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Hi people,

Wow this site has given me a lot of differnet insights.

Ive actually been very depressed for what i now realise has been quite a few months. My partner and i discussed it but i chose to keep it bottled up. I now realise that the Depression hasn't ruined my life the bottling it up has. Over the last month Ive split up with my partner and had to move in with the folks. My kids are upset which obviously makes me more upset.

We had a business that was doing badly and if im being honest I think this was the source of my initial problems. My inabillity to get help caused the relationship breakup and the relationship break up has made my depression worse.

So with the help of my x-partner ive been to see the doctor and he prescibed 20mg Citalopram. I found it difficult to talk to him... or anyone and seemed to find having depression a little embarssing. Im only a few days into the course but im starting to feel really irratable... and a little angry... feelings I dont normally have.

So basically, the shop has closed so this stress should have been removed, my partner or x still seems ok so there could be a chance of getting back together if she see's im getting back to normal and my time with the kids is already more important than it was when i was at my worste.... so do i need to go through the course of tablets?

Are the plusses going to be there for the tablets to get me through the feelings im having now when you off set them against the problems coming off it? Will I ever come off it? Will the doses just seem to always need to be increased?

I want to be right which I know im not and haven't been but im worried about where my life goes Citalopram wise from here on! And does it lead to a medicine cabinet full of drugs?

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    Unhappy Chappy. A temporary pseudonym, I hope. Hello and welcome to the forum.

    Will Citalopram help? I have suffered with depression for more than 40 years. Citalopram was the drug which finally broke the chemical imbalance for me, but different drugs affect people in different ways. It may help, it may cause side effects; it is important (and difficult) to try and separate side effects from depression itself. I tried Efexor before Citalopram, and I suddenly had involuntary muscle spasms, falling sideways, head sweats, shaking hands .... Since I had not experienced these before, they were considered side effects, and in fact all of them went after I changed to Citalopram.

    Like you, my inertia at accepting the fact that I suffered with something which I could not get over without help, actually prolonged the problem. By years. So you have made the first and hardest step in the right direction.

    I have been self-employed most of my life. I wonder, when you say your business was doing badly, if it was the depression which broke the business rather than the business failure which pushed the depression deeper. And losing a business does not cause depression to stop with the turn of a key for the last time. You will continue to call yourself a failure until you reralise that you are a survivor, that you have turned the corner and can start again, and that this situation has a positive side, which is that it caused you and your partner to separate and thereby give you both some free time to reestablish priorities. If you can get back together, great. If not, great. Try to stay friends, but don't forget that you have achieved something here. You are no longer both in a relationship spiralling downwards towards hatred.

    My advice to you is: forget about feeling embarrassed about depression. Everyone has off days, we just have more of them until we address the Seratonin imbalance, which you now have done. Feeling irritable and angry are symptoms common in this istuation. Learn to give yourself a break. OK, what's done is done. What's lost, count as lost. Get on with it.

    Citalopram is an SSRI: A Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitor. It is used to address an imbalance of the hormone Seratonin in the brain. It is not a magic bullet, and it takes time to work. It is not uncommon top start on 10 mg, go to 20, 30, 40, even 60 mg a day until the imbalance is addressed, at which time the doctor will discuss what you might be able to do regarding dosage reduction. Do you need the course of tablets? If the doctor prescribed them, I suggest that you do.

    I started on 10 mg, went to 20, then 40, prescribed for \"major depression\". After 12 months I decided to get off them, because I do not like taking tablets and because I had developed a side effect I don't want. So I convinced tghe doctor I was doing ok, and reduced from 40 to 30, then after a month from 30 to 20, where the doctor persuaded me to stay as I'm going through custody and property battles after divorce. I think he's right. It is difficult to address a Seratonin imbalance when you don't realise when you have it, or don't have it.

    I am not a doctor, but as I see it you will never find the \"plusses\" until you address the base cause of the problem. You have addressed the depression. now you need to address your self image. Do you see yourself as a failure because of a failed business? Henry Ford failed for 35 years before he made it. If you are always the one to say, \"I'm always late\", you will always be late. That's what you tell yourself, that's what will happen. If you say, \"I do not procrastinate\", repeat that 5 times every morning and night for 30 days, you will realise one day that you are getting more done. Don't give up on yourself, or your partner and kids. But you need to change who you have become, by positive affirmations of who you can become. This is not pie in the sky,

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    smile Please stick with it - the effects won't kick in for perhaps up to a couple of weeks, and you might even feel slightly nausea for the first few days (but nothing like Seroxat which I was orginally prescribed)

    The trick is simply to stick with your prescribed daily dose and take it each and every day. I'm sure in a month you will be feeling much brighter - if not go back to your Doctor.

    Have you thought about counselling (or even chatting with a valued friend?) Any experience with SSRI tablets is a long haul adventure (not a quick weekend holiday) so PLEASE keep with your prescription instructions every day - it has been very helpful for me.

    Good Luck

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    Good morning all & a very warm welcome to Unhappychappy.

