Can anyone tell me when they felt ok to proceed do there 2nd bunionectomy surgery after the first one?

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Hi, I just had bunion surgery on my right foot 3/19/14 (8 days ago) with a plate in my big toe and

wires placed in my 4th and 5th toe for hammer toe correction. I just had my dressing changed

yesterday and the doctor wants to do surgery in 2 wks. Will I be ready? What can I expect while to recover, with both feet incapacitated?

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    Hi Yvette! I had my first foot - the left one - done on September 30, 2013. I am not completely sure of the medical term but I believe it is an austin bunionectomy??? I had the bunion shaved/removed, and they broke the big toe and moved it over and aligned it up straight. Super happy with the results.

    I just had my right foot done on March 17, 2014. Same surgery.

    I am at home home recovering.

    For me, I needed 5 weeks off work for the first foot, and I have six weeks off work for the second foot. I go back late April.

    I personally would NOT have been ready to do the other foot that early, but surgery seems so personal to each person. I need my "good" foot to move around. I use crutches in the house, as well as a steno chair on wheels to move around (we have hardwood flooring). I also "jump" a little on my good foot to move around for short distances.

    I know, however, that there are alot of people who do both feet at once and manage effectively.

    Also, for me, my surgery was day surgery, so I took some lorazepam to make me sleepy and my foot was frozen. I always feel queasy for the first couple days after taking medication that puts me out like that.

    If you have great support at home, and can manage trips to the bathroom, and just short bits getting around the house (ie; to bed, to the bath, kitchen, etc.) you can manage.

    All said, I like to stay positive and always remind myself that in the "grand scheme" the time you are laid up is minimal, and then you have beautiful feet that are FREE of chronic pain!

    Hope that helps a little. Feel free to ask any questions I may be able to help with.

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    Thanks Shannon for your reply. I indeed have some support at hm, however, at day 8 post-op, now only

    Taking ibuprofen and ice for the swelling. Not sure if I should proceed with the second surgery so soon.

    I am still having a little pain when resting and elevating my foot and in excoriating pain when bearing weight

    On my heel. I'm trying to stay positive by looking forward to more weight bearing without pain or swelling

    in the weeks to come. That will prepare me for my next surgery. So with plenty of rest, icing ,and elevating,

    Hopefully I can be more prepared. My doctor predicts I will be fully heeled and ready for work at the end

    of June. Too long!!! Shoot! My wonderful fiancé will hv to return back to work in 1 mo.

    I am going to consider postponing this second surgery. But I think I will wait until the end of the 2 weeks to

    make my final decision. Thank you again Shannon.

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    Hi Shannon

    I too had my right bunion removed the same day as you, day op under local anaesthetic and sent home with paracetamol and ibropeofen ...I stopped taking any painkillers a couple of days ago as not in pain as such, but cannot bear to be upright for more than five minutes before the throbbing becomes really bad, and have to lie down and elevate my foot above my head!

    I had to start back at work (working from home, I'm in an office job, so sitting at a desk all day) which hasn't been easy as I cannot get my leg high enough (even though its about heart level , good thing I'm flexible!) and by 5pm I am physically exhausted. My next foot is due on 2nd April, and I will HAVE to take more than a week off sick, there's no way I can attempt to sit upright with both feet done.

    Did you see your foot when they changed the dressing? How is yours feeling now? I'm not due to get my dressing changed at all, they will just remove the dressing on the 'done' foot on the same day that I have the second surgery! Please keep in touch, and I can let you know how it goes having them done so close together, I just want to get them over and done with ASAP!

    Hope you have a stuff night

    Betty Bunions x

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    Sorry Shannon, my predictive text said stuff.....mean to say restful!!! Also, forgot to say that icing every hour is instant relief!!!! X

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    Bettybunions - yes I too have the same throbbing when I put my foot down! Call me crazy, but it is comforting to know someone else is going through the same thing and understands what it feels like!

    Yes, I have pictures on my phone of both my feet - taken the day after surgery. I had surgery, then the next day I went back to the doctor's office for a dressing change, so even though I was still a bit out of it from the meds, I was coherent enough to take photos!! lol!

    I was so emotional both times, to see a "flat" foot with the bump gone after many, many years of that horrendous thing on both feet, and the chronic pain that went along with it.

