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Chronic Hip Flexor Pain

I had a sever hip flexor tear 2 years ago (mis-diagnosed by a physio as a minor sprain). It took around 10 months to fully heal, as I was still walking around during the day, and whilst I now feel I didn't look after it properly, at the time I was fed up of not being able to participate in sporting activities.

Now, 2 years on, I am still struggling with hip flexor pain, which leaves me unable to climb stairs and lift my lef pain free, as well as finding driving/walking/bending an issue. Has anyone else had a lasting effect from a hip injury? Are there any hip braces available I can use? 

I am getting more and more fed up with being worried about participating in activities that may aggravate my pain, but I'm hesitant to go back to the Drs years on!

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  • paul45653 missolympic

    Right hip joint pain took me off the tennis court last november. After misdiagnosis as sciatica, finally got a referal to Orthopedic surgeon. He sees bone on bone, cartlidge gone. Going in for cortisone injection today. I am suffering many of the same problems as you, and am trying to avoid a hip replacement as the surgery presents risks with my other problems (triple bypass 6 years ago, Chronic kidney disease etc).

    I have to use a cane all the time now. Some kind of brace would be interesting although I cant see how it would work.



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