colon/bowel cancer fear (tmi!!)

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up into the forum again...

this is bound to get fairly tmi, but i will mention that i will be going to the doctor soon.

also as an added fact, my grandmother currently is suffering from colon cancer--a high stage of it, so i'm /terribly/ afraid of it alongside already being health concious. i'm 16 as well, so i know it's rare, but not impossible.

of course when i get so health anxious, i google--and of course the first thing i google happened to be colon cancer. i share quite a few symptoms which...isn't easing any worry. though i thought i was due for "that time"  of the month due to being dfab, but it hasn't happened yet despite symptoms.

the rare time i manage to "go" to the bathroom, which hasn't been often considering i've been horribly constipated for 6-7 days straight, the little i do go went from regular to pale beige/very very light brown in color. i suffer from abdominal cramps ALL over, leg cramps, and most recently a back pain that went from my lower back to my middle to in between my shoulder blades, and it hurts to take in a deep breath.

i occasionally go through chills + hot flashes as well, and parts of my face can sometimes feel warm before fading off. i've struggled with a tight throat to the point i can barely swallow liquids, and i went from eating everything to barely eating anything at all--sometimes it shifts but it's mainly the latter.

i've had mood swings, sure, and high anxiety/stress on a CONSTANT basis, my stomach has also been incredibly noisy, and i occasionally get a strange water/liquidy feeling in my upper stomach--occasionally my skin from my chest to my lower abdomen is warm to the touch, but mainly this stays around my upper stomach + belly button.

after finding a sore i mentioned in another post, my worries have only gotten worse--and now with this difficulty taking deep breaths, i'm struggling more. i know muscle tension exists, and a tight throat to where i can barely eat without nausea, barely swallow water or air, palpitations, etc, i'm always assuming the worst. occasionally i get a sharp pain on one side of my throat that goes up to my ear.

occasionally i do get sharp chest pains as well, on both sides of my ribs, the middle of my chest, and near my collarbone.

i have had tests taken MONTHS ago, and the only thing wrong they found blood test wise was i had a very low vitamin d and b12, and everything else was anxiety/stress related. but because it was months ago and things onset fast, i can't get myself to believe everything is fine.

but as stated in the title, my main concern is colon/bowel cancer since i share quite an amount of symptoms. i'm so scared of dying, please help??

my wellness check isn't til next i can't get it any sooner.

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    You poor girl. You are filled with fears and worries. Are you in therapy? If not i know you had issues with you mom no longer wanting to hear your issues,which is very sad, when you go next month after your exam,,let the doctor examine your lump or hemmoroid on your butt.. the doctor you have terrible fears all the time. Tell the doctor. You need therapy to help you deal with this.
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    Did you get your vitamin d supplement. Very important for colon health. If you are constipated take a laxative and stool softener or prune juice with your meals. Don't let bowels get too runny. Get a bowel exam if you haven't had one. Its important also to correct your vitamin deficiencies. Google wisely. Which foods to avoid for colon health eg hot and spicy
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    i can certainly  identify with your fears. I would like to suggest a colonoscopy. They can check for pylops and remove them as the go along. See the side bar here for more info. Everyone should have one starting at age 40 or earlier if a family member has had it. 

    Maybe this is a good start to help releive the stress.


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    Darling, there is a simple test which shows up bowel cancer - ask your practice nurse. You don't have to go through a colonoscopy.

    You're a generally anxious young lady, so you will be feeling all these symptoms of anxiety.

    Constipation at your age is usuallly due to incorrect diet. You need to eat foods high in fibre, no junk foods, exercise and drink lots of water.

    I honestly doubt that you're dying, honey. I'm a nurse and bowel cancer is extremely rare at your age. Please improve your diet - lota of fresh fruit and vegetables, porridge, prunes - and if necessary ask your pharmacist to recommend a laxative to clear the buil up of poo in your gut. Let us know how you're doing. Love Tess

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    Colon cancer can run in families.there are many reasons for health teats and screening for various cancers  covered by health insurance coverage. Many can be found early. Mine was a routine test done every 5-10 years normally depending on age. 

    I must have a colonscopy every 2 years now instead of the normal 5 years at my age. This doesn't run in my family there have been polyps found during a routine colonoscopy which has put me at higher risk. I was started a colonoscopy as a standard routine health care test as a preventive Heath care requirement just like a Breast cancer screening is done every year at my age. Blood tests are done for many reasons some are also considered preventive screening for better quality of health care. 

    If you are truly concerned it's normal as there seems to be a lot of attention from media about cancer. Check with your doctor when you go next month and ask if you fit the requirements for yearly exams you are concerned about. 

     Take care. 


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