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  • Guest M

    painful sigmoidoscopy

    Had Sigmoidoscopy yesterday and would need to be dragged kicking and screaming before having another! The hospital staff were lovely, I was given an enema before the doctor came to speak to me about what he was about to do. He was very nice and reassuring so up to then, all was going well. Then I was...

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  • bianca56630 2

    flexi Sigmoidoscopy today :)

    hello! I decided to share my experience to everyone who's having their sigmoi soon, So this is for future reference. But before I start, I know that every individual is different so as experiences and pain tolerance... This is only based on what I actually felt during the procedure and I hope it will...

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  • daniel66837 2

    flexible sigmoidoscopy tomorrow...need help picolax not working

    Hi have a flexible sigmoidoscopy tomorrow at 2:45pm I started my prep 8am this morning with my first dose of picolax and had my other one at 4pm this afternoon and still nothing has happened. Ive read loads of stories about people back and fourth the toilet but It dont seem to be working. Im worried...

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  • Debbie100774 1

    Sigmoidoscopy not that bad

    I had a sigmoidoscopy yesterday  and I can honestly say it wasn't that bad. i was absolutely dreading it, imagining how awful it would be, having sleepless nights anxiety and panic leading up to it, well I shouldn't of.  After arriving and having my blood pressure taken I changed in to a gown and shorts...

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  • eve58221 1

    Flexible sigmoidoscopy

    I had a flexible sigmoidoscopy (NHS Reading) today literally 40 minutes ago and after reading people's experience I was legit sh*tting myself before going to the hospital today. I have to say I just felt a tiny bit uncomfortable and was not painful for me. Oh at all! Everything started with the enema...

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  • cathy70516 2
  • Pindie68 3

    Intravenous Steroids

    My UC is not being managed by steroids although I'm on a high dose so the doctors want to admit to hospital for IV steroids over 5 days. Has anyone has this treatment and has it worked?

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  • rasmi23 2

    Sigmoidoscopy today...!!! 😳

    So the clinic called me last nite.. they had a cancellation and offered me the earlier appointment.. so obviously as I want to get to the end of this and eat some food I accepted.. kinda glad coz I'm the letter it said if u choose a later appointment sedation won't b available.. so now I'm gonna ask...

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  • rasmi23 2

    First sigmoidoscopy...

    Hi.. I'm due my first sigmoidoscopy next weekend.. what shud I expect..? Pain..? I've been sent an enema called fleet.. I'm sooooo scared of the enema and the sigmoidoscopy.. need reassurance and yr experiences pls... x

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  • Youdontknowme1 2

    Am I Just Being Paranoid?

    I wont say that my health has been perfect as far as bowel movements go because to be honest for most of my life (from childhood to teenager) I have always had issues with difficulty using the washroom. I dont know why but its always been that way. (I would have 1 bm per week) Well nowadays (for awhile...

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  • julia57694 2

    Sigmoidoscopy - yesterday

    Well all I can say is take the sedation! It's really strange because I had a colonscopy a few years back and although it wasn't great I didn't take any painkiller. It was uncomfortable but nothing on this scale. This procedure I was led to believe was a shorter and thus less intrusive procedure. I...

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  • Cait96 2

    10 biospies during sigmoidoscopy

    Hi all, i have been suffering from horrendous stomach pain for well over a year now. Coupled with this i have mouth ulcers, blood in stool, mucus, red rash on face, hands, neck and upper arms (this comes and goes), bloating and extremely painful stomach cramps which can leave me lying on the bathroom...

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  • vikki1811 1

    After sigmoidoscopy

    I had a sigmoidoscopy 3 weeks ago. It took about a week for things to go back to normal. I am now however getting fresh blood and lumps of mucus in my stool. Is this normal for 3 weeks after? I have been to see my doctor who has referred me back to my consultant but can't get an appointment with him...

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  • paul72227 2

    Had my flexible friend yesterday

    For everyone who is sat googling flexible sigmoidoscopy and looking for some reassurance then look no further. I had mine done yesterday, I should of had it done a month ago but I cancelled it because of being scared, I rebooked and yesterday was the day. So after scaring myself to death by googling...

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  • graham10820 2

    Flexible sigmoidoscapy

    I've had a flexible sigmoidoscapy 10 days ago and am still Having problems with my stomach being painful thinking I need to have a movement but when I do its still really Painful and the pain don't subside.

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  • Guest M

    Sigmoidoscopy-The Honest Truth

    Some people say it's unbearable, others day it's painless and only a bit 'crampy' while they insert air into the colon. I had my first sigmoidoscopy today and can reveal my intepretation of the procedure. Firstly, it is slightly uncomfortable, but not 'painful' as you might associate with a dental procedure....

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  • jessica 43713 2

    So scared about sigmoidoscopy tomoz

    So scared about having my sigmoidoscopy tomoz as I take ages to anithertise and I have told them I was the max does will they Deffo do this 4 me? I had one about 2 years ago and they had to stop as I was in so much pain and the gas and air didn't work 4 me just don't want to remember any of this. Haven't...

