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Pityriasis Versicolor and Lichenoides

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  • Guest M

    I have had this condition now for 20 years, and up until...

    I have had this condition now for 20 years, and up until this week, I thought it was a common condition that you had to live with like cellulite, as i have seen lots of ppl with it over the years, altho never commented or asked them about it, as i feel embarrassed, so dont want to cause embarrassment...

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  • katiecollins 2

    Pityriasis Versicolor that won't go away

    I first started getting pityriasis versicolor a few years back on holiday. I discovered a load of white scaly dots on my stomach in a line straight down the middle (it resembled a sort of plane landing strip as the dots had joined!). I ignored it thinking it would go, which it did, until I went on holiday...

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  • GirlXinterupted 2

    Does anyone with PLC or PLEVA have any autoimmune conditions?

    Can anyone who is willing to share their information please post here which (if any) other health conditions that you have along with Pityriasis Lichenoides? Even if they don't seem relevant to you, they may still be relevant! For instance, myself, I have severe "seasonal" allergies,...

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  • charlotte1989 2

    PLC - diagnosed 6 months ago and getting married in August!!

    Hey all, I really do hope that one of you is able to help! I was diagnosed around 6 months ago with pityriasis rosea, which then progresed and my derm said that I presented more like I had PLEVA. The lesions continued to change and they say I now have PLC. This was confirmed after a biopsy. I initially...

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  • Guest M

    pityriasis lichenoides chronica PLC sufferer for 21 years

    Hi, have suffered with PLC for 21 years now! I have it covering my entire body apart from my face thankfully! Was diagnosed at 7 years old after a bout of chickenpox, had every diagnosis under the sun until I was admitted to hospital at age 18! Had been told for years that I had psoriasis but after 8...

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  • vanessa26896 1

    Pityriasis Lichenoides - new diagnosis waiting for a biopshy

    Hi All I've been struggling with a horrific rash/allergy that has been misdiagnosed as foliculitis. None of the treatments i tried touched the itching and I've got horrible scars (changed pigmentation) all over my back and arms. After changing from my normal GP as I've been trying for a referral...

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  • raymond2000 1


    Dear Everyone who believes they suffer from this condition. You will be happy you read this. Like you, I was under the impression that I was suffering from Tinea Versicolor. I tried everything from Topical Prescription medications to natural stuff (cocount oil, oregano oil, applecider vinegar, EVERYTHING)...

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  • stormt63 1
  • Lani1425 1

    PLEVA / Pityriasis please help my teenager is covered!

    My 13 year old son was recently diagnosed with Pityriasis also known as PLEVA...or so the paper I left the dr office w said. They did a biopsy so now we are doing steroid cream treatment and antibiotics. It has been 2 mo the since we noticed the first "bump" and 3 weeks since diagnosis. I'm...

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  • fred33741 2


    hello guys, i was also diagnosed of ptyriasis veriscolor and it's  just too painful. it has spread all over my back and now my chest. Have been advised to stop eating food containing yeast. And am presently on diet. Vehetables,chicken, garlic,carrot etc. The painful part of it is i cant get...

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  • adedayo12899 1
  • racheehunter 1

    Tinea Versicolor

    I am a 21 yo female with tons of pre existing insecurities. I have had Tinea Versicolor once before and tried to get rid of it. It eventually went away just in time for summer. After a weekend away, it came back worse than last time. I have tried selsun blue, tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, ACV, Terrasil,...

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  • GirlXinterupted 2

    Uterine Fibroid... hmm

    Hey all, I have no idea if there is any relationship between the two concerns, but I too suffer from Pityriasis Lichenoides and I recently found out that I have an 8cm fibroid on outside/on top of my uterus slightly embeded.  I'm simply sharing the information- not suggesting that the two conditions...

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  • marion53145 2

    At Last some sucess!!

    After all these years of wrong diagnosis and endless expensive creams and Dermo's who just want to make money out of you. The simplist and reasonably priced Nizoral shampoo and "Candizole Cream, some relief at last. Also trying some Origano capsules. Amazing how doctors just do not care anymore,...

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  • marion53145 2

    Pityriasis Versicolar

    I have had this condition for 8 years and it started with the hot flushes at menopause, i have been misdiagnosed ever since, from Scabies to folliculitus and finally the homeopath diagnosed it after 3 useless dermatologists. Everyone tells me it is not contageous but now 3 members of my family have it,...

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  • kim79327 2


    Hi, I'm 37 and diagnosed 4 weeks ago with PLC and for the moment struggling hard I'm on tetralysal and steroid creme 2xday. I'm also taking extra vitamins and bromelain to boost my system again. Is there anyone who has other tips and tricks to get rid off these awfull spots. I'm going...

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  • harsh2802 2

    White Dots

    Its has been abt 8 months that I have noticed a small white dot(size of tip of straw) on my chest(Extreme left),two on my left legs and ver very small dots everywhere.I am a 28yrs old Indian brown man.Really scared is it fungal or anything else?I too observed few brown spots on my skin.

