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  • Guest M

    Migraine associated vertigo and pizotifen

    Anyone any ideas on this? i have suffered terrible vertigo for 6 months and it is most likley labyrinthitis but my GP had an idea it might be Migraine associated vertigo due to the sinus pain, pressure in ears and sensitivity to noise and bright lights and motion intolerance ( like Mal De Debarquement...

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  • claire42 1

    Pizotifen and bloating/ wind

    Hi, I've been on Pizotifen now for just over 2 weeks for treatment of Migraine with Aura. Like others I have experienced the dreaded weight gain- 5 pounds so far . I have noticed an increase in my appetite, which was quite poor before. However, I keep a diary of my calorie intake and exercise and...

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  • gemini123 1

    Scared to start Pizotifen

    I've been prescribed Pizotifen for migranes. Having read all these comments I am scared to take it now and I don't know what to do. I cant stand these headaches everyday. Any good news out there about this drug? On the patient leaflet it saids that it can cause breathing problems and I have asthma...

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  • jack29945 1

    Should I continue taking Pizotifen

    I am an 18-year-old male and have been depressed for many years, although I have not received any diagnosis or any treatment as was refused it by CAMHS about 15 months ago. I've suffered from migraine episodes and severe headaches for about 3 years now and was prescribed Pitozifen 1.5mg to be taken...

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  • traceyjane66 2

    Thank god I found this link.

    hi everyone! Hope some of you people on this thr ad still come back and chat. Can't believe I've maybe found the reason to this weight gain and not being able to shift it like I used too. Been on pizotifen for many years and never thought this was hat was causing my weight gain. Thought it was age, perimenapause...

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  • heidi84491 1

    Weight Gain

    Is there ANYTHING out there to try and stop the food cravings and weight gain while on Pizotifen?

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  • Guest M

    Vertigo / Severe Chronic Motion Sickness / Constant Nausea

    Hi, I have been battling Vertigo / Dizziness / Motion Sickness and chronic Nausea for nearly 2 years after a rough spell at sea in a Australian Navy Ship. I never knew what Vertigo was until I was struck down by it. I was treated with Stemetil for 18 months, then Cinnarizine and most recently completed...

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  • Guest M

    Weight Gain

    Has anyone taken pizotifen and not put weight on? I'm prescribed 1.5mg per day. Some of the posting about weight gain are incredible, I'm not to bothered about a few pounds but a few stones, that's another story! I don't have many migraines as such but i have bad headache nearly every day and pain...

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  • kiwiinoz27 1

    Pizotifen and Disequilibrium

    Hi all. I am new to this site and have been prescribed Sandomigran which is the same as pizotifen for diqequilibrium which the Neurologist thinks is due to Vestibular Migraines.I have not had open symptons of a migraine, i.e. no bad headaches etc but have been suffering disequilibrium for 8-10 weeks....

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  • anitakleeia 1
  • kelly14740 1

    Migrains for 6 weeks and face pain

    I've had migranes all day every day for 6 weeks with face pain and a droopy left side of face , ct scan was clear ,I'm waiting for a neroligist been put on pizotifen had a 0.5 mg the first and second night but last night I had two and 20 minutes later I passed out and couldn't move my head for 15...

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  • vanessa77451 2


    For anyone who has ecperienced significant weight gain from this drug, just thought I'd share that having come off the drug and following a blood sugar diet, all the weight gained (1 and a half stone / 9 kilos ) has now been lost. The diet cuts out carbs (bread, potatoes, wheat and pasta) and no sugar....

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  • vanessa77451 2


    Have been struggling with weight gain from this medication for some time. I t seems to increase blood sugar levels thereby increasing appetite to significant levels. Have recently started a blood sugar diet and have lost almost 4 ibs in one week. So very pleased to. make headway.

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  • coll 1

    Does the Weight come off after pizotifen?

    I have been on Pizotifen for a couple of years and have put on 3 stone in weight even though I eat quite healthily. I take 3x1.5 tablets each night and am thinking of reducing to 2x1.5 tablets... does anyone know if the weight comes off after reducing/ceasing Pizotifen?

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  • delfino40845 2
  • eloiserose 1

    Pizotifen symptoms

    Hi there, I thought I would ask advice from people here in the hope of finding out a little more about pizotifen. I was prescribed pizotifen about three weeks ago, as a preventative for migraines. My migraines are not 'classic' and therefore I've tried a lot of different medicines. I was on propanalol...

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  • nikki14270 1
  • Guest M

    would you give them to our child

    i am looking for advice from anyone who currently takes these tablets. I have just been given them to give to my 9 yr old daughter. she has been getting terrible delibitating headaches for 18 months and has just been prescribed them. if you are already on them then you are the best peeps to ask as...

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  • mitch1273 2

    Managing weight while taking Pizotifen

    Hi all I have been taking Pizotifen for about a month - has done WONDERS for my migraines - such a blessing but have gained a few kilos and have not been eating more, I gather this is not uncommon?? I have started an exercise regime to try and move some weight but not been very sucessful. Can anyone...

