Citalopram and Alcohol

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My doctor has taking me off mirtazapine and given me citalopram. I was taking mirtazapine for about 3 months but they didn't seem to be making any difference in the way I am feeling and I like many people put on alot of weight.

I have been told to take one in the mornings so will start tomorrow morning.

Just wanted to ask about drinking when on these? Like mirtazapine the instructions say not to drink alcohol with them but can I still?

Why should'nt I drink? Is it really bad if I do drink?

I really feel that if these don't work that I have come to the end of fighting this, this will be thr 3rd drug now. The feels of suicidal are just overtaking my life and I really can't deal with it for much longer.

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    Hi, see previous thread below (CITALOPRAM & ALCOHOL).

    I be a drinker. Mostly its been ok, have had some major memory loss. This is a side effect of meds anyway but if you get pissed it really kicks in - be warned! I used to be a good drunk, then one day after a few weeks on these meds and a few bevvys I woke up thinkin \"WTF happened yesterday!\". These kinda thoughts only make ur head more stressed.

    I comin of da meds now, but not the drink works much better for me ;-)

    Seriously tho, if ya thinkin bad don't av a drink. If u feelin ok then av a couple n take it easy.

    TC, adsee

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    Hi Lou360

    I was on Citalopram for about a year. I like a few beers and a brandy or two. I found that drinking alcohol whilst on Cit was fine on the whole in that there were no noteable side effects - except that you feel the effects of the alcohol with less of it - i.e, you get pi...d on less beer than normal. Just bear that in mind before you go getting yourself totally leathered. If you like a beer and it makes you feel chilled and happy, then what's the harm?

    The other thing to bear in mind though is this:- I found (and it seems others have too) that Citalopram made me put on weight. We all know that beer does the old waistline no favours at the best of times - especially if, like me, you are into real ales (generally higher in unfermented sugar). So over the past year, I have put on a stone and a half with no real change in my general life style and eating/drinking habits. Oh well.......

    I have been off Cit since just before Christmas and I have had some unpleasant side effects - mainly vertigo (dizziness & loss of balance). It got so bad that I ended up off work for 10 weeks (doctors orders). I am going back to work in a weeks time though. I am not totally better but I can't sit around wasting my life away any longer while doctors sneer down their noses at me like I'm some sort of attention seeking saddo with nothing better to do. I have applied to become a member of this forum and once I am \"in\" I shall share my experiences on this with others on here. I am seeking many answers to the mysteries of this drug myself.

    In summary Lou, if you want a few beers, then have them. They are unlikely to cause you much problem. Just go easy until you suss out your new (lower) limit. Don't fret too much about being on Cit. It sorted me out - though it did take several months and didn't have much effect for at least the first month or so. Be patient and try to chill. Be prepared to put on some weight (you can always lose it again later eh?) and just accept it. Also, be prepared for some bizzare (but manageable) side effects when you come off it when you are feeling better. I am just learning that these side effects often take many weeks, sometimes months to subside - contrary to what my doctor claimed (\"[b:fea5fea14d][i:fea5fea14d]2 weeks and it's out of your system, so it's not that that's making you dizzy[/i:fea5fea14d].[/b:fea5fea14d]\"wink.

    Take care and speak to you again soon.


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    I don't know if citalopram n alcohol go together. I'm finding out as I type. You may be like me that I'm just so low you give something a go, it doesn't work so what the heck, lets have a drink cos it tastes nice. Trouble is having that one too many. I've banned myself from buying any whisky cos it really wasn't a good idea and I felt so rough afterwards. I so try to keep busy but you run out of steam in the end. Try to spread the drink so that if it starts to work you've had less. I know it helps at the time but my sensible head says it's not the answer. Then my sad head says what the heck. Your decision which to go for. I just wish I could take complete ownership of my life. I've let other people take me over. Hmm I think I've just hit on something there. What do you think?

    Take Care

    Love Funnygirl xxx

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    hiya folks :cheerup:

    i wont bang on, but booze WILL only complicate matters and make things WORSE, it's a FACT alcohol IS a DEPRESSANT in itself in any quantity of more than a couple of pints, trust me, i've been there, done that etc etc :shock:

    in the idealworld you should not mix the two but this is the real world so alcohol in-take whilst taking medication of this nature should be kept to a minimum, after all we all react to alcohol in very different ways, 'suck it and see' (or drink it lol :cheers: ) but be honest with yourself, DONT over do it :ok: :mrgreen:


    Ken ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :cheers: :rainbow:

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    Hi guys, just dont drink on it, it aint worth it!!!! believe me, I know.

    Okay, I have a drink problem, I know and I am very aware of it. I was at my docs yesterday, and to be very honest , I got too upset..cant remebr how I left. Anyway, Ive been on citalopram a while, though do realise that Ive been drinking since I left home. ( Not al the time- thankfulyy and usually only like to have a few in the evening)

    I write here as some of you , if you are anything like me , are probably just very sensitive, and dont want to hurt others, so dont speak out until its too late,,,,,thats when things all go wrong. With hurt and anger , perhaps you drink, perhaps you dont. And then of course there is that inevitable point when something good happens and you want to celebrate.

    Okay. lost the lot a bit. I guess I am feeling really lonely and my nose looks huge today....dont know whats happening to me. I dont know what to do right now, I am thinking get in touch with aa...Im desperate. I dont want to loose my children. I am really close to them and we have lots of fun....I dont think wine is worth tht loss!!!!!!! But I am terrified of how I wil cope without it. Lack of sleep , monay cow and all the rest and some.

    I could go on, but loosing my concentration. yeah, i am ready for the help now. I cant think of anymore reason. Though think I may have to get locked away for a while...dont know how I am going to do it.

    Thats the other thing that flashed through my head....In a domestic ( and so forth) and my mother claining my dad used to beat her and so forth. As theyre children, I dont want to believe this...then dad saying mum had an affair .....etc and its never gone away. The memories of them , throwing things and yeling and shouting and pointing knives ateach other...welll they are no fun. Then the time when mum tried to run over dad ( we were in the car) Parents....I now ,as I cant cope with life, end up having a few glasses of wine, ,,,which then increases in volume overtime, and thats when more abhorent things happen. Ive had enough...I need the clarity. I cant go wrong. if I get the help now, can I? My children are the best thing thats thats.

    Hmmm, Psychochief....went to the doctor about my nose too ( forgot to ask about the bruise on my leg) But wondering what this is...My throat gone really itchy and sore now, and .....Oh Ill quit with the moaning..Give it time. I am scared to go back to my doctors now too. I dont know what this is, as in the waiting room I always get so uptight,and think why am I here 9because I am a waister?) and these people are much iller than me, and I am my own worst enemy and I deserve to be punsihed and so on. Anyway, must go do some housework. Hope everyone ok, and if anyone is like me, Ill be here to talk, could do with the company too. take care.

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    Danny and all of us sufferers

    I have booze now and again but this Saturday felt ok to arrange a girly night out which I have not done for probably five years (have gone out just not a girly night) I am obviously nervous already ..I think that is what it is we feel as if we are not good enough but we are ....any advice for my night out and not getting toooo drunk ?

    Andy K xxx

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