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  • GirlXinterupted 2

    Pityriasis cream ever

    I just wanted to share with everyone how I finally got my skin clear!! I've been jumping through all kinds of hoops and seeing all different doctors trying to find out why my persistent "nummular eczema" just would NOT clear up... I used hydrocortisone, triamcinolone, lydex, you know it,...

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  • Clare Gayford 1

    Pityriasis Lichenoides sufferer

    I am 45 and have had this condition for just over three years. It started out of nowhere on my legs and i now have it on my legs, trunk, arms and slightly on my face. The only treatment that has worked is light treatment, but you can only have it once a year and the effects only last for a few weeks,...

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  • adriana787 1

    Idk if I have scabies or PLC

    My dermatologist said that it COULD be PLC but I know scabies is what keeps you up at night and started getting itchy on my feet scalp and face so idk...did y'all have these symptoms??

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  • jason25358 1


    Ive searched all over the internet for info about pleva and there is nothing really but info about the obvious, what it looks like and such. Im curious if pleva patients have anything in common like habits,or anything like that. Any ideas? Could it be something external?

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  • louiselost 5

    I hate skin problems that go on and on....

    Does anyone know if there will ever be a cure for this rare autoimmune disease?  I get so tired of covering up and long to have my own unblemished skin back. And I thought acne was a problem in my teens.  This is 200 times worse.

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  • phred45771 1

    HELP PLC Pityriasis Lichenoids Chronica

    I have a large white patch on my anus. I had a biopsy and it tested as PLC. Everything I have read states PLC is red/ reddish brown and does NOT itch. My patch itches like mad at times. Before the biopsy they tried Nystatin (for fungus/candida). I have had symetrical patches on the inner thighs and armpits...

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  • Guest M
  • hayley1992 1

    what shall i do cant cope with worry anymore

    Heya was just wondering if any1 can help me i have came up with marks that are coloured light brown sometimes pink in colour middle back from under bra strap down doesnt fade when pressed been there few months now not itchy not scabby etc.. and flat to skin can people tell me this isnt anything serious...

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  • Yaya 1

    I'm not alone!!! Pityriasis versicolor

    Wow I'm amazed to see I'm not the only one in the world with this condition! I first noticed (or should I say a friend pointed it out) on holiday in America when I was 14 yrs old, the weather was extremely hot and when I looked at my back I had patchy skin colour whichnlooked like I needed a...

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  • Guest M

    i may have Pityriasis Lichenoides

    hi, last may i started with a itchy red rash on my arm which the doctor said was due to a reaction from a viral infrection even after treatment this got worse so was diagnosed and treated for scabies ( the rest of my household were and still are fine ) by summer my arms and legs were covered and i had...

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  • ozlcrx 1

    resistant Pityriasis Folliculitis

    Hi! I know the sub topic on this post is pityriasis versicolor but there wasnt a sub topic for my condition but i really wanted to post this! Im 13 years old and have had pityriasis folliculitis for about 4 years now. (but i was misdiagnosed wit hacne and pityriasis versicolor) I live in a hot humid...

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  • fitpetite 1

    Pityriasis versicolor

    Hi all Just thought I should share my little cure for Pityriasis Versicolor, first of all its a skin fungal infection that basically gives your skin a patchy blotchy looking existence, it effects white and Black people. Now i've had this over 20 years i'm now 43 yrs old and tried all the...

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  • lyndamum22 1

    pityrasis lichenoides

    Hi my son has only jst been diagnosed in the last 3 wks after 8 months of being missdiagnosed by every doctor you could hope to meet. He was 4 and a half when the rash started and at first I was told he had chicken pox and then a viral infection ,it then jumped to oh he has meningitis and all hell broke...

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  • jessica 59892 2

    Ive been diagnosed with PLEVA and pregnant.

    Hi there. I thought I would try and reach out and see if anyone else has been diagnosed with PLEVA while pregnant. About a month ago I was diagnosed with this rare skin condition and just found out I'm expecting. I have had some health troubles for about a year now, and unexpectedly this skin condition...

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  • rikandsheila 1

    Pleva sufferer

    Hi, I have had Pleva (Fumhd) for about a year and a half now. It first manifested itself when my feet began itching and burning like crazy, to the point where I had to sit with them in a cold bath for 2 nights. I also felt like I was coming down with a head-achy cold. Then came the small blisters and...

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  • Guest M


    I was petrified when l started seeing white blotches appearing on my face. First it was my chin, then my cheeks, my forehead and upperlip. it spread so quickly that l thought l had virtiligo and then l thought l had used a wrong cosmetic. For nearly 5 months since April this year, l tried everything...

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  • Guest M

    Great Blog

    Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.

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  • Guest M


    I am 20 and have had the condition for 7 years now, I have lived in the UK all my life, with only two weeks a year trips abroad to warmer climates. Sometimes it is worse than others, i have it on the back of my neck, which spread into my hairline, and its extremely itchy here!!! I also have it on...

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