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Tamsulosin Hydrochloride

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  • Stevoc23 1

    struggling to ejacultion

    I been taking these tablets for two days now and on the third day I feel horrible feels like I been out on a night out drinking feel terrible feel weak and woke up with a massive headace, after looking at the side affects of the tablets I masurtbated to see if I could ejacultad but couldn't the

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  • Guest M

    Dry ejaculation

    My husband is Type 1 diabetic and was also recently diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. Diabetes affects blood pressure - raising it, and it may in some men cause erectile dysfunction. Tamsulosin Hydrochloride was prescribed and my husband has taken it for approximately 2 - 3 months. I can

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  • cherish 1995 2
  • cherish 1995 2

    someone please say something

    My brother has a kidney stone of about 5mm and we are not ready for a Please does anyone have any useful contribution or a drug or anything that can help his I will be so

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  • Claire2020 2

    Hate this drug...

    My partner has been on this for a long time whilst the NHS work out what to do with him - This drug has altered his personality beyond recognition - agressive - slurred speech - addiction - confrontational - behaving like an addict by defending this piece of crap - He refuses to acknowledge any of

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  • s43429 2

    Tamsulosin Hydrochloride

    I have been on Tamsulosin 0.4mg for over three years now for enlarged prostrate(BPH) and urine retention . I have been ok using it with urine flow and better evacuation etc. Recently my GP suggested a combination dose of Tamsulosin 0.4mg with Dutasteride 0.5mg. He said this is better for BPH and

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  • alanatcroydon 2

    Xatral XL v Tamulosin

    Experiencing delayed ejaculation when taking tamulosin, I asked my urologist whether there were alternatives to tamulosin.  He has prescribed Xatral XL.   Has anyone any experience of this latter drug please?  Has it reduced frequency of visits to the loo; or affected sexual performance?  I am 74  

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  • Guest M

    dry orgasm

    I found that I now have dry orgasms. Better than none at all but somewhat unsatisfying. (an anticlimax, if you see what I mean). Went on line and searched for \"dry orgasm\" only to find that Tamsolosin causes this. Yes I;'ve been on Tamulosin since this problem started. I have to decide

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  • muhammad64922 1

    Side Effects

    My father started this medicine (Tamsulosin 400 mg) and finasteride 5mg from April 15,  from Last one month he is suffering with lot of confusion. have any one suffered with confusion. please let me know your thoughts.    

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  • AFpj 2

    Prostrate Cancer question

    I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer in July with a low PSA score of 6.2 , I guess I am one of the luckier ones as I was told my PC was a none aggressive type and after another blood test PSA reading of 5.8 I decided to go on active surveillance rather than have any treatment however I had my

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  • nik97717 1

    Prostate and Tamsulosin

    Hi 4 Years ago I had a rectoplexy operation for Rectal Prolapse. About 6 months after the op I started to get frequent urination, mainly dutring the day and sometimes at night to Had various tests and all came back clear, was proscribed Trospium which I took for the next 2 years, still felt like

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  • Guest M

    tamsulosin back pain?

    Was prescribed this drug by my GP on the advice of a urologist for bladder neck since I began taking it I have been suffering from persistant lower back pain which is sometimes really horrible and anyone else had this side effect? GP doesnt think it can be the drug

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  • jeff55592 2

    Continual discomfort.

    Have had a problem with continual discomfort for some 10 weeks now, this came on very quickly, I have been diagnosed with BPH, and currently am taking Tamulosin, and after some 7 weeks am not finding any appreciable difference in my symptoms. Is it a question of being patient or should I consider

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  • 321jim 1

    No side effects?

    I'm not sure whether to take this drug and would be interested to know how many people have taken it without experiencing any side effects (except perhaps dizzyness) If it helped you and you have not had any particular side effects I'd appreciate if you could let me know by leaving a posting to

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  • Guest M

    erectile dysfunction

    i am very sorry to say but i have been allowed by my doctor to take this medication for over 8 years. and now for over a year i have had total erectile dysfunction. as you can imagine this has caused majour problems for myself and my partner. should i have been allowed to take this medication for

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  • paul70140 1

    Tamsulosin hydrochloride

    hi I'm having problems getting and keeping an erection and also ejaculating, is the a normal thing when on tamsulosin as I've been on it for 12mths now and this is getting worse, I'm now taking fluoxetine for depression due to this.

