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Hi to everyone

As Christmas arrives yet again I wish each and everyone of you A Very Merry Christmas and hope all your wishes come true in 2009.

This time of the year can be an extremely difficult time when suffering from depression.

If you are struggling with your feelings/emotions over the Christmas period please try and remember Christmas will soon be over.

Some little (friendly reminders) to help you through the festive season:


[b:49839fa139]1) [/b:49839fa139]Alcohol can make your depression more intense. (This is not to say don't drink, but remember, if you do, that is is more than likely the alcohol that has made you feel more depressed than the day before and within 24 hours your deprerssion should have 'shrunk' back down to it's usually 'size'. :twisted:

[b:49839fa139]2)[/b:49839fa139] Try not to get overtired. :oops:

[b:49839fa139]3) [/b:49839fa139]You don't have to be the life and soul of the party, let somebody else do that while you sit back and enjoy their entertainment. :D

[b:49839fa139]4) [/b:49839fa139]It is okay not to go to every party you have been invited to. :shock:

[b:49839fa139]5)[/b:49839fa139] Take a breather if you have guests - sneak off upstairs and open that bottle of wine you hid earlier :shock: But remember number 1 :oops:

If anyone else has any other good tips to help us all get through this time of the year please do add them.

Wishing you all the very best

Melbi x

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    :holly: :holly: :holly: :holly: :holly: :holly: :holly:

    Thanks Melbi, and a very Merry Christmas to you too.

    I thought your handy hints were very useful. I have felt myself getting anxious and worried about the cost of Xmas and it has been getting me down. Finding it hard to sleep at night cause everyone expects you to spend certain amounts and I just cant afford it.

    It is important to take time to rest of the Xmas period, and as you say, not to attend every party.

    I hope everyone has a merry christmas and a wonderful new year!!!

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    Hi melbi,havnt been on for a while.still doing ok.Still on the tablets.Have more good days then bad.Hope you have a wonderfull christmas.Take :wink:
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    hey hey hey

    or should that be ho ho ho

    Hi Kim, how great it is to hear from you. :D I lost my mobie in the summer so couldn't text you. :oops: I did send you an email though :D

    Glad you are doing okay - keep in touch - I'm smiling here at the laughs we used to have :D :D :D :D

    Flow, the amount of money spent at this time of the year is sinful. In fact imo it is sinful as to how commercialised the whole thing has become.

    I often wonder how many people remember the real reason for this holiday :cry:

    Here, despite my 2 children now all grown up, I still get the Christmas cake out after Christmas dinner (with candles on it :roll: ) We then blow them out and sing happy birthday to Jesus. Just my little way of always remidning my family just what we are celebrating.

    Christmas, imo should be a time for families to be together and not a time to blow all your money/or lack of money on pointless gifts that nobody really wanted/needed in the first place. :oops:

    Have a good Christmas


    Melbi xxx

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    Hi Melbi,

    Well a very Merry Christmas to you firstly. Your message did make me smile, have to admit that for me I cannot wait for the whiole period to be over, the closer it comes the worse and more tired I feel, I wish I could just wake up and it would be over. I do have my kids Christmas Day from 11 which is lovely but I hope my mood improves by then. What you say about being with family, its just so unchristmassy at my parents, and im due to go over my bros christmas night which I dont fancy at all, i will for the kids sake so they can play, but part from seeing my kids there is not one part of xmas im looking forward to, except that Im justified as its xmas to have a few more drinkies than normal, got myself a lovely bottle of brandy and port to devour. Shame is that I used to adore this time of year, was the biggest kid of all, didnt want to sleep so i could enjoy the whole day, today id be so looking forward to xmas eve, xmas eve was always my fav, finish work, have a few beers with my mates, get in say 7, kids would be mega excited, put them to bed and enjoy the night. I was walking round tescos lunchtime, so many families all looking happy, all the hustle and bustle, i appreciate that there are so may people who have no one, this is my 2nd xmas since divorce but i feel worse than last year, last year i was in a state of shock, teary etc, this year im not, i just feel like sleeping. I will for my kids only smile and make the effort , if i never had them god knows, probably just drink through it. Well I hope it goes of better than i anticipate, to be honest it cant go any worse, happy Christmas .

    ja xx

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    Hi Ja

    Well I've gone and burnt myself out already.

    Being bloomin' stupid trying to get just about every chore in the house done that really doesn't need doing but oh Christmas and family coming etc etc. Why do we put ourselves through it?!?

    Anyway, at 2pm I decided enough is enough and I stopped, brewed a cup of tea and settled down in front of the TV and watched a film :oops: So if the whole of the house isn't shining like a brand new pin so what? I'm worn out lol.

    X is here fitting a new floor in my bathroom, youngest daughter is helping him. Eldest daughter is all excited as it's her daughters first Christmas, not getting much out of her due to her excitement lol.

    I'm looking forward to it this year - last year we didn't know where we would be as the baby was due Christmas Day :shock:

    I do find the run up to it all far more exhausting than the actual event. Once tomorrow arrives (5pmish) and I can lock that front door, as my mum will be here (she stays a few days). I will relax and start to enjoy myself.

