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Hi every one,

First off, I apologize if I am in the wrong place. This is my first post. I haven't been diagnosed with any thyroid problem. I have been feeling bad for so long. I have SO many of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism.  I ended up in the er the other day, where they did the usual, ekg, blood tests, urine. The doctor said they would check my thyroid levels. I guess I assumed that meant a full panel. They just did the TSH , which was 1.16 (0.34-4.50) and a free t4 which was 1.22 (0.58-1.64)...couldn't be more perfect. My question is, could I still have somehting thyroid going on? I don't have insurance, or even a regular doctor. (I'm in the US) But, if any one thinks it would be worth it, I would pay to have a full panel done.

Thanks in advance for any insight you could offer me!


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    Hi Rita

    i, too, had every symptom of hyperthyroidism with Atrial Fibrillation, heat intolerance, sweating, tremors, thinning hair, goitre etc yet my bloods still kept showing normal for 3 years so I wasn't offered any treatment.  But I persisted with my doctor & actually at a dermatology appointment for the facial sweating, they picked up sub clinical hyperthryroidism & I have just recently undergone radio iodine treatment.  The goitre on my neck has shrunk but I don't feel any better yet.  Be persistent, tenacious & keep pestering them till you get the treatment and diagnosis you deserve.

    All the best


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    hi rita .I completely sympathise with u and wish u a speedy recovery. Since you mentioned that all your teasts pointed towards normal ranges, have you considered seeing psychologist. Its a well-known fact that some anxiety symtoms appear to be quite similar to hyperthyroidism.
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    Thanks for the replies so far.......I forgot to mention too, the dr. even said he thought my thyroid might be a bit swollen when he felt it. Which was very quick by the way. And yes, I probably do have some anxiety, but I really think it's all because I don't feel right.  He gave me the old standby...Xanax. I took one. It did seem to take the edge off a bit, but not for long. And he only gave me 14 of them.  What I do after that, I don't know. lol. I'm also 50, so I'm sure I am in at least perimenopause, I still get a period, but they have become erratic.

    Thanks again!

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    Hi Rita,

    I was diagnosed with Graves disease back in Aug 2011, this July after a course of carbimazole i tried for remission, and touch wood so far my TSH levels have stayed within the normal parameters.

    I f you are worried it still could be thyroid related and are willing to get your own blood tests done, you need to get your antibodies for thyroid disease tested.

    Firstly i would get TPO, this generally detects inflamation, there are different anti body tests for different types of thyroid disease but for Graves you would need TSI autoantibody test and TRAB.

    The reason these tests are not done is that they are more expensive than T4 and TSH.

    It could be that you have a conversion problem from T4 into the usable T3 and could possibly get T3 tested.

    Please go online and join a thyroid disease forum, where you will pick up loads of information about what tests should be done to detect what disease you may or may not have, for example Hashimoto's thyroid disease swings from hyper to hypo, it could be that when you were tested you were swinging over to the hypo side and bloods were of a more normal range.

    Anti body tests are more deffinative, if you have the anti body you have the disease, and can have more than one disease at a time, on the forums you will find reliable online blood testing sites you can use try thyroidboards.

     it's a mostly US board but it is full of helpful people and loads of info, re ask your question there and you will get a miriad of knowledable people answering.

    It is free to join, and i visit it frequently.

    Hope this is helpful and that you get to the bottom of your ailments.

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      Thanks for the info..........I have browsed around on the thyroid boards site. I just want to feel better, this is getting too much. I feel like I don't even want to leave the house.  Only slept about 2 hours last night. I feel bad for all of us!!!!

      Thanks again

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      sorry to be a pest..........I just found online where I can self order a thyroid panel. These are the tests included.


      Free T3

      Free T4

      Reverse T3

      Antithyroglubulin AB (tgAB)


      Do you think this would let me know for sure one way or the other?

      Thanks so much!

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      Hi rita123,

      no problem please don't appolgise we are all on here to gain and impart a bit of advise where we can.

      those tests are a very good starting point,if there is no problem with the thyroid the body make little or no tgAB the TPO levels will tell you if there is any inflamation, It could be thyroiditis which is a temporary kind of thyroid disease usually lasts around 6 months, more viral i think, but with all the same symptoms as autoimmune hyperthyroidism.

      The T3 levels will let you know how you are do

      ing at converting T4 to T3.

      Have you had your hormones tested for the perimenopause, stay with the forums online learn as much as you can about the disease, knowledge is power.

      Hope these tests don't cost too much, but sometimes you have to take things into your own hands.

      let us know how you get on.


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    Hi Rita

    You are right that menopause symptoms often mirror thyroid problems that's why women are brushed off.  The trouble is today everything comes down to blood test results and I was only treated because I had the goitre and I was persistent.  It's not in your mind, the anxiety comes because you do not feel well - you know your body better than anyone.  Good luck


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    Hi Rita, my thyroid is slightly overactive but drops to normal now and then as well.. Yes, I still get most systems regulary and can be scary too.. If I were you I'd get the full blood tests if not for peace of mind, and menopause/hormones can still be an issue with thyroid too..

    All the very best of luck with your symptoms and blood tests, but when on the correct med's you will be feeling much better soon confused

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