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  • melanie57734 1

    feeling awful on this !!

    i can honestly say have never felt so rough , went to docs friday with suspected uti , took sample to send off , tested it in surgery also , prescribed me antibiotics .which the name escapes me , begins with the letter n , had bad side effects from this , chest pain , numbness in legs and arms and hands...

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  • jacqui11497 1


    Just finished trimethoprim on Sunday Two days later I have a itchy rash over my legs and arms it's unbareable Seems to be getting worse. I am waiting to have a total knee replacement at any time. Went Dr's they said it's allergic reaction to trimethoprim and gave me funding cream. But it's so itchy...

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  • maz68 1

    Can't walk after Trimethoprim

    I was prescribed a 3 day course of Trimethoprim for a UTI I thook the first one on a Tuesday night and buy Wednesday morning i had a numb left knee, the next day i couldn't walk, phoned my GP asking if i should contunue on the antibiotic because it seemed obvious to me that i was having a bad reaction...

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  • Guest M

    TRIMETHOPRIM feeling ill

    Started on this drug (Trimethoprim)200gm on 31/10/09 for a bladder infection following surgery on Wednsday, tested urine first and then perscribed, I told them I had a hiatus hernia but they said it was ok. Since I have been on them I have been very unwell-chest pains like no other I have experienced,...

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  • ann326 1


    I had a 8 day course of these antibiotics and after taking them I have felt 100% worse. I feel weak, muscle pains all over my body, no appetite, back pains, my anxiety has gone really high I have headaches and not able to do day to day things. Im scared that this isn't going to pass. I have been off...

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  • sam08075 2

    Bowel and bladder problems after Trimethoprim

    I took 4 tablets of Trimethoprim for a Uti and had an allergic reaction. Pain in my hip, buttock, knee and ankle and the feeling of cramp. I found it hard to eat and have lost around 10lb. 13 days later and I'm stick struggling with kidney pain and painful buttock and groin. I've had some blood...

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  • leonie 69539 1

    Is trimethoprim doing this to me??

    I have thrush and a water infection at the same time. I used canesten pessery and cream which I had an allergic reaction to, causing red/white sores around my clit and entrance to the vagina. I've been given a 5 day course of trimethoprim but it's only been 3 days so far. The sores have become 10x worse....

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  • wes65151 1

    Severe sickness with Trimethoprim

    I was prescribed Primethoprim for a UTI. I felt nauseous after the first dose. Next day I rang the doctor. He reckoned it was being caused by my infection. Next day I went to see the doctor as I was feeling bloody awful. Cutting a long story short, he changed my medication to Amoxycillin. As I was leaving...

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  • Guest M

    200mg Trimethoprim (twice a day) feel sick all morning!

    I'm a 24 year old male and went to doctors on friday 29th Jan with aching bladder/kidneys and slight diharrea. Did a urine sample (results should hopefully be back today) and doctor prescribed Trimethoprim 200mg which I'm taking twice a day. Yesterday I woke up felt fine for 15 minutes then started...

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  • bill69428 1

    What should I do

    I was prescribed a six week course of  Trimethoprin for prostatitis. It cleared up during the fourth week but then came back. I have 8 days to go but I am now starting to suffer from mouth ulcers. Advice please.

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  • carol72551 2

    Primothorpeim for e coli do I have to take them

    2 weeks ago left flank and lower back pain urine test at Dr showed showed bloold in urine feltill for 3 days given Trimethorpim waited to take the as read many nasty side effects,lab test came back all normal no UTI.starting to feel better had to have another urine test came back today.have e coli.I...

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  • james24329 1

    How long does trimethoprim take to work?

    I'm currently suffering from a Uti that causes me to Urinate litres of water and I was given a seven day course of Trimethoprim when the doctor found bacteria and blood in my urine. It been 48 hours since I started and I have had 5 of the tablets. There has been no difference, should it have already...

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  • carmel83758 6

    Underactive Thyroid and Trimethoprim

    Have a slightlyunderactive thyroid and despite taking the medication get symptoms and side efects, started to take trimethoprim recently for an infection and was amazed to find that all of my side effects and symptoms disappeared.  has anyone got any idea of why this is... please do not tell me to ask...

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  • charleysays... 2

    Long-term side effects of Trimethoprim?

    Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum but was brought here after researching into the longer lasting effects of Trimethoprim. I have taken it three times in my life; each time causing side effects of increasing severity. These were in the form of sciatica, leg numbness (pins and needles) and aseptic meningitis....

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  • Sarah601 2

    Trimethoprim side effects

    Hi I've got a problem that's really worrying me and wondering if anyone had experienced something similar. I was first given nitrofurantoin then after 2 days prescribed Trimethoprim 2 weeks ago for a UTI. I was told to take 200mg twice a day for 7 days, I took the medicine for approximately one full...

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  • mama_cupcake 1

    Severe Allergic Reaction to Trimethoprim

    I was given Trimethoprim by my doctor last December for a urine infection, I had had this drug a couple of times before and had been fine. I took the first tablet before going to work, within 30 minutes my heart started racing and I felt breathless. I felt so ill I left work and just about managed to...