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  • cazz15 2

    Sigmoidoscopy and biopsies

    Hello I had a sigmoidoscopy on the 30th August. The doc that done the procedure has said too me that all looks normal. But he took four biopsies. Id like too know if this is normal procedure? Also id like too know how long it takes for results? any information would be greatly appriciated, thank you.

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  • lea34229 1

    Bit scared. . Bleeding after taking picolax

    Hi all. I'm currently on my last doseage of picolax and have experienced some bleeding and clots. I'm due to go for my sigmoidoscopy tomorrow but am totally petrified now I've seen blood. I am getting sedated which is good i suppose. Also it says on ny diet sheet i can have a bovril drink followed by...

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  • eileen62423 2
  • anne81411 3

    Wow Help

    Good Morning ,  Wow having the procure tomorrow and have found this forum has really worried me  my anxiety has gone through the roof now , don't know if I can go through with it !! Is there anyone on here had a Good procure well not bad experience please .

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  • samantha77967 2

    Sig tomorrow really scared

    Hi having a flexi sig with sedation tomorrow, very frightened from what I have read on here. Does sedation help with the pain, on the verge of cancelling it. 

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  • Bogmonster 3

    Sigmoidoscopy in 3 days time

    Hi, I have been having terrible trouble with my rear end for years. I have had fisssures, have nasty external hemerrroids, and have what can only be described as a very tight ass. I can only pass larger stools with a lot of straining. I have just come back from holiday and on the first day a stool got...

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  • shirley61689 3

    sigmoidoscopy worries

    hi im having a sigmoidoscopy next week thought great not a bid tube only 2 ft wont hert but reading some peoples blog im terrified.i ws offered a bottle of bearium to do at home or have it done when i go back what the hell are u suposed to get it up your own bum at home

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  • catgirlshirl. 2

    Very painful Sigmoidoscopy

    I had a very painful flexible Sigmoidoscopy yesterday . I was offered gas and air no help at all . 5 years ago I had a colonoscopy with sedation not a problem . I had to stop the Sigmoidoscopy as I could not stand the pain after 10 mins . Never again unless I can have sedation . I now have to back to...

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  • donna92634 2

    Poxy polyps in my bowel

    After my flexisigmoidoscopy yesterday it was found that my ulcerative colitis is on a nasty flare up and biopsys were taken ,but worrying polyps were seen they tried to remove them but couldn't as they were in the anal canal (difficult area and angle I guess) have to wait for 4/6 weeks now to...

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  • lukeveeks 1
  • Lilac S 2
  • rebecca1333 2

    Had my sigmoidoscopy today wasn't half as bad as I was expecting

    I'm 20 years old and Had my sigmoidoscopy today and just wanted to say it was ok! I am someone who sufferers really bad with anxiety and panic attacks to the point all week I've been crying as I didn't want to have this procedure! It wasn't half as bad as I was expecting! It was uncomftable and sometimes...

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  • ChrisTDI 1

    Unpleasant but not too bad

    First, my sympathy to the folks on here who've had truly awful experiences. I received a sigmoidoscopy today to investigate blood in my stool at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.  I was seen quickly, staff were professional, kind and I was well taken care of. I required an enema prior to the procedure and was...

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  • Stacey57 2

    Flexible Sigmoidoscopy on Saturday 11th July 2015.

    Before I had the procedure I wasn't cousin, her husband and their son had all had Colonoscopies without sedation and said it was uncomfortable but not painful.  I assumed the Sigmoidoscopy would be even better as they didn't have to reach so far in!   Well I met the Colonoscopist, a very...

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  • sherylc 1

    Had a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

    This evening I went for my flexible sigmoidoscopy & to say I was terrified was an understatement. I did not eat all day just in case I opted for sedation. On arrival the nurse showed me to my room & could see how nervous I was & she was so lovely & talked me through the procedure & said she really didn't...

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  • erick96818 3


    Hello, I'm new to the forum. As I stated I'm due for a sigmoidoscopy next week , and I'm scared of the procedure. I'm hoping someone in good honesty can give me some truthful experience of this procedure.

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  • trussell1962 1

    Sigmoidoscopy recommended

    I just had a Colonoscopy last year. Recently, I had some rectal bleeding after I got off the treadmill. I've also bowel issues. Lower left pain in my stomach on and off for a couple years. The Nurse Practitioner thinks it's from internal hemmies and I am treating as such. She also recommended a Sigmoidoscopy....

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  • lucy88594 1

    Gastro question

    Hi, I'm sorry for the stupid question but I was wondering if anyone could help me. I see a gastrologist who is dealing with an acid issue that I have to have surgery for but need to wait. Well any way I been having a lot of other digestive issues and when I tried to talk to him about it, he said 'I'm...

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