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To those who have the burden of dealing with anxiety in their lives (and I'm certain those who are here know what real anxiety is, not just the bit of butterflies some experience that I would give up a left tit for if that's the worst it would be) how do you all cope??? Especially when you've seemingly have tried everything and anything to live a normal life??

A bit of info about myself...most people don't even know the amount of anxiety I deal with on a daily basis...I try to hide it the best I can and for the most part have been extremely well at doing so but the amount of energy it takes to try and be normal and the internal awkwardness I go through on a daily basis has taken its toll on me and I've reached the point yesterday I had to leave my job because of it.

I suppose I have social anxiety and also generalized anxiety which has reached the highest point in my life right now. I am very troubled and can't seem to find the light out of this. I'm hopeless right now.

I exercise, eat healthy, meditate and practice positive thinking and CBT on my own with journaling. I want to know if this can be treatable or if I'm a lost cause at this point? Please share success stories with me if you have any because I don't want to carry on the rest of my life this way sad

Thanks so much for any input in advance. I really am a smart girl who has a lot to offer but my anxiety prevents me from doing and getting all the things I want in life

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    Have you ever considered that your husband/boyfriend suffers from Asperger Syndrome. It has been a constant source of anxiety through out our long marriage. Not for him but for me. He is quite content and refuses to accept that something could be wrong with him. 
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    I can 100% relate. Besides my mother there's very few people who know the extent of how bad my anxiety is. And people who know I have it usually are non sufferers and brush it off as the typical "angst" they too face when life throws them problems. But for people with real anxiety issues, every day is that much more of a grind. I don't mean to be a downer but I tried all the above listed too and I found a right dose of an SSRI completely made my myself again. I know the feeling of your guts churning every morning and everything that comes with it, but at the end of the day, the majority of us are truly HEALTHY, just our programming is off. When you're in the midst of thinking irrationally, you don't see the rational solution that really exists. I don't even like calling it a illness, disorder fits more because it's just disrupted the order of our lives. At our core were all good people. Most people who really suffer have the biggest hearts, it just tricks us into thinking else wise. The fact we all want help is a huge step and a great sign. I can tell just by your post you're a good person. You're far from alone, as alone as it makes you feel. Keep fighting, you'll be all the better for it one day. It has a strange way of improving your character in the long run even though you feel like you're sliding backwards daily. We're all here for you.

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      Thank you so much for kindly reaching out and making me feel less alone in this disorder. I have an appointment on the night today to get help and if that means going on an SSRI then so be it! I have battled this for far too long on my own and it just seems logical at this point to try medication as I've exhausted all other options. If you don't mind me asking, what SSRI are you taking and has it alleviated all of your symptoms in regards to anxiety and depression? (I do have some depression as well because the anxiety hold me back so much in life as I mentioned in my post)

      Thanks again so very much for reaching out! Lots of love to you 💜

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      Currently taking Lexapro, a week in and already starting to feel the positives. Had two bad previous experiences on other ones but once you find the right one it can be a LIFE CHANGER. Dont let the "previous experiences" part scare you. Sometimes the same SSRI doesn't work the second time around and that's basically what happened to me with Citalopram. The first time I was on it I didn't feel a thing until I hit 40mg, but when I did, it saved my life. I was suffering depression which stemmed from my anxiety, and feeling guilty about intrusive thoughts which also stemmed from my anxiety. I realize now looking back that it all seems to really start at a pinpoint, and just explodes out of control into all these different symptoms which is why it feels so overwhelming. If you can slowly retrace the problem back to that pinpoint, it can be so easily controlled and managed. And this is coming from someone who has also been through hellllll with anxiety. I really don't feel comfortable giving med advice unless I'm on a med thread to be honest, only doing so because you said you were meeting with your doc and it's something you could bring up. But for me it really did give me clarity I hadn't felt possibly ever. And I know it wasn't a placebo because I was at such a low point I went in not expecting it to work, but gradually I got better and better until one day I was completely myself.

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      Thank you so much for your time to write me back, I really appreciate it!

      It sounds like we have a lot of similarities in regards to the anxiety/depression department. Just a few short hours and to the appointment I go. I really hope they can give me something to sort me out and get to feeling like myself again just as you now do. Thanks again 💜

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    I could have written your post myself. That is my life and has been for years although I have just recently been diagnosed. I am now taking a mild anxiety med it does help but still yesterday I had the worst attack since August. My daughter is the one I lean on. She is the only one I confide in. I have social and health enxiety. I have missed out on so much of a normal life it's ridiculous. I've had to leave work multiple times and sometimes I can't even finish shopping because it gets so bad. I have a lot of anxiety centered around my job. Yesterday I convinced myself to go back to work and I'm glad I did. It is a battle and we have to use whatever weapons we can to cope. I've tried and continue to do all of the things you listed above. I also do EFT tapping. I can sometimes stop an attack before it gets too bad with tapping. I've been in CB therapy for a little over a month. Too soon to say if that's helping.

    One thing I've come across recently that has to help but is impossible for me thus far and that is to stop thinking about it all the time. The more thought we give our problems the greater and all encompassing they become.

    Anxiety sufferers compound the anxiety with more anxiety. I've had medical tests repeatedly and am probably taking medicine I don't need. It's a vicious cycle but there is is happiness beyond this misery. I am thankful for these boards and the internet but sometimes I think we over analyze by constantly looking up our symptoms. That's the "giving more attention to the problem".

    Today let's not give anxiety the attention it craves. Redirect those thoughts to something, someone or somewhere that makes us happy.

    Happiness and good health to everyone.

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