    I could send you photos via email if you would like to see the incision/stitches. My incisions are both below my big toes, along that side of the foot, and are approx. 1.5 to 2 inches long. The stitches look yucky, but I can also show you the "after" photo and there is only a red mark that will fade.

    I go on Sunday to get my stitches out. Then I will only have a thin gauze dressing, which I can remove after 5 days and then have a BATH!!!! Can't tell you how exciting that prospect is! There is nothing like soaking in a tub!

    Of course I will have that lovely boot to use for a few more weeks, but I am okay with that.

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    Hi Everyone

    Bettybunions- this is my 10th day post op with only pain when I stand up. People! When I say it feels like someone is banging on my foot with a hammer! You know what I am talking about. I just elevate ASAP, ice and Ibuprofen. Can't wait until the day that I stand up and no more throbbing!

    When I had my dressing changed this passed Wednesday, I felt like I was looking at someone else foot.

    I still can't believe that my doorknob is gone! I actually have a space between my big and 2nd toe! Just a little swelling and some bruising. My stitches and wires will remain for 2 more weeks and at that time, I am scheduled for my left foot bunionectomy. Not sure if I will proceed with that as of yet. I can't manage to keep My right heel down long enough to bear a small amount of weight on it.

    I was looking at my calf muscle in my leg of the affected foot and noticed that my muscle tone has atrophied. Any suggestions on muscle toning?

    Back to my couch, remote control, bowl of fruit, iPad, phone and magazines. Never thought I would say this but I can't wait to go back to work!

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    Good morning all

    Especially Shannon and Yvette....

    So day 10 and finally my foot throbs less than it ever has.....still need to elevate and ice as much as possible and only up on crutches for no more than ten mins....the rest of the time if. Need to get about I crawl or bum shuffle!

    Yvette, you made with laugh with your term 'doorknob'!!!! Wow that must have been a big bunion! I must say, if you're not sure about your second surgery, then hold off....I know that sweat Shannon did, she had hers done a while apart..... But I do feel (finally) strong enough in my physical self to still go ahead with my left foot next Wednesday......I will let you know how it may help your decision.

    So, have a good day all,

    Best bunion regards

    Betty bunions xxxx

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    Hello All

    Stayed up mostly all night catching up on all my tv shows Scandal ect.... And woke up a ted bit late today. Oh well it's not like I have somewhere to be promptly today...LOL... My morning routine washroom, kitchen to make my ziplock ice bags for today, make my cereal, fruit, snacks, and bottles of H2O in a back pack....

    Today was much easier though. The the throbbing is not as bad!! I noticed this when I decided to have a seat and have my breakfast at the kitchen table(foot proped up on a chair ofcoarse).

    I noticed earlier on, I was not elevating my foot high enough.... I was only somewhat at waist level, however, these past 2 days I have paid close attention to elevating my foot at heart level or even above that... I now use firmer pillows (my decorative couch pillows x3) and lower my head a little more. Ofcoarse when I eat I bring myself to a sitting position. While surfing the net, I found this machine for cooling the foot. As this would eliminate my 10 bags of ice. I never fill like the places I put the ice bags is really doing much cooling...the. area that need the most cooling is the swollen part underneath the bulky dressing and just the way the foot is proped, makes it an awkward placing for the ice. So I have been icing the ankle and all open areas. Sometimes I manage to place the ice on top of the dressings and it stays there without sliding. This cooling Machine is used after some orthopedic sugeries and with physical therapy. The name of it is Aircast cryo cuff system. It stimulates blood flow while cooling the foot. I wish I could have did this from the beginning of my. recovery period.

    I must say Bettybunions, it's looking good and I'm feeling good!!! I'm more optimistic about surgery number 2. My bunion was a half of my fist.... Lots of bone cutting under traditional bunionectomy surgery with a nerve

    block and sedation. But looking ahead to more pain free days and a last painful 2nd surgery.....

    Farewell pretty feeters.... Have a great pain free day...

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    Oh... And Bettybunions.... You have giving me inspiration and your bravery has me believe I kind do it too. I feel like the little engine that could!!! Good luck on your surgery and keep me posted.
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