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Sex Chromosome Aneuplodies

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  • john75639 4

    47xxy and urine leakage/post void dribbling

    I have had urine leakage for about 40 years and no cause has ever been found, except one doctor told me I have a false entry into my bladder so my urine pools into 2 different areas, so my bladder is not emptied completely. First it was thought I had strictures, but after having those removed, I

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  • AshLaw 2

    Testosterone Therapy

    I am a member of a number of KS sites both in the UK and worldwide and I have noticed that some of the overiding comments relate to: >> I have KS but don't want TRT - WHY? or >> I am on TRT and I want off it - WHY? If it's helping you stay healthy; reducing the risk of osteoperosis, heart disease,...

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  • AshLaw 2

    Do you discuss your KS?

    I was diagnosed with KS at 49. With the exception of 1 person I do not have any problems discussing my KS with anyone - I am not embarrassed by it. Do others who have KS have the same open minded opionion as me or do you shy away from talking about your KS?

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  • john75639 4

    High pitched voice and 47xxy similar to gay xy men

    Whenever I talk on the telephone, I am a adressed as miss or madam, but after I tell them my name as John , the caller changes their pronouns. I always had a high pitched voice. In high school at age 16 to 17. I sang as a tenor. My voice never changed during puberty. I recently saw on YouTube

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  • AshLaw 2


    Apparently Empathy has not been a subject of study in males with KS (XXY) as yet. Pre-diagnosis and pre-treatment for KS - my sympathy and empathy traits were very much in line with a females' sympathetic and empathic tendancies. Now post-treatment (nearly 2 years) sympathy and empathy do not

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  • Arma1975 2

    My son has klinefelters

    Where to start other than my only son is 21months old and my world he got diagnosed with klinefelters when in his mother's womb then confirmed at birth when docters tested his blood from placenta anyway me and his mother are no longer together she no longer speaks it that bad when I tried to talk

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  • Bobbysjsjsj 2

    Do i belong to this group?

    Hej! I'm a 28-year-old male and i'm trying to work out if i have a chromosome i'm more than confident i do. Anyways, in a nutshell i have: 1 - Never been able to grow any 'real' body and/or facial hair. 2 - Have a small frame, easily passing off for somebody much younger. 3 - Have

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  • XXYGuy 4
  • ed91263 2
  • XXYGuy 4

    What does it feel like to have Klinefelters' syndrome?

    Another contributor wishes to discuss what it feels like to have Klinefelters' syndrome, so I thought I'd start a discussion on that topic, see what comes of it? I'd like to be able to choose XXY as a place to put this discussion, then we can chat about what it feels like to be fat, or to have gynaecomastia,...

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  • john75639 4

    xxy and males with an Adam's apple

    Since I dI'd not get adequate male hormones during puberty, I do not have a protruding Adams apple. Plus my voice is high pitched. I am sometimes a dressed as miss instead of mister over the telephone. I don't mind being addressed as a female, I assume it is probably due to my xxy chromosomes.

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  • rocky31676 6

    Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome

    Anyone has come across a person who has Intersex, "someone who has physical female genatalia but acts like a man", also known as "Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome". What are their mental make up and behaviour and other physical qualities? 

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  • XXYGuy 4

    Prenatal Genetic Testing

    What is the fundamental reason for doing prenatal genetic testing, since it is known nothing can be done to remove additional chromosomes, or insert missing chromosomes?

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  • XXYGuy 4

    Do chromosomes really influence feelings?

    An XXY guy might say he's more feminine than other guys, citing more than 1 X chromosome, and women usually have more than 1 X. Does it make you wonder how a female with Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome can feel feminine, she only has 1 X chromosome. Surely most, if not all, these XY

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  • tool 1

    KS diagnosis

    Hi! I am a 20 year old student who thinks he might have KS. I have been to a doctor recently to discuss my concerns and she advised me to take a blood test, to test my hormone level. The result of this test was positive, my testosterone concentration was in range of normal testosterone concentrations,...

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  • Throwawayz 2

    Testicular Implants - Are There Any Weight Issues?

    Hi I've gone through a lot of the published research on prosthetic testicles and had a talk with a medical specialist about having an implant (to substitute the one I lost). He told me that all of his patients have complained about weight issues, and that if you want an implant to match your

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  • erik13235 1

    Cease with TRT after years - possible?

    Hello! I've been on TRT (Nebido) for about 8 years. The last 6 years I've been taking 500mg per 12 weeks, which to my understanding is very little. I stepped down to that due to complications I had with the full dose. I got Klinefelter, but I had an sub-ok teste production when I began, eg. it was

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  • XXYGuy 4

    The Way Klinefelters Syndrome is Described

    Is it any wonder why people think Dr Harry Fitch Klinefleter studied XXY males when rubbish like this is published? "Klinefelter  Syndrome Definition Klinefelter syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that affects only males. People with this condition are born with at leastone extra X chromosome. The syndrome was first identified and described in 1942 by Harry Fitch Klinefelter, Jr., 

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  • XXYGuy 4
  • vidya29442 2

    Could my boyfriend have KS?

