Citalopram, Eneryg and Sleep.

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Hello there,

I started Citalopram 10mg 12 days ago. Prescribed due to work related stress and depression. At first the Dr told me it would help me sleep, as well as kick starting my mood. I am starting to feel a little better, but my interest in running has yet to return. Along with my lack in exercise, I'm not sleeping, often awake at 1, 2, 3 am on the dot, then I lie awake till morning.

Dr said he would now give sleeping pills too, but I turned them down. 2 nights ago I took an over the counter remedy to help me sleep. It worked, but it zonked me out for the day after.

I just want to get back to the things I love. Like running, but now I'm scared and fearful of doing something I previously loved.

To top everything off, I now feel like I have an infection in my chest. Very frustrating, and getting me down.

Any advice, or words of encouragement?

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    Lol. Sorry I don't mean to laugh. But I experienced the exact same thing. It's very frustrating I know. I've been on cit 20 mg for 12 weeks now. wasn't able to work out or go to work for the first 40 days. Hang in there it gets better. I'm able to go for a jog no problem now. I thought I was goin crazy. This med will talk to ya. I also was awaken every night. But mine was 4 am lol. That feeling in your chest will go away too. had the same thing.

    work related stress also.

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    As I say to many other new forum-ers "Welcome to the club!"

    Well, if you check back the extensive archive of my posts and discusisons you may (or may) realise certain similarities early in mine too.

    Briefly (and I know a lot will nod off here - so, to those I say "go make a cuppa!" return in a while), I was diagnosed with WRS myself back in late October, but I plodded on and by middle of November I found myself in a dark place on the edge of some abyss, I was smoking, also smoking a little "herbal!" now and again and drinking to basically, get from one day to the next in providing a community service with virtually no back up. I had just started a relationship and with her love, help and the Doctor (who just happens to know a lot about "sticking plasters for the brain" fortunately) I finally accepted I needed help.

    I started on 10mg beginning of December and it increased 10mg roughly each month until I levelled on 40mg - where I am now. Over six months down the road things are improving, but I had to let it happen. I had to put up with quite a few side effects. I have to say here that not everyone gets all side effects and not at the same levels of intensity either. I experienced increased anxiety (when I didn't think I had any, but was reassured here (and by my Doc) that Cita causes anxiety before it can treat it as part of the overall healing process), I felt a little nausea, freakiness, spaced out (by Cita), shortness of breath, multiple vivid dreams (which made me very tired and down so, on the suggestion of a good soul here I started taking mine at bed time and it works! (for me)). I suffered for a period with paranoia over the slightest ache, pain or feeling which my Doctor sorted by sending me for a male MoT and that seemed to do the trick (after a while). There were other side effects, but I won't go on.

    As you can see with Gary's comments (and you will with others) you ain't alone and this is the best place to be.

    Before taking over the counter remidies you should always seek medical advice, if say (and we have to be careful here!), you are not sure about things, you can always post a question here and get some wonderful help through first hand experiences. I can assure you the advice (which is monitored), is very good.

    Trust me, you will soon be joining in and realise you are not alone where ever you are in the UK (I have to add here that other countries are available! Lol!). Seriously though, we are a global forum.

    Your journey has just begun, it may or may not be a roller coaster of a ride (mine was), you may or may not experience all the side effects, your recovery may or may not take time. All you have to, try to, do (and sometimes it ain't easy) is just go with the flow. Let's face it, it would be great if we could sit in the front car, wearing flying goggles and totally enjoy the ride, but with the ups, there are downs and you just have to try to focus on the positives, accept the negatives as part of the recovery and look straight ahead.

    You are already in the self help section of your recovery and here is the best place to be!

    I used to play a lot of sports especially, rugger, badders and do a lot of running until I was diagnosed with ostea-arthritis in the knees and my (previous) Doctor banned me for life! So, when I hear someone ain't running because they can't, I do feel for them. I do seriously miss being not able to just get out there get some cardio-vascular going, run off the fat and some of me worries! I do hope you feel up to it soon.

