Citalopram increase. I need positivity

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So here I am once again posting. Sorry.

So I'll explain from the beginning. I've always had anxiety but was able to push it aside most of the time. Then this year in March all of a sudden I kept waking with this crazy anxious nervous feeling and it got worse and worse where I couldn't even eat and I was throwing up and couldn't sleep. I thought I was dying, I went to the emergency room twice and they said I was perfectly healthy. I didn't understand. So I went to the clinic where the doctor said I have horrible anxiety and prescribed me 10mg of citalopram to take for 2 weeks and then go up to 20mg. Til I got my family doctor in June. So I can't remember how long exactly but it was beginning of April I started on 10mg. And then two weeks later 20mg. By end of may I felt back to myself, actually I felt better than my old self. I was able to go out and wanted to go out. I didn't have anxious thoughts or fears and I was sleeping well and I felt amazing. Then end of August anxiety came back soooo bad again. I waited weeks thinking it would pass and then finally saw my doc Sept 19 and told her how back it was. She upped me to 30mg and after 6 weeks I was still not doing great at all. So almost two weeks ago she increased me to 40mg. She said she normally goes from 20mg to 40mg and doesn't usually give the 30mg. And since my anxiety is chronic usually need the higher dose to help. Thursday will be two weeks on 40mg. I find sleep has gotten better, my nausea has gotten better where I can finally eat later in the day and evening and evenings I feel usually better and calmer. But I wake super anxious and scared and it's sets my day thinking I'll always feel like this and like it won't go away this time. I have so much fear. I'm afraid I'll faint, I get tired and get Panicky and think it's a fainty feeling and I am so scared of it. I want to just have positivity and know, since some things like sleep and appetite seems to have improved somewhat that the meds are slowly helping and the anxiety will go away slowly and I'll have better times more and more? So sick of being afraid and so sick of feeling this way. I'm on a wait list for therapy. 4-8 weeks. Hoping it's less than 4 weeks. I can't wait to start it to Hopefully get back to myself but in the meantime I am hoping and wishing so bad that the meds help like they really helped back in June and July etc.

Please give me positivity.

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    You need to stick with your medications and attend CBT, with a CPN when your treatment starts. I do not know how you are takeing the meds, they will consist of 20mgx2 or 10mg x4, even.

    If yu are taking all the medications in the morning you may have a very tired day.and broken sleep at night. Smetimes at 40mg if your GP has given you 10mg tablets and 20mg tablets it can be possible to change dose and frequency. So you would or could take 30mg about 30mins before bed and 10mg at lunch time or evening meal, that will help you relax more in the evening/night and be more bright during the day at work.

    If you are taking 20mgx2 you can take the tablets during different perids during the day, say 20mgx1 thirty mins before bed and the other 20mg mid afternoon with your dinner.

    I take my 20mg half an hour before bed and that makes me sleep. The idea is to be wide eyed and bushy tailed during the work period and relax more in the evening then bed, The drugs are working over the long term the differene is you have better concentration at work. When you start to reduce the dose you would reduce the day dose first, first tablet then go take the next reduction before bed, this will balance out in a way that will help you remain alert during the day.

    I utilize all my medications this way, although in my case I take a real cocktail of drugs for pain control, I was given instrution in my case by a Pain Clinic, a slightly different situation than above and it seems to keep me alert during the day. It is just balancing the dose.

    I take 20mg of Citalpram and 75mg of Amytryptalene, I take them all before bed with half f my daily Opiate in morning and before bed, if I need more pain medications I take those at lunchtime and dinnertime. Whatever you do it is to maximise your day so you can concentrate

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      I will be starting CBT when I get a call from the therapist, 4-8 week wait I am told.

      Sorry what does CPN mean?

      I take 4 pills of 10mg. My doctor told me to take them all at the same time in the morning, I've been taking them in the morning since I started on them back in April.

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      In the UK it stands for Community Phyc Nurse.

      If He has suggested that fair enough. I had the choice and my GP suggested to split the dose as if I took then all in the morning the side effects would be more pronounced during the day. You sleep at night so the side effects are less.

      Personally I always bend to the GP He is the one with all the qualifications. My situation is different than most here as I balance my drugs to give me 24 hour coverage and manage the drugs to give cover My way for me effects dosage as well so I take as lean as possible for my Oiates and associated medications. I have to minimise the dose every day, with the exeption of my ADs

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      Depending on your ondition to feel tired is quit normal I have the same problem and I also have problems with my immune system, it attacks my body and that can really knock me sideways.

      I just have to keep fighting it, this place keeps me active.


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      Sometimes this can be a problem. I take 20mg and take this medication before bed. Try that at least you will get a good nights sleep.

      If this is a problem split the times you take the drug two 20mg doses one at night and the other at lunch time or Teabreak, You should feel better that way during the day

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    Have you always had dizziness when you are anxious. I get dizzy and think I may pass out. It really freaks me out.

    I m down to 20 as 40 felt too high. I felt better this morning but feel dizzy again tonight.

    Like you I am scared I will never be myself again. I have a 9 month old son and this is so scary.

    Do you work ?

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