    I am one of the unlucky ones in that Citalopram didn't work for me :cry:

    In fact it exaggerated my already feelings of anxiety, depression and despair to the point I couldn't function at all. I would remain in bed for days on end; Unable to sleep, wash or eat. :oops:

    I have read many, many posts from people who Citalopram has worked well for them :D

    Like Breezman says, what works for one person, doesn't mean it will work for everyone.

    If after a few weeks you feel you are not improving, or like me, you spiral further down that greasy slope, talk with your doctor. There are many other different tablets you can try.

    I am now on seroxat. I have had no side effects, which goes to show just how we all react differently to certain drugs.

    Within 2 weeks of starting seroxat (Paroxetine) I was back at work, cooking and cleaning at home and basically functioning at a 'normal' level.

    I sincerely hope the Citalopram works for you but if not, don't despair, there are other drugs that you can try. It may take a few attempts at different drugs, but in the end you will find one that works for you.

    Good luck and keep us all posted.

    love 'n' hugs

    Melbi xxx

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    Breezman is a very wise man, everytime he replies to someones post I always read it with interest.

    I'm on 20mg and it took it's time to work, when it does finally settle in your system you won't look back, but it takes awhile.

    stick with it.

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    Thank you all.

    Wow this forum really is so good. I love the fact that people took the time to answer honestly and in detail. Thank you Breezeman, Guest, Melbi and Indigo :-)

    I think you are right. Admitting i had a problem helped. As for the business. Ive never stopped working and have a full time (rather good) job. My partner was running the shop but I was meant to be in control. People werent coming in which meant the cash in didnt mean the cash needed for day to day runnings. This obviously was something i seemed to carry on my shoulders alone and obviously run on to me getting quite down with it all. This moved to home problems and then to further problems.

    At this moment the tablets seem to work then I have off days. Honestly I am willing to give them a go. I will stick with them and see how they go as I feel I owe myself that.

    Thank you all for your help and advice. I think the site is deinitely an amazing help and it is great to read the advice of people who have been through the same things.

    Thank you all.


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    [quote:d6b646c26b=\"Indigo\"]Breezman is a very wise man, everytime he replies to someones post I always read it with interest.

    I'm on 20mg and it took it's time to work, when it does finally settle in your system you won't look back, but it takes awhile.

    stick with it.[/quote:d6b646c26b]

    Hi, I was on this drug in January and believe me it was the worst experience I have ever had. I have just found out that I have High BP and this should have been checked in January and wasnt. I felt so ill since then. I just thank God I had the sense to stop taking it. and Hi Melbi haven heard from you in ages.. how are you.. love Margaret

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    Hi Margaret

    I'm still around, plodding on lol.

    We started doing the house up when I finished work for the summer and still at it! :roll: Seems never ending, I keep thinking 'nearly there', then something else crops up and I feel we aren't getting anywhere at all. We are though lol, just doesn't feel like it most days.

    The guys are in doing the floors downstairs as I type this and I am now stuck upstairs out of the way so they can get on. They arrived at 8:45 this morning and will probably be here until goodness knows what time as they are fitting wooden floors right through downstairs.

    Once that is complete I just need to get the kitchen done and a new carpet on the stairs and that's me lot lol.

    Can't wait to go back to work for a rest :shock:

    I'm still taking paroxetine (seroxat) I tried coming off them (slowly) but started to fall again so back on them and will remain on them like the recommended period of 6 months. I'm still unable to sleep without the help of sleeping pills - but haven't had them for over a week now in the hope I will get my sleep pattern back before going back to work in September. If not then I will just resign to the fact I need sleeping pills to help me sleep.

    Eldest daughter has just sent me a text to say she has passed her exams (had to go into college today to get them) Youngest daughter goes to get her results this afternoon (fingers crossed that she has done well too).

    LOL Margaret, well you did ask! :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Elbow still as painful as ever - in fact when I go to physio this Friday (last time because he says there is nothing more he can do at the moment) I'm going to see if he can get me an earlier appointment for the fracture clinic than September 8th because it is getting more painful by the day instead of less painful. :cry:

    Well that is about it - I can hear you saying phew lol.

    How are you doing Margaret?

    Love 'n' Hugs

    Melbi xxx

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    Hi, I've been out for a few beers today (there's a a point to that) and I just discovered this site. I often search for Citalopram on the web because i've been on them for 7 months now and I have to say that they've changed my life.

    I normally only see stories where people have had a hard time with them and they haven't helped - I feel for those people I really do but for some people these are the answer.

    I am late 30s with a senior position and earlier this year I felt very depressed, I didn't want to talk to anyone and I couldn't be bothered going out the house. I went on to 20mg of Citalopram for around 8 weeks - then I upped the dosage to 40mg - I will say that I took around 6-8 weeks before I noticed anything on this drug but since then I have noticed a massive difference.

    My confidence has gone through the roof and nothing phases me now, I also take myself less seriously and just enjoy life. I know that sounds cliche but it's so refreshing to do it.

    I say if you are depressed, go for it! - who's to say that some of us don't naturally lack in a certain seratonin that can legitimatly be controlled through a drug? - I will take these for as long as I have to if it makes me feel the way I do now!

    Hope this helps!



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