    I came across KS a while ago on the internet and think my boyfriend (37 yrs old) might have it. He has a lot of the symptoms: no facial hair and sparse body hair, small testes, long legs and short torso, tendancy to put on weight (although he is by no means fat). He has ADHD and depression and has

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  • Portuguese 2

    Am i a xxy guy? I'm really confused

    Hi! first, thank you for your help! My english is very bad so i hope you understend me! I'm a 19yo male and i suspect that i may have ks even though i don't have all symptoms! My symptoms are: Wide hips Patchy facial hair( i can grow a really thick moustache, but my chin is patchy and i don't

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  • trick30444 2

    I have read a lot here and here are my thoughts

    A lot of what you guys are saying here is to be totally honest not helpful. All your discussing things that typically a person who has this doesn't really care about like I don't care if it's a disease or syndrome a spectrum either way it sucks at times. The problem is we are not all the same to

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  • john75639 4

    Retracting.penis. and at 2 centimeters and 47 xxy

    I have had this problem whereby my penis retracts back into my body and I have to press on my groin to push it is an annoying has been happening over 40 years.I have tried to look on the Internet for others with this problem, but apparently I am the only one with this problem.

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  • XXYGuy 4
  • john75639 4

    trisomy 23 or xxy or chromosome aneuplodies & xyy

    I found anothe website that gives more details or characteristics of xxy males. It is under trisomy 23. It explains that Klinefelters Syndrome falls under this category as well as xyy Jacobs syndrome. XXY males have small testes ot testicles, but having microorchidism (small testes) doesn't

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  • john75639 4

    Swelling of scrotum or penis

    According to my research, you may have what is called genital lymphedema. It causes swelling of the scrotum or penis. I don't know if your doctors have ruled out this cause of your pain, but it is another test they can test for I don't know if this information will help anyone but it seems many

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  • xxy7816 1

    I'm a xxy male, looking for others

    I married going on 10 years I have a son adopted son. Life it's been a challenge for me growing up, with school, establishing relationships. I always felt like I was different can fit in and I've learned recently to accept the differences that I have from my males. The question I have for other xxy klinefelter'

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  • scott9999 2

    Thankful To Have Found This Forum

    I found this forum and hope that I can find advice and support in the near future. The current depression that has become worse than ever at this point in my life, makes my life very difficult and almost impossible. I am on antidepressants and antianxiety meds, but on of the major reasons for my

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  • mer99479 1
  • john75639 4

    Being depressed and having 47 xxy

    It will always be a challenge when you are a 47 xxy male. Depression sets in When you first discover you have this disorder. There is no way you can handle it by yourself. If therapy is needed try it. I went through depression but I never went to therapy. I had the common sense to take a

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  • john75639 4

    False entry into bladder, I am an xxy male

    Years ago having gone through several cystoscopies, due to a problem of leaking urine, the doctor's discovered I had a false entry into my bladder that causes my urine to pool into 2 different locations in my body. So my bladder doesn't empty fully. Even today, in the US, it is called post void

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  • john75639 4

    Scrotum too dry or flaky and it is inflamed

    I had this problem a few years ago. My scrotum was vertical dry and developed a crusty appearance. Tried body lotion, I thought if it helps dry skin it would help a dry scrotum. I was wrong, it burned. I tried every product. Nothing worked until I asked a doctor in the US. He told me to use an

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  • john75639 4

    20 disorders and counting am I unique as an xxy or not

    These are the rest of my medical problems both past and present .These are part of my medical history including the one's previously listed. One thing I don't have is hepatitis A,B,ot C. Or HIV. Here they tear of quadriceps tendon on left leg. Arthrofibrosis on

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  • john75639 4

    20 disorders but are they xxy disorders or am I unique

    Here are some of my medical issues but don't know if they are related to my heritage or Klinefelter's. I have retractile testes or ascending testes. Hyperlipidemia. Heartburn or GERD. Contracted hematuria. Adenomatous colon polyp. Asthma. Diabetes type 2. Obstructive sleep apnea.

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  • john75639 4

    Am I unique or am a I a real xxy

    I am not tall. In US terms , I am 5 feet and 5 inches tall. I live in Colorado in the United States. I weigh 61.8 kilograms based on universal weight terms. I am a mixture of Spanish, Mexican and Native American (Indian) blood and some French heritage. I don't have any breast tissue. I dont know

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