoccuring

    I had mastitis 2 years ago, same breast. This time I've had it, had to be drained 2 times. Been on 3 antibiotics, now my primary threw another one(for acne??? Smh) in without my surgeons OK! Will not mix until I talk to to go away, and poof its back. They are leaning toward mrsa,

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  • darren1971 3

    complicated UTI

    hi i was recently prescribed coamoxiclav by the doctors at A&E for a complicated UTI was a two weeks course 500/125mg finished the course last night UTI seems to have cleared but having serious flulike symptoms and body aches,iam hoping its the medication and will subside over next few days anybody

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  • alex93416 2

    Co-Amoxiclav for UTI - how long until it works?

    Hi guys, I got perscribed Co-Amoxiclav 500/125 mg today for a UTI for 7 days earlier today (it's yesterday now, because I'm awake in the middle of the night because of the UTI) I took the first pill last evening, however, my symptoms seem to have progressed instead of getting better. Earlier it

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