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  • kim24259 2

    how do I get livial in the USA?

    Hello Livial Ladies! I am 56, British but have lived in Germany for the last 25 years, And now living in America. Was taking Livial since soohappy! Livial is not approved by the FDA. My doc here said Osphena is the closest thing to Livial - so I tried it. NOT true. The side

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  • susan4572 1

    Livial and postal injection

    Hi all I've been prescribed prostap injections once a month for 6 months and also livial tablets everyday. Just wondering if anyone has had these injections or taken the tablets. I see alot about weight gain and I'm worried

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  • karen96338 2

    Tibolone long term?

    Hi Girls, I have been taking Tibolone for 7 years, and there has always been fors and against taking them. I would like to share my pesonal experience, I was told  by my Doctor to try and wean myself off them as I had hit that crucial stahe of 5 years where they do not recommend that you take them

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  • 999miki 1
  • kaz987 1

    Please Help

    I've been menstral free for 5 years and taking Tibilone for at least 2 years symptom free, then suddenly out of the blue I get a period. What is going on?? I think I may have missed a pill but would that have started a full on period ? Plus I've had a lot of stress recently. I'm going to see the

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  • Guest M

    Livial I love you!

    :D I have been taking Livial for 4 months now and it has really changed my life. At 52, and not having had a period for 18 months, I was suffering terribly with night sweats which woke me on the hour, I was totally sleep deprived and unable to function at work. I was also depressed and had

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  • shaggs63 1
  • 1crazymum 1


    anyone on livial having spotting for a month 5 years with no bleeding thanks

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  • jenny73393 2
  • PGtips11 3

    Should I take it?

    I had to come off HRT after having a mastectomy for breast cancer (DCIS). Hot flushes returned with a vengeance. I tried Citalopram and Gabapentim but neither worked. The menopause consultant said Tibolone would be safe to use but after some internet research I found it not recommended after

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  • cec87474 2

    Tibolone & severe joint aches

    I ​have been on Tibolone I ​have given it a good 4 to 6 months, ​each and every time I have had the joint aches persist. I ​have tracked these to be monthly as I ​have had a dose of ross river and parvovirus this year which the rheumatologist has put me on plaquenil for.  ​The thing is the joint

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  • LouLou46 2

    Tibolone/Livial half dose

    Hi just wondering if anyone who is on Livial has tried a half dose of the 2.5mg? I have been on it just over 3 months + wasn't doing too bad but have piled the weight on, got bad bloating and water retention + don't know whether to try halving it to see how I do. Thanks.

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  • mandy 48366 1

    Weight gain

    Hi All - I am from Aus just wanted to ask if anyone else has had weight gain on Livial? I was put on 2.5mg and I felt that within the first few weeks, I blew up like a bloated fish. I felt like everything went puffy??? My Gyno said that weight gain was very common at my age (52) and that

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  • shirley352 3

    Tibolone extra dose

    Hi I been taking Tibolone for 3 months now the 1st month was getting my body used to the drug then the second month was brilliant no hot sweats my libido returned no dryness just generally feeling better then the 3rd month everything changed my night sweats returned I was not myself so I started

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  • lisa22188 2

    New to taking Tibolone bleeding already

    Hi just found the forum whilst looking for side effects on bleeding. Basically I am 50 years old, been on the mini pill for years, came off about 2 months ago. Suffered for years with night more recently aches & pains in joints, fatigue,mood swings,forgetfulness & absolutely zero sex

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  •  LadyPink 4

    LIVIAL(TIBOLONE) - A warning....

    Heloo Ladies, After 23 yrs of being on wonderful Tibolone/Livial and at the ageof 71yrs, I suddenly noticed Iwas getting a slight watery blood smeared discharge each day with a very mild aching in my lower tummy. As we were on holiday I waited until the next week and then saw my GP. She referred me

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  • angela28243 2

    Tibolone 2.5

    Have been prescribed this yesterday can someone tell me is it any good ????? I'm nervous about taking it but feel I need something as I have all my symptoms returned. My periods stopped at 42 and I'm now 55 but feel awful hot flushes returned not sleeping well and severe mood swings. Can somebody

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  • janver12 2

    Tibolone/Livial anybody ?

