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In Jan 2016 when I went to the toilet I noticed I had blood in my stool and I went to the doctors who said it was probably just a tear. Feeling relived I hoped it would go away however every time I went to the toilet there was always blood. Then I had constipation and felt like I never needed to go so back to the doctors and they gave me laxatives. These didn't really work and when they did I had a upset stomach. I began feeling unwell and had pain stomach pains and went back to the doctor who eventually arranged a colonoscopy. I was terrified, during the procedure they found a polyp in my rectum that was sent away and came back it was not cancerous. They advised me that the problems I had should now go away. A year on and I still cannot go to the toilet I don't go for a week and then i end up taking laxatives which make me feel ill. I have gone back back to the doctors and they said there's no more that had be done and could be ibs. I'm struggling and feeling ill, I've had bad stomach pains and never go to the toilet only if I take laxatives. Anyone know why this could be? I'm worrying a lot and during the colonscopy they didn't enter both the small and large intenstine (only one) can't remember which one It was. 

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    A colonoscopy will only examine your large intestine (bowel).  To examine your small intestine (stomach) that would involve an endoscopy. You had a colonoscopy that picked up the polyp in your colon (bowel).  These are two different procedures.  If you are no longer passing blood and all your tests are negative, your symptoms will be diagnosed as IBS.  Keep going back to your doctor to get a definitive diagnosis of IBS. ‘Could be IBS’ is not a firm diagnosis. Worry will make symptoms worse and goes hand in hand with this condition.

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    I have been suffering with constipation on and off for several years despite eating a healthy diet but for the last year I have, like you, been experiencing no urge to go without taking laxatives.  I think I probably have tried every laxative available over the counter and they all give me a bad headaches and make me feel ill and have unpredictable and often inconvenient results.  The only thing I find that helps is to use a glycerin suppository 2 or3 times a week which usually works within about half an hour without any of the horrible ongoing effects of taking laxatives.  This is not really a solution but does make life easier.  I hope this helps.

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    Hi hollies, I suffer from ibs with constipation and as a result need to take regular laxatives to help me. Has anyone suggested other ways like dietary fibre that helps with constipation, have they mentioned FODMAP diet? Your doctor's are useless it sounds like. Mine have no choice I put my foot down and lay it on thick. I'm awaiting a ct scan to see if I have diverticulitis. Insist on another doctor fight kick scream they'll soon listen! Good luck you can do this!

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