Chronic pancreatits

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Hi everyone. New to this. I need some advise please.

I have been having really bad abdominal pain just under my left rib, the pain is always there, its like a dull drilling pain but sometimes can be very painful. I take co-codamol to deal with the pain in a daily basis.

I am a drinker, on average 8/10 cans of beer a night which I know will not help but unfortunately I cannot stop.

The pain is must worse after eating so i have a little meal, sometimes nothing because of the pain it causes.

I go to the toliet around 5/6 times a day (sometimes more) and my stool is just like oil and smells so bad.

I have been to the doctors several times and they put it down to gastritis. I have no quality of life and I'm in constant pain, I really do feel like ending it.

Anyone have advise on what it may be or what can help? I have googled most of my symptoms and it says chronic pancreatitis but the doctors have taken bloods etc and have not said anything, I have been referred to a gastranologist for further test but I'm not sure if they specialise in pancreatitis?

Thanks in advance.

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    It does sound like chronic pancreatitis gill.  Push for an early appointment with the gastroenterologist who will hopefully perform more defining tests like a CT and ERCP.  If the doc isn't a pancreas specialist try to find one who is.

    The thing is gill, you've kind of said you're going to continue drinking 8-10 cans of beer a night.   Bear in mind that even if you find the best pancreas specialist on the planet they can't perform miracles and they prefer to deal with motivated patients who strive to get well and aim for the best life they can. If you don't change your lifestyle the best doc's in the world can't help you, and perhaps won't want to.

    The only way that can happen is if you cut out the alcohol, sorry.  Take steps to stop, get professional help if necessary but stop.  

    It also sounds like you have Steatorrhea which means you're probably not getting the nutrients you require from what food you do eat.  That leads to malnutrition which in turn leads to other deficiencies and therefore more health problems.  Ask for a nutrient level test.

    Chronic Pancreatitis is progressive, it can be very painful, it can mess with your life and it can result in complications that require surgery.  It can also be managed so life is ok most of the time.  It requires effort on your part gill, no-one can force you of course, you're the captain of your own ship. Have a big think before you see the gastro guy so you can have an honest conversation with him.  Good luck.

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    Sorry to say if your not willing or able to stop drinking your in for a long painful life it you have pancreatitis.  There’s not a Dr out there or anyone on this site who will be able to help you. Drinking and smoking are a deadly combination of you truly have pancreatitis.  

    Wishing you the best of luck.  

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    Sorry guys, I should have mentioned that I am actually seeking help for my alcoholism, I am currently awaiting a home detox so I am doing everything possible to address that problem, it just takes time as I cannot afford a private one
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      Not really, the pain is always there. Its like a dull drilling pain but it does feel like it's getting worse as the pain is quite severe where I can barley stand.

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    Glad to hear it gill.  I'm no expert having never consumed alcohol in my life however I've learned a bit about how humans tick.  It's said that changing routines can help dilute habits.  I smoked cigarettes and found that when I changed when I smoked, when I was on the phone, or with my morning coffee for instance I was able to break those habits over time.  I would only talk on the phone inside rather than going outside with a cig and then extended the time before my first cig.  I don't know what would work for you, going for an evening walk, whatever, but you might come up with something whilst you wait for treatment.

    You also need to look at your diet.  If you do have chronic pancreatitis you're unable to digest food properly and won't cope with large meals.  It's best to eat 4 or 6 small meals rather than 3 large ones.  You need to adopt a low fat diet too that's absolutely essential.  It isn't difficult actually.  You should find your stools settle down a bit or a lot.  Your doc will probably prescribe digestive enzymes to take immediately prior to eating which will help digestion.  Make sure you drink enough water too.

    If you need advice about anything keep us posted.  We aren't doctor's but we do have pancreatitis in all it's forms here so someone will be able to help.  Support is important.


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    i am sorry but if you can't stop drinking then. You don't have the right to moan!  Yes you have got the classical signs of chronic pancreatitis,  the greasy stools, smell and the pain.  Your life is in your hands, only YOU can decide how your life pans out!  there are babies,children of all ages, and adults that suffer all kind of ailments Cancers, Strokes,Road accidents, Born with disabilities,  so if you can't change!  To better your health, then put up! And shut up!  Yes I may come across hard.  But when you suffer this sort of illness for years, and had the whippel procedure, and it failed, and still having to put up with pain on a daily basis, through no fault of your own,  it makes me angry when someone like you who have the power to change your life styl, then you get no sympathy from me, 

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      Well I'll think you will find it's an addiction, it's not as easy as that so yes you don't have the right to moan, it's just pure ignorance of what addiction is! You can't just stop!

      I'm sorry to here you have had to suffer as well but as I said it's ADDICTION. I would also like to point out my reply to someone before, I am doing my best to stop drinking however its a long prosess and it's a easy as people like you think, I cannot just STOP! Next time please keep your oppions to your self and actually read up on what addiction is like!

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      Harsh Pippa, and ignorant of the fact that alcoholism is a disease. 

      I've commented previously about how I've never consumed alcohol and always eaten low fat yet despite that I have Chronic Pancreatitis.  One of the ways I've coped is to accept the diagnosis and do my best to deal.  It is what it is and bitterness about it would probably have seen me spiral into an abyss of depression, unable to manage my CP day to day.

      My partner was an alcoholic, he was very wealthy and surrounded by enablers.  If he had been poor he'd have been jobless and homeless. He had a serious addiction, realised it, did rehab a couple of times a year but never stopped drinking massive amounts daily.  He functioned well until he hit the 4th bottle of wine and 6th can of beer but he never stopped there, that amount was just his tipping point, daily.  He could afford people to run his companies and his life.  He was intelligent, kind, generous but could also be a horrible drunk who was difficult to live with. I'd move to another of our properties when he was spiralling. Threatening, cajoling, begging, ultimatums, don't work btw, ever.

      He had constant medical supervision and he was frustrated that his lifestyle wasn't reflected in his health reports.  His body worked better than most his age, except for his brain.  Short term memory/personality issues were obvious to those close to him.  How ironic that I'm the one who ended up with CP.  He was miserable and eventually took his life. 

      Alcoholism is a horrible disease, one which responds to compassion better than abuse.  It requires enormous effort to manage as well as both professional and personal support. 

      Sorry if this vent upsets anyone, it's not my intention at all.  I believe it's better to say nothing than to project your own bitter frustrations onto someone who is making an effort Pippa (and those who agree with her response). 


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      Saddened to read your story but thanks for your courageousness in telling it and for all the helpful advice you impart on this forum,

      I wish you well.

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