Coffee = Awful panic attack?

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I dont really know what is wrong with me, neither do any mental health professionals in my area, its concerning how bad healthcare is in general where I live.

I have been told its possible that I have ' one or a few' of the following by different professionals(if thats what youcan call them)

Bipolar disorder

Borderline Personality disorder

Severe Paranoia

Severe Health Paranoia

Severe Anxiety



I have been so stressed out this week, Ihave hardly left the house, I really havent been eating and directly because of this I felt like I was going to pass out yesterday- 3 tablespoons of strong coffee went into my mug and the pass out feeling went BUT, when I was in bed it was the worst panic attack I have had in my life, my whole body was trembling and it was like everything I have ever been through in my life and every phobia I have ever had was flashing in my head and i couldnt stop it, my eyes were blurry and I couldnt stand up or hardly breathe either.

For the past two years I have been recovering verywell, I have been off Seroquel for 8 months and I have been happier than ever, the only negative side is that I have been getting Angry and Stressed so easily, I haven't been doing anything physical because of it but it has been a bit of a problem-I'd take that any dayover what happened to me last night.

My ESA has been stopped, my grandparents house got burgled and I have been summoned for jury service which is why I havent been eating, its very worrying and stressful for me as you can imagine.

I'm terribly sorry if this doesn't make sense or I have written it wrong. First time using forums.

I suppose what I'm trying to ask is, does this happen to you or have you heard this happen to anyone else through drinking coffee and do youthink I should see my GP?

Thanks for reading.

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    If a professional has given a diagnosis, then they should have given you treatment options?
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    Because you have an impared ability to cope with stress, I think overall you have done very well.

    Because you have had the stress of being summoned for Jury service and the burglary on top and you have reacted badly, maybe you do need to relieve some of the pressure.

    My first suggestion is to write a note on the back of the summons stating that you are unwell and therefore cannot perform jury service.

    That should relieve some of the pressure from you and enable you to maybe cope better with the stress of the burglary.

    Whatever the situation, you are to be admired for the valient attempt you have made to ward-off this your problem.

    Now you have found that coffee does not suite you I would just give it a miss from now on, or consider buying Decaf.

    Lastly, it is always worth talking to your doctor about anything that troubles you.

    All the best


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    I too have a lot of the same diagnosis as you have. I do avoid caffine because it makes me very nervous. Like Rod said, I use decaff when I do get a craving.

    As for the jury summons, I went to my GP and got a note to permanently get out of going. I served one time, and thankfully it was an insurance issue. You do not know ahead what the case could be about. I would be a basket case if it was any kind of violence or abuse. So stress about it is understandable.

    We tend to avoid things that we believe has set off the anxiety. I have seen people on here put numerous things like alcohol, coffee, drugs. I have had an attack in the grocery store, hair salon, my childrens school, etc. I avoided all of these until I realized when anxiety is ready to appear, it will. No matter where I am, or what I am doing. I have even had an attack when I realized I was having fun with friends. How weird is that? I then start the breathing exorcises and talking to myself in a positive way. I get my mind back on something else. You are doing great!! You can make the request not to be on the jury. But you need to realize some things are out of our control, like the burglury. Find the reason the ESA has stopped, and try to get it started again. With the doctors diagnosis and medication you are on, you should be able to. Assuming ESA is the same as Disability here? You have got this!! Best wishes

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    Hmm to be honest I am not sure how you are supposed to deal with having all those possible diagnosis without any continued treatment. Sorry you are having such a difficult time.

    Personally all I know is that anxiety has soo ooo many symptoms and mental effects and I'm not sure all mental health professionals are aware. Fear of the fear is very complex and effects all us anxiety sufferers differently. Amazing what this adrenaline does to us!

    Take care and keep off the coffee.

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      GPs and doctors in general won't and can't understand, it just isn't in their remit. They should refer to psychology or people trained in the area. Dealing with a general doctor for mental health issues is largely pointless
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    I feel you should continue to use online health information and resource services from, nhs choices, and webmd etc. to focus on managing and improving your overall health and wellbeing: poor dietary and lifestyle habits can produce symptomatic & suggestive symptoms of many prevalent health conditions as many have non-specific symptoms making it clinically difficult to differentiate between medical conditions and near impossible under the current framework of NHS's cost minimalist approach with several minute consultations and basic medical evaluations etc.

    I've had vascular & circulatory health concerns accompanied with a multitude of physcial symptoms since the start of 2014 succeeding gastrointestinal and digestive issues the beginning of 2013 and most recently sensory neuropathic pain in lower right leg from 2015 which I've been clinically assessed and medically evaluated although minimal bare bones health service claim I have medically unexplained symptoms despite disclosing living a physcially inactive sedentry lifestyle with an unbalanced diet high in fat, salt, sugar, gastric irritants: spices, caffeine, alcohol etc. etc. dietary habits solely consisting of comfort foods and binge eating raising my concerns of a possible eating disorder is promptly dismissed failing to thoroughly evaluate and investigate supporting my concerns that decisions are in alignment with cost saving agendas, implicit rationing, and incentivized refferal reduction programs.

    Caffeine is a psyhoactive drug affecting both central neverous system and brain function a full list of side affects can be found on many online health information sites and wouldn't be suprised if high in-take of psyhoactive drugs like caffeine, alcohol, and cannabis exacerbate symptoms of anxiety disorders

    Excessive caffeine consumption like 3 tablespoons (not teaspoons?) combined with little nutrition & energy is likely to have side effects which I suspect my dietary & lifestyle habits contributes to temporary physcial symptoms repeated on daily basis yet generalist physcians cannot find physiological causality with clinically assessing and medically evaluations.. just out of interest which part of the country are you in? I'm in the south west

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