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  • Guest M

    sodium valproate

    Hi I have had constant daily headaches for 12 weeks and 2-3 migraines every 2 weeks.Ive come off pitzofen as they had no effect and have been given sodium valproate by a neurologist today Has anyone any experience of this drug? thanks

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  • terry 00751 2

    vertigo for as long as I remember

    Good evening, I'm very new to this site, but was hoping if anyone has been in my position and have gotten over it, by either meds, or other ways. I have had vertigo for as long as I remembe, but was easily liveable until I was around 19/20. I abused my body at 18, as most people do, but vertigo is...

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  • rebecca 29975 2

    weight gain

    Hey, I have also been prescribed Pizotifen as a migraine preventer and in the last 3 weeks have gained an enormous amount of weight which like many of you had battled for a long time to lose and keep off!! My appetite has increased 10 fold and I am tired all the time with no energy at all. This isn't...

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  • rhiannon_mcpaul 2

    pizotifen weight gain and increased appetite

    Hi, I started on this medication almost a month ago now I have already noticed I have put on an extra 3kg has anyone else had weight gain or increased appetite while on this medication? What can I do so I can stop gaining weight. I'm not overweight but this is the heaviest I have ever been and it's depressing...

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  • kelly60553 1

    Pizotifen while pregnant?

    Can anybody help me or give me advice? I've been on pizotifen for one year and they have really helpful in stopping my migraines only getting one every three months.  I've found out I'm pregnant and have been advised to stop taking them but since I have my migraines have returned I'm having them three...

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  • andrew73537 1

    Sodium valproate for bipolar

    After 4 weeks of denying I could be bipolar (seemed a little too flavor of the month as a diagnosis) I now do accept it and am trying to stabliise myself. Hard to do so far. I was feeling good when on an immediate prescription of anti-depressant (sertraline) plus sodium valproate but the doctor's concerns...

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  • jaki40985 1

    Stopping Sandomigran - What are the consequences?

    Hi, I was taking Sandomigrain for 10 plus years (0.5mg per day – I could not increase the dose as it made me too drowsy to function) and decided to slowly wean myself off as I was still having fairly regularly occurring Migraines that included visual and stomach symptoms. Over a period of a year I slowly...

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  • bulbie 1

    Pizotifen in adults?

    Does anyone have experience of using this drug? I was put on it a couple of weeks ago for my migraines, and a few bizarre things have happened...

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  • AmeeElizabeth 1

    Pizotifen And Contraceptive Pill (Cerelle)

    Hi there, I've recently been prescribed Pizotifen for migrane attacks and the doctor also changed my combined pill to cerelle, I've read online that other medication can affect the effectiveness of the pill and i'm just a little worried about it, i'm 14 and I really don't want to take any risks. I've...

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  • LouiseY1969 1

    Has anyone any experience of using Pizotifen in children?

    Hi, My daughter age 11 suffers with migraines and has done for some years now. Recently (in the last 6 months) her headaches have become more frequent. It has been suggested by a Paediatrician that we try Pizotifen but the side effects are quite frightening for a child. Our GP is reluctant to prescribe...

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  • rebecca42662 1

    Pizotifen coming off it...

    I was suffering with horrible migraines for years, the doctor put me on pizotifen 1.5 and they stopped! Miracle! The migraine were giving me panic attacks and after they stopped I gradually began to sort my head out. So I've been in them for 7 years now, and I woke up feeling fresh and motivated then...

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  • linda68877 1

    contstant headaches for last 5 months

    hi I have been having headaches since april 2013 also having tingling/ numbing sensation in right hand , I have seen a consultant and had a brain scan (clear) I also have had 2 lots of blood tests (both clear), I was prescribed Topirmate (no resolve) then Gabapentin (no resolve) now im on Pizotifen,...

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  • leisa1 1

    My Pizotifen story.

    I was prescribed pizotifen in October 2011 as I was getting migraines with aura at least twice a month which was put down to hormones. I started off with 0.5mg once a day and stabilised my migraines at a dose of 1.5mg night and 0.5mg morning (3 tablets and 1 tablet). I felt tired almost immediately...

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  • fairfable 1

    Numbness and Insomnia

    Hi, I've only been on pizotifen for a week, and I have noticed some effects. I've felt more hungry, but unable to manage a full meal in one sitting, and cravings for junk food, even though I trained myself out of that. I feel incredibly numb, unable to speak/type and tired, but unable to actually succumb...

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  • Guest M

    Pizotifen for Migraines

    I've been taking Pizotifen now for about three weeks on the min dose of 0.5mg. Its lessened my migraines for the most part so far but i've instead been too drowsy to concentrate on anything, depressed, lost interest in sex and gotten grumpier!! Oh, and then there's the insomnia. I'm sleepy all day but...

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  • P_GWilliams 1

    NEW Pizotifen User & Weight Solution Advice

    I am a new user to this "wonder drug" as we speak i have just taken my first one @ 7.20pm... mainly because i usually only sleep 5-6hour nights.... i lead a very active life so that seems to be my bodies natural i want to try to measure how drowsy/sleepy they make me! no matter what i dont...

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