    Hi .Just started taking livial 2.5mg. Been on it for a anxiety but fuzzy head, lack of motivation,no interest .Feel like I have worse hangover when I wake up even though I haven't drank the night before. Felt different on a few days like  more energy and interest no tiredness but this goes

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  • shirley352 3
  • shirley151161 2

    Tibolone hrt tablets

    Hi all, have these made anyone gain weight? I'm about to try them but don't want anything adding to the menopause weight gain runaway train!!

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  • Joelma 2

    Livial ,muscle and joints pain

    hello.i just started my second pack of livial,did not see any good change so far, but from few days ago a stsrted to fell muscle pain in my legs and arms, a terrible joit pain in my hips and shoulders and my feet hurts, i can believe livial is doing this to me, i was reading some side efects from

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  • Bustersmum 2
  • angela28243 2
  • pam34236 3

    Tibolone and perimenopause

    Hi New to this forum in regards to perimenopause. I am interested in knowing if any one has taken tibolone and helped them with mood lift especially anxiety. I am 45 years old and suffer from perimenopause symptoms in regards to nausea, not hungry at all and anxiety / low mood. I have taken AD for

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  • Guest M

    I have been using Tibolone (Livial) for three years now....

    I have been using Tibolone (Livial) for three years now. I previously used HRT patches but due to the length of time I had been using my GP suggested that Tibolone would be better for me. I have had previous hysterectomy and bowel resection due to Endeometriosis. I am now 49 years of age and HRT

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  • helen30020 2

    Tibolone Side Effects Help Please!!!

    Hi im 48 and on day 11 of Tibolone and for the last 2 days i've been having side effects and would love to hear if these eventually go head, headache at the back of my head, leg pains esp at night and also broken sleep - i keep waking up about 5 times during the night  at first i

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  • joanne31598 3

    Spotting on tibolene

    Been on tibolene a year I am 54 early menopause at 37 was on elleste duo from 45 to 53 and now on this, every thing else I s fine apart from spotting for up to 2 weeks every 9-12 weeks , does any one else get this ? 

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  • m20328 2


    Hi there Ladies, Just wanted to let you know that I have not gone back on Livial. Would love to but too concerned about side effects!! Have bben taking Flaxseed Oil each day and its really good. No hot flushes!! and great as a face moisturiser each night. xx

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  • Sueli50 2

    Tibolone stopped working

    Hi. I am 50 and have ben taking Tiboline since May 2015. The first few months it was brilliant. I could sleep better, no hot flashes or night sweats and libido was amazing. But the last 3 months things started changing. It seems that my body got used to it and I have bad insomnia again, night

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  • beverley c69016 3

    Can livial stop working

    HI I have been on livial 5 month now before I started it I was on estrone only patches as I have did not work my sex drive was going down hill bad depression. As soon as I started livial my mood lifted headaches went along with my sex drive is totally for scan last

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  • LouLou46 2

    Tibolone/Living after hysterectomy

    Hi is anyone in surgical meno taking Tibolone? Also is it good for other meno symptoms like joint pain, fatigue etc or just libido and flushes? I had hysterectomy + ovaries removed 18 months ago + tried patches, on Premarin over a year but get so tired + joints flare up plus zero

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  • amanda 57718 2

    Just started tibolone ...

    I'm interested to find out from other women how quickly it starts to work in relation to mood changes, libido  other symptoms also is it normal to experience bleeding (more than spotting more like a period,)  in the first month of taking this medication?Just started taking it two weeks ago. Thank you! 

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  • toooldtodieyoung 1

    HRT switiching from Femoston 1/10 to Tibolone 2.5

    I've been told by my doctor that I should come off Femoston 1/10 (been on for over 10 years) and they've put me on Tibolone 2.5. I'd been really happy with the Femoston and I'm now worried what to expect from Tibolone. Any one else made this switch?

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  • Miasari 1
  • sandra11356 3

    Starting HRT again?

    Hi  Just wanted to ask a question, I have been on HRT for 12 years, I had a 2 year break in 2010 but went back on it, I am now 64. My usual HRT wasn't available earlier this year and the alternative made me bleed, my GP gave me Livial but by then (April) I had decided to go cold turkey and stop so didn'

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