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  • Guest M

    Mouth Ulcers/swollen lips

    I started this drug and by the next morning had swollen lips, the following day I had multiple mouth ulcers as least 50 to the top and bottom lip with swollen glands, headache and temperature. I am now on a second antibiotic for the UTI -second day and still nothing improved...cannot wait i...

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  • sallyann71 2

    urine infection

    my little girl aged 4 has been prescribed trimethoprim medison for a urine infection she has been taken since Monday twice a day today she has been sick and has tummy ache would this be a side effect

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  • ryan50333 1

    Antibiotics trimethoprim

    Iv used trimethoprim 7 years for lumps cystic acne imgrowing hairs tried coming off before after 3 months symptoms returned I have bad arthritis ln my back and waiting for hip replacement and iv been advised these drugs can make arthritis worse has anyone had cystic acne and changed there medication...

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  • KTkat 1

    Felt Terribly ill after finishing 3 day course of Trimethoprim

    I was prescribed Trimethoprim 200mg for 3 days for UT infection. The UTI cleared up but, after finishing the three day course, I began to feel incredibly run down. A week later and I was getting increasingly run down with fatigue, bloatedness, hyper-allergin skin reactions and lack of appetite. I felt...

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  • shaunlfc77 1
  • c0rzi3 1

    cystitis better after first tablet but worse after the second

    So I've had cystitis for 7 days now, yesterday I was (finally) given trimethoprim. I knew that I had to take one twice a day so I took one as soon as I got them ( about 4 pm) and then I read that you havevto take them every 12 hours. I felt better after a few hours but I woke up at 6am to take my next...

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  • Guest M

    Trimethoprim - sudden pains in joints

    I was prescribed Trimethoprim this week for a UTI. Yesterday I was perfectly fine all day but in the evening I developed a sudden severe pain in my left foot across the toes and underneath the foot and it started to go red and swell. It has made walking very difficult. Today just as suddenly my right...

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  • MinnieMouse74 1

    Trimethoprim - anxiety ??

    I suffered from anxiety as a side effect of a post natal thyroid condition - my child is now 18 months old. I was treated with Citalopram and my thyroid condition was treated successfully. After weaning sensibly off Citalopram before Christmas I was feeling fine but still not 100%. I was given Trimethoprim...

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  • davidlamb 2

    Trimethoprim Side Effects?

    I am taking 200mg Trimethoprim to treat a urine infection. I started my dose last night and within a couple of hours i started getting nausea and stomach pain. In the morning i felt worse the pain in my stomach was worse and i felt more sick. now they symptoms has eased off a bit but i was wondering...

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  • Rod. 1

    Trimethoprim experience

    The case history: My wife ( in her 60's) went to the NHS GP with cystisis and after a urine test, was prescribed Trimethoprim. Less than twenty four hours later she started to experinnce abdominal and back pain. She persisted with the Trimethoprim but the pain intensified.She said she had never felt...

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  • angelac55 2

    what can you tell me about Buritus

    I thought I had Celulitious then the next morning the Redness had gone over my knee. My GP sent me to A&E where I had needle in my knee but no fluid. Sent home to rest. Next day deep pain. GP prescribed Antibiotics n rest. One week later puss oozing out of my knee back to A&E admitted Op to drain. Now...

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  • stephx 6

    trimethoprim lasting side effects ?

    has anybody suffered these off trimethoprim ? tachycardi-5 hours was longest episode  body feeling like jelly severe anxiety  breathing sensations (ect like suffocation /humid air feeling ) muscle twitching nausea that comes and goes  has anybody got any lasting side effects  i stoppped taking these...

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  • kim21113 2

    HRT and migraines

    Hi.  Really would like to know if anyone is on HRT and getting migraines. I had a few as a teenager, then some that I could pin down to my menstal cycle. Have been on HRT for over a year. I'm getting the migraines more and mre frequently.  

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  • hannah14197 1

    Rash after completing Trimethoprim

    Hello. I have a just completed a 1 week course of Trimethprim for Folliculitus. I took the last tablet Monday morning and on Wednesday morning I woke up with a rash that looks similar to hives all over my body. I just wondered if anyone had experienced this? And if it hopefully goes away?

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  • Guest M


    Was prescribed Trimethoprim for a UTI.7 days in to a 28 day course I have developed an horrendous skin rash over the entire body.Some are small blisters which are quite sore.Having not visited a doctors surgery for three years and having never taken antibiotics before this is not a good introduction...

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  • Devmacs5 2


    I have been prescribed trimethoprin for a urinary infection.  These make me feel very nauseous and my legs like jelly.  Does anybody know anything I can take to combat these side effects. Many thanks

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  • Guest M

    reaction to Trimethoprim

    I was prescribed Trimethoprim for a UTI. I took two 200mg twice daily for five days. I felt very dizzy and almost an hour after taking a tablet I would have to lie down The infection returned after 3 days and I was prescribed a further seven day course of Trimethoprim. In spite of feeling ill and...

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  • carol84055 1
  • Guest M

    Trimethroprime DO NOT TAKE!!!!

    I was prescribed Trimetroprime by my GP for a UTI, immediatly after taking it I felt so ill, headache couldn't get out bed, lower back pain and just aching all over. I've never felt so ill in all my life. I came up with a rash on my face, legs, arms, stomach it looks as if I've been burnt all over......

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