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Co-amoxiclav 500/125mg for UTI

After Trimethoprim failed to hit a rather nasty UTI on the head, my local A&E prescribed a 7 day course of the above, three tablets a day. I'm just finishing day three so another 12 tablets to go. Symptoms have improved (kidney pain and urethra pain) but I am experiencing some side effects such as nausea for a couple of hours or so after each dose, along with sweating and back pain.

I came home from work today as I felt so unwell and scared myself somewhat as although I was aware there was a warning about driving whilst taking the medication, I was unprepared for how 'spaced' out I was.

Stools are very soft and very dark, but thankfully things are not as bad as some people experience!

I'm just grateful I'm taking something that seems to be hitting the UTI on the head as the pain was unbelievable. This is the first I've ever experienced - as a man under 50 I know it's rare - and I hope I don't get another one soon. I'm blaming overwork, stress and exhaustion and letting myself get very dehydrated at work.

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