    A couple of final things (funny, I thought I could hear cheering?!) In the early days when everything was upside down, I did manage to decide to look at the positive and accept the negatives. I realsied I could not do much about helping myself without a lifestyle change, healthier eating, stopped smoking, cut down on my drinking, so much so, some pubs have had to close (actually one is a very nice Thai restaurant (other restaurants are available!!) which has certainly helped. The main thing though, I have, just last week, removed myself from that which made me ill and I sign off from my employ this very morning! With work related stress you cannot, continue in the same environment that has made you ill! Sorry, it has to be said! I am doing other things that interest me, I am doing these things for me, my partner, my daughters and Family. I am doing this for a better me for a better future. No longer to be a slave to this lost and corrupt system!

    Man! that was GOOD! You see, answering posts is a kind of self help!

    Welcome again and goodbye for just now! (could swear I just heard a fanfare!)

    Chin up!


    I hope that helps you (as it does me). You'll see, one day you'll be giving words of encouragement too, believe me.

    In the meantime


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    Keep the faith, it takes time on Cit for the improvements to happen. It is a very gradual process until one day you realise life is back to normal. Your sleep pattern will return and in my case I found a new lease of life, trying new things including new forms of exercise. It just takes patience and time. Good luck
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    Hi guys, thanks for your posts. I'm taking my first steps to getting better. Seems here is a good place for support. I have been checking in most nights and reading as much as possible. 

    The first week on cit I suffered massively from a multitude of side effects. Thankfully most have calmed down now. I know I need to give the pils time to work, and that I will. I am feeling a little less down already (I've been on them 12 days). Dr has me referred for therapy. These are the easy bits. Dealing with the WRS and the route causes of my depression will be the harder bit. Hopefully I can get back into a fitness regime soon, as I've been loosing my self esteem and confidence since I stopped running and cycling.

    again, thanks for your comments. Onwards and hopefully upwards. 

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    Just counted the empty blisters on my med pac and realised I've somehow missed a dose. No idea when that happened. I guess I've been a little messed up both before starting them and with the side effects. Any tips on techniques to ensure adherence? I guess a missed dose isn't horrendous though.
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    I missed a dose once in the last 6 months, infact to be honest I ran out over a weekend and didn't have any more until the Monday - not nice. Hopefully one dose has not been to horrible, but if you have felt worse, hightened anxiety etc., etc., then this may explain why.

    When do you take yours? Is there something you do as a matter of routine around that time, if so incorporate the routine as a reminder to take yer tablets.

    I take mine before bed so, I have mine in the bath room cabinet in an old cup with me toothbrush! I have a strict routine every night that my dentist has given me as I have poor teeth so that helps me.

    Whatever time you take it and whatever part of a routine it may take you have to consider is it safe to leave them there! I have a 12 year old daughter who is sensible etc., but I take no risks.

    You could always pur a notice on yer bedroom door saying "Forgotten something?" that is unlike me you'll remember what that "something" is!!!

    I had a problem getting dressed many years ago and had a sign opposite the bed "trousers first, then shoes!"

    Hope this helps and have a good one!



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      Thanks David. Your reply made me chuckle. It's been a while since I felt a spontaneous laugh. I wasn't laughing at your adversity, but at the humour whith which you told your 'Trowsers First' story. You know it makes me realise that a negative can be turned into a positive. That's a big step for me this morning.

      I take my pill at night, just before bed. I stupidly thought just counting the empty blisters would keep me on track. I was not implementing a longer term solution as I guess I anticipated I'd get a whole lot better, and then be able to come off the pills as quick as I started them. I'm beginning to realise now it's likely to be a somewhat longer term than just the initial 4 weeks. I guess I was kidding myself.

      I think it's likely Saturday I missed it. I had a good day on Saturday, then I was much lower again on Sunday and Monday. At the time I put it down to Saturday just being a better day.

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