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Hiya guys.

My doctor has suggested I increase my dose of citalopram from 10mg to 20mg starting tomorrow morning. I have been on the 10mg for 23 days.  I got put on it because I had anxiety. She suggested I up the dose because I had a really low day yesterday and she was concerned. 

What I am asking is if anyone else has increased their dose after two weeks and if it's a smooth transition as it's already in my system. 

I did have a few positive days last week too.

I know everybody reacts differently but I really need reassurance. 

Also had anyone found success with hypnosis and meditation whilst on medication??

Please someone reply to me. I'm desperate xx

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    Hi Rox, I know the feeling of desperation and need for reassurance, your not alone.

    Its not that unusual to up the dose after 3 weeks, your Dr obviously feels it's in your best interest to increase the dose and feels you need too so I wouldn't worry about it, the cit is in your system now yet you may experience side effects but they shouldn't last long maybe a few days, if however you struggle you might want to increase to 15mg for a week then up to 20mg after that but a quick call with your Dr would be advisable just to get the ok.

    You mention you've had a couple of positive days which is a great sign that the medication is doing its job, hopefully you will experience more.

    Ive done both self hypnosis and meditation which you can do whilst on medication, it is very effective and hypnosis is very similar to meditation just different methods of approach, it's very relaxing and worth the practice so I'd say go ahead.

    I hope I've helped you a little, your doing everything right Rox and you will get better.


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      Thank you. You have helped.

      It helps to have the reassurance. I'm so desperate right now. I was so shocked to feel this low as like I said I was only put on them for anxiety.  So that's hard to deal with. 

      Also we've had a family tradegy on Monday so that's set me back. 

      But Obviously there's no avoiding this.  Can you suggest some really good and effective meditation or self hypnosis?

      I did one last night which is designed to help you while you sleep and I did one this morning before I got out of bed and took my tablet. I am going to repeat this everyday. 

      Also do you have any tips for when you have a really bad day? Any way to pull yourself up and do something? 

      the side effects I suffered were drowsiness, nausea, heightened anxiety, detachment from reality and obviously feeling very low. 


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    Hi Rox, the first couple of months will have better days than others. There will possibly be blip days. Please do other things to help your mental health like mediation, exercise and healthy eating as well  as trying to get regular sleep. You will feel better it just takes a little time.
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      I have been practising guided meditation and sleep hypnosis. I woke up feeling a little better today but I don't want to tempt fate. 

      Do you think that the increased dose will help? 

      Can you suggest any effective meditations? 

      And when I have theses blip days. What can I do to drag myself out of the hole? 

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    I was on 10mg for 2 weeks then upped to 20mg after that and ive been on 20mg for just under 3 weeks now. On the 10mg i had terrible side effects, my anxiety got worse and i was throwing up constantly and couldnt eat anything. It started getting better after 2 weeks and i was nervous to up my dose in case i got these side effects again but i havent im just exhausted now and finding it hard to stay asleep but thats all. Im a lot better than i was when i was on the first 2 weeks taking them but not 100% yet keep having blips where i feel hopeless and like im never going to get better but im finding it easier to push those thoughts aside! 

    Hope your ok!


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      The days that i feel hopeless i think back to 4 weeks ago and what i was like and what i am like now and how far ive come. I also try to think about all the things in the past that i never thought id get through but i have even tiny things like breakups that at the time i thought id never move on from but i did and this too will pass, nothing lasts forever. Also helps to read success stories, there is a lot on a post here called 'anyone NOT had any side effects from taking citalopram' 


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    you may feel a slight increase in side effects but don't panic. I started straight on 20mg. Good luck Mark

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      Thank you..Were you taking yours for anxiety or depression? Or both? I was prescribed mine for anxiety but I feel they have made me really low. Is this normal? 

      Can taking them make you depressed? Or is it likely that I was slightly depressed before but didn't realise? 

      Seems strange that an anti depressant can make you feel that bad. 

      I have been for hypnotherapy three times and she's suggesting that I'm more depressed than anxious but I was happy before this anxiety started 4 weeks ago before I went on holiday. 

      People keep suggesting cbt to find a possible trigger but how can you find one when you have no idea?

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    Ok so you possibly will feel worse before you feel better.  Citalopram slows doen the natural production of serotonin in the brain for the first few weeks which makes you feel more anxious and depressed. Eventually the brain rectifies this and you get back to balance.  I used to take Prozac for depression but my symptoms now are just anxiety hence taking CIT.  there will be bumps along the way but after about 6 weeks you will start to see the benefits and start enjoying life again. It is the worst illness and it tries to trun everything into a negative. BUT this is just the illness, not you. Stick with it and try to do small things that make you feel good and then congratulate yourself for doing those. It is a fairly long road but you will get through this. Take care. Mark
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