Chronically ill for 3 years no answers help??

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Hello, i am a 18 year old male who is constantly dealing with fatigue and weakness so badly that it has led to my complete withdrawl from society. Ociassionaly i get hot flushes

(every 3-4 months) that also comes with a feeling of pleasure/calmness that feels really nice. I have had all basic blood tests done (no hormonal ones) and they all have came back fine. When the hot flashes occur it feels

like something is getting released/ happening in my body's systems that is causing this and the intese pleasure to happen(tingling like feeling in head and butterflys in stomach).

 I always have aching thigh muscles that when used feel like they are taxing my system too much causing my heart to pound/flutter and make me out of breath on minimal exertion.

 I also have severe anhedonia/ apathy that has caused me to be lifeless and not enjoy anything i do (the only break i get from this is when i get the hot flashes). 

After the blood tests came back fine the doctor sent me to a psychiatrist who i had been under for over a year, intially i was fine with this as i thought i must have some sort of physical depression causing the anhedonia and my physical symptoms. However, it didn't take long

for me to reliase that i didn't have depression, as the symptoms i have didn't match any diagnosis of depression (only one symptom which was the anhedonia did). I also didn't feel sad which

i know isn't always present in depression but would have put me in a very small population of people who have depression but who are not sad. Never the less, i went on multiple antidepressants

such as: amitriptyline, prozac, sertraline, quetiapine and an anti convulsant with depression allievating properties. i was on each medication for atleast 6 weeks but none of them did

anything, which now doesn't suprise me, but back then i was thinking that the antidepressants could stop my fatigue, thigh pain and exercise intolerance. But i now know depression can't

really cause things like breathlessness and thigh pain/fatigued so an antidepressant wouldn't be much help. i also went through therapy, but i also didn't get a response. The main symptoms

i exerperience are very physical in nature and therefore i believe i am dealing with a physical condition.

I think i should also mention that i sleep for very long periods at night even though i spend most days not doing much. On average i spend about 10 hours a night sleeping. 10 hours

is well above the average amount of time of 7-8 hours, given that i do very little in the day this is clearly not a normal amount of sleep for me. Thinking back, i actually slept

less during my peak of puberty (7-8 hours) and was able to get up and go to school fine. Also if i were to get up after only 7-9 hours of sleep the pain in my thighs would be very

severe and also i would get heart palpitations on the smallest exertion. This causes me to feel extremlly weak and i simply just cannot function (i feel like i am about to faint). If 

you recognise any of my symtoms or think you know what might be causing this please inform me as my life is quickly slipping away from my grasp. 

Thank you for reading.

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    I am not sure which Board you posted to but I only belong to the Hyperthyroid Boards as far as I know.  It is really easy to find out through blood tests whether you are hyperthyroid.  Ask your doc to run them.  If you are not hyperthyroid, I would ask your doc to check your adrenal function and your male hormones.
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      Thank you for the reply it's always good to hear others perspective. I am going to get a thyroid blood test tomorrow so hopefully something will show on that if it is hyperthyroidism, if not, then i will ask the doctor to refer me to an endocriologist to make sure my hormones are all normal.  Low testosterone could be the problem as i do experience almost all of the symtoms e.g. low libido, muscle aches, erectile dysfunction and brain fog. Also sorry if i posted this in the wrong section just wasn't sure where i should post.
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    I'm 19 and female and I think your in a sinilar situation to me. I have felt really ill for a bout a year and a half, and have gotten no where with a diagnosis. I've had a lot of your symptms and have susupected hyperthyroid for a while. I, like you am hoping to get the tests done this week and hopefully this will give me the answers i need. Lets just hope we get this sorted out, i'm sick an tired of feeling so ill and like i cant function properly.

    Best of luck and let me know how it goes, smile

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      its good to hear from someone around my age who is going through simliar issues, as It's easy to  feel like you're the only one going through this type of thing whilst other people are getting on with their lives. I will make sure to keep this post updated in the following days with my results. Feel free to post your results to me as it would be interesting finding out what is causing your symptoms.

      Best of luck to you to in finding what is wrong smile

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    Hello Patrick, so sorry to hear of the difficulties you are experiencing.  I presume your thyroid tests came back 'normal'.  I recently heard of low testesterone levels casuing all kinds of pseudo-depressive features, you could maybe ask them to test that.  Also, you could try stopping eating gluten and lactose as it may be you have an intolerance and your body is struggling to cope with it.  My friend had an undiagnosed lactose tolerance for years which led to palpitations, fatigue, breathlessness.  Now he drinks lactose free milk he is loads better.  The medical profession does not always consider food allergies but I think it would definitely be worth experimenting with cutting out bread pasta and milk.  

    I wish you well.

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