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  • adrian69810 2
  • scott14982 2

    Change in penis length with Tamsulosin

    I've taken Tamsulosin for about 3 years.  Have noticed a decrease in penis lengh during this period.  Not sure if it's related to the medication.  Has anyone else noticed changes in penis length/girth with Tamsulosin?

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  • bigroj88 2

    tamasolusin/ solifinecin.

    I  have been on these two drugs for over a year now. I am 52 yrs of age started suffering with OAB after 2 kidney stones where removed from a kidney 2 yrs ago now.  When i started taking Tamasolusin hydrochloride 400, and  Soifenecin at the same time at 1st it was like the wonder drug for the 1st 2

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  • gigi1570 1
  • reza11300 1
  • TT555 2
  • h94361 2

    Tamsulosin Hydrochloride

    I was prescribed to take 56 capsules of Tamsulosin 400 microgram, which I had taken 45 before stopping it as I was afraid it could cause serious problem. After taking the first capsule, I felt the benefit of it the next morning when I got a smooth urine flow. I continued taking it until few days

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  • BadlyCat 2

    Alternative to Tamsulosin for Nocturia?

    I'm a 53 year old male in good health except for the fairly recent onset of Nocturia. My need to urinate pretty much every hour during the night began suddenly around 3 months ago. At the time of writing this, the resulting fatigue/frustration due to sleep deprivation is having a massive impact on

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  • Guest M

    Tamsulosin Hydrochloride 400 experience

    After taking just one of these, my blood pressure dropped from 127/76 to 112/60 with pulse dropping from 76 to 55. Every time I tried to relax, my heart thumped oddly in my chest and felt as though it was trying to \"stop\", which was exceptionally unnerving. I will never take another one

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  • joseph43467 1
  • peterfs 2

    Different brands

    I am sorry if this has been discussed before. I have a very enlarged prostate and need to take Tamsulosin and have just got a distinct impression that one of the brands, Pamavax, gives me a cold like feeling in the head whereas Diffundox does not. Am I imagining things or could this be true?

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  • mike23358 2

    Change of medication

    Following a heart attack in January, my GP discontinued Tamsulosin with all its side effects. I now take Permixon to treat my benign prostate enlargement problem. So far encouraging results with no side effects. 

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  • steve55315 3

    Tamsolosin or Permoxin?

    I have been on tamsolosin 400 mg for 7 years. Should I change to Permoxin? I am 65. Tamsolosin has been great but it makes me bruise easily and at some point I will have to change. 

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  • paulg 1

    anybody get muscle weakness in lower abdomen

    since staring this treatment my lower abdominal muscles wont work ,my gp calls them bizarre symptoms so i didn't take it for a week everything is ok again but bladder stopped working again so had to go back on them and suffer lower abdomen pain again and muscle weakness any body else had this

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  • tony's daughter 1

    Tamsilosin headache

    Has anyone had the same experience as my dad? He was taken off Bisoprolol for high blood pressure and put on Tamsilosin after brachytherapy. his BP seems to be on the high side of ok but the naige in his head won't go away - not like a headache as won't go with paracetamol? Has anyone else had this

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  • mike23358 2

    Tamsulosin Hydrochloride side effects

    I took this medication for a slightly enlarged prostate for four months. Dry ejaculation and dull orgasm were not the only side effects since I developed virtigo which made it impossible to drive a car and made me sick. I returned to my Lady GP and we agreed that I should syop the drug for one

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  • Bob Jolly 1

    Dry ejaculation

    I have recently started taking tamsulosin hydrochloride and am experiencing dry orgasms. I am finding this unsatisfactory is there an alternative drug for enlarged prostrate which will not cause this problem? Should I consider surgery?

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  • Guest M

    fainting episodes experienced

    was prescribed flowmax in August 2009 for prostate problem. approximately 6 - 8 weeks later started to experience fainting episodes at home. 2 overnight stays in hospital. No doctors or medical staff picked up on a possible link with taking the tablets. In January 2010 after 2nd overnight stay I

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  • Inquisitive 2

    Tamsulosin side effects

    The "inwards ejaculation" that occurs when taking this medication is really scarey and it's worse when you discover that you've ejaculated into your bladder! Thankfully, it doesn't cause any problems but it's a sensation you only endure once. Abstinence is the only sensible option. The other

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