    Damn! I can't even drink :roll: :roll: :roll: The painkillers and anti inflammotories just make me feel so ill the day after like I've drank loads but like last eveing I had 2 glasses of wine and have felt 'hungover' all day today :shock: :roll: :oops: :cry:

    Hehehehe - Bah Humbug!!!!!!!!

    Do try and enjoy yourself Ja. Hey Stiltman you too - it will all soon be over and then it's back to the mundane everyday things like work! :shock:

    Melbi xxx

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    Hi everyone.

    A very merry and peaceful Christmas to everyone who posts here.

    And as Tiny Tim would say \"God bless us everyone!!

    :cracker: :cracker: :cracker: :xmaspud: :xmaspud: :xmaspud:

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    :wink: hi melbi,must have lost your e mail as our pc crashed twice.wat a pain!! i will try the msn again..Be lovely to have them funny chats again..ive missed them. :wink: we used to laugh...Im finally ready for xmas.phew,worn out with it already...hope everyone out there has a good one. :holly: Take
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    Morning Kim, Ja, Stiltman & all

    Well, finally here...just a few more things to do then it's time to relax (huh? Who am I kidding) Okay, well all the chores will have been done by 2pm ish today (that is when my mum will arrive.)

    Eldest daughter is buzzing :roll:

    Youngest daughter is sulking because being the mean mum that I am she thinks half the things she asked for were out of stock :oops: :oops: :oops:

    Well, I mean, come on, I've done this with her since she first ever asked if I remembered everything she asked for. Surely she knows by now that I'm winding her up 8) 8) 8) Perhaps she enjoys the game as much as me lol.

    Well I'm wide awake - okay - I'm awake and wanting to get going on the final chores (the sooner I start, the sooner I'll get done) :D Just waiting for the baby to wake up so I can get going.

    Kim, I haven't been lon msn for ages but will make ahuge effort in between Christmas and New Year :D I too loved our laughs - fits of the giggles more like :D :D :D

    Thinking back now to when youngest still believed in Father Christmas. One year we kept asking her what she wanted for Christmas but would she tell us! All she would say is she wanted it to be a surprise for us. (mum and dad) In the end we had to get my brother to ring the house pretending to be Father Christmas so she would tell him what she wanted - success :roll: LOL and another year we bought them loads of stationery from one shop. We had left all the shop's labels on :shock: youngest daughter after opening all her presents goes back to her stationery pile she had opened and announces how Father Christmas must love that shop :oops: :oops: :oops:

    Oh dear, I'm prattling on lol - work avoidance :oops:

    Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas - don't forget the tips for survival.


    Melbi xxx

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    Hi Melbi and Stilman,

    Well, Christmas wasnt as bad as I thought, mind u , i went out at 3pm xmas eve, drank 6 pints on empty stomach, got home at 9 and cried myself to sleep thinking of kids, bout as low as it got, rest of it was ok, kids enjoyed their pressies, all of us got the cold, daughter still quite bad, but all in all ok, I sincerely hope u 2 had a lovely and peaceful one as well.

    Dont know why? nothing has really changed but looking forward to new year, Im hopeful more than expectant that it will be good,of course things can go boss eyed for me but Im hoping they wont and that happiness will be coming my way. I have my triage appointment with windmill on 15th, yes i have drank over xmas but not too huge excess, didnt want to, so Im hopeful that i can get something out of that next month, even if its talking about issues etc??

    Gym has been going really well, quite enjoy it and in new year gonna eat helthier as well, I have a couple of pieces of jigsaw that i need to complete, selling house and getting ex totally out of my life once and for all will be a huge weight off mind, i can really put to bed that part of life until I have total closure, its like xmas morning, picked up kids and weeds overgrown in garden, nets looked they hadnt been washed in a year, it was so sad to see the house like that, i know its only bricks n mortar but it still hurts. Its one thing that needs to go and when it does the relief will be huge.

    Nearly 09 now, off out tomo with a few mates, nothing major then the new year, if i look back at this time last year I suppose im in a slightly better position, well i survived 08 , loads of lows but some bloody great memories and I hope that 09 brings me many more great memories, all Im trying to say is that when times are good I bloody enjoy this life, so aim of 09 is to try and make sure i have as many good times as possible and not focus on the negative.

    Im not silly enough to think im never gonna have a low period again, and Melbi and Stilman, if i can get through xmas which to be honest i was dreading i can be ok.

    I wish you both a very happy and peaceful New Year and thank you so much for your posts this year and to everyone else, this is a great site which has helped me no end.

    Happy New Year !!!!!


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    I hope u all had a good xmas this was one of the hardest ones this year but i got though it thanks to my friends and family. I can see i need to change a few things this year but b4 that i need to change inside Happy new year to one and all and good night XxX
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    Hi all

    Was damn bloody tough and I cracked new years eve and still broken but new year new start and all that stuff.

    I'm here to tell the tale - must be okay :P

    melbi x

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    Hi ja

    Glad you got through Christmas and the new year ok. Let's hope the positives outweigh the negatives for us all in 2009.

    As for me, after the worst, the crappiest year of my life, when I've more than once seriously questioned the point in going on, I'm happy to say that I had a decent Christmas and a good time over the new year. Dare I say I'm optimistic about 2009?

    Well maybe just a little. :wink:

    Good luck, health and happiness to us all in 2009.

    Take care all.

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