Could all of these symptoms to treat the Reflux? I think that one of the Reflux is too much. Please

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The attack begins with symptoms consistently:

- yawn

- feeling tired

- nausea

- convulsive spasms of the legs and arms

- numbness in the right heel and then the entire foot

- feeling cold right foot and sometimes the whole right side of the body

- severe dizziness

- loss of concentration

- blurred vision

- fall asleep after eating

After eating can immediately go to sleep for 5-20 minutes (as if going to pass out) and Wake up

Sometimes the attack lasts couple of hours and lately it lasts more than 5-7 hours. with each time the attacks are amplified

I wear several pairs of socks, a sweater, pants, even if the weather is hot. when I warm up, there is a gradual improvement

A attacks happen every day now

Other symptoms:

- the feeling of a full stomach

- constipationalternate diarrhea

- sour, sweet or bitter taste

- aching pain in right hypochondrium

- burning sensation in the chest

- heartburn frequent (currently every day) and became very strong

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    Hi Tanya. It's really sounds like panic attacks to me and severe anxiety .

    I suffer really bad with anxiety and panic attacks .

    I also have barrets osaphagus. Silent acid reflux.

    I questioned myself can acid cause all my symtoms .

    I I don't think acid reflux can cause all what we experience.

    It can definitely cause some symtoms .burning in chest .chest pains .bad throat .

    Do you excercise or have you been to see your doctor regarding all your symptoms. Get all your bloods done if I were you make sure all OK. And the best way to try to deal with it .is try be as positive as you can be even though it is very hard .is really hope you get sorted .

    Remain positive

    Get well

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    sorry to hear about your problem------but i must say that you are not alone acid will make my life worse------i have different symptoms from you every dy i feel like i have heart attack,i burp alot and also digestion problems-------i have endoscopy recently one month,there is no problem in endoscopy but my life is hell bcoz i have panic attacks every time i feel like i have heart attack then suddenly alot of burps will start----currently i am taking nexium 20mg per day but it didnot work for me still going to doctors i have colonscopy on august 7 let see if there is a problem in colon or not-------after that i will discuss about the Gerd(Acid reflux) problem with my doctor i am tired of it better to do then nissen or linx surgery for gerd
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    Good Morning Tanya, I agree with your thoughts, not all those symptoms can be attributed to reflux. Wondering if you might also have Irritable bowel syndrome. Prior to my endoscopy and diagnosis of Distal Esophigitis I was diagnosed with irritable bowel (IBS) and diverticulitis. The constipation alternating with diarrhea would be symptom of IBS. Falling asleep after eating is something I experience too. Annoying I know because with reflux you want to be up for at least 3 hrs after eating. Some of the other symptoms sound neurological. If it were me I would consult a neurologist just to make sure and relieve my mind. Also anxiety makes everything worse and causes so much suffering. 
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    Thank you fot all. My English is not so good, sorry please.

    Acid  Reflux and gastritis started three years ago after subarachnoid hemorrhage.

    I'm taking pantoprazole twice a day. But the condition is not improving but getting worse.

    I drink a lot of water. Eat only boiled potatoes, carrots, beets, broccoli,fat, white fish, chicken breast, chicken protein. Nothing more I can eat. Eat little and often.

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    I stay positive, I conduct an active way of life. I always visit the doctor. Was tested and bacteria are not found


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    I had a bile stone disease. Did a laparoscopy and removed the gallbladder. After surgery, the bile is even more


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      ossh you do laparoscopy surgery as i i do it 6 years befor e after my surgery i burp alot and have heavy feeling in my left side chest some time my breath stops  i have a big problem which is my left side chest i feel worried every time that may b i have heart attack i do echo and 8+ ecgs all of that is normal but i have upset stomach some time i have acid in my stool no doc will figure it out-----tany i am going now for colonscopy soon if there is no problem in that then i will discuss about my acid with a doctor bcoz its ruin my life and i burps every day alot which give me discomfort and feel like i have heart attack every day--------i am 30 year old male but i didnot loose my weight using nexium 20 mg but didnot work i think Gerd surgery nissen will be the better option for you and me i will discuss it wiith my doctor then but i am waiting for colonscopy after that i will know if there is sum thing wrong or not with my colon--------keep updating you tanya be patient now i understand what you will feel sorry for that but you are not alone million of the people feel same like us 
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    I have a lot of Reflux symptoms

    Have very severe burning in the chest, loss of voice, burping, stuffy throat, cough. Face constantly red. after an attack of reflux persistent rash on the face. I weighed 89 kg and now I weigh 52 kg. Weight lost in a few days. I'm worried about my fainting. You may lose consciousness and not recover for hours.

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      tanya sad to hear that before i am 78 kgs and now from lat 2 years my weight is 90 kgs--------i didnot loose any weight since from when i am facing the problem.....i have lot of  air in my chest in left side by which my heart feel scared.........i have lot of burps some time i have heart burn very rare like once or twice in 2 to 3 months.....i have sour taste of mouth .few months back i have sour taste of mouth for 10 days some tiem un digestion.....................i have lot of gas and burps every day i burp more then 500 time to 1000 times or may be more.......ultra sound clear blood test before clear recently endoscopy is done its clear my proble is panic attacks and my breathe stop and constant burping-----now next week i am going for colonscopy--i am using nexium 20 mg didnot work i use 3 month lansoprazole which didnot work for me used omeprazole didnot work for me i have lot of burps by which i have panic attacks and i feel like i have heart attack and my breath stops 
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    Hi Tanya, I have many of the symptoms you mentioned but the numbness is on both hands and feet, I can be so cold I just have to get in a tub full of hot water. My feet, hands, and lips will look blue at times and it could be 90 degrees but I am cold. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia years ago but was then told I didn't have it, so I still don't know. I know I have LPR and have most if not all of the symptoms of that. I take Pantoprazole 40mg daily but I just called my GI to see if I can increase it to twice a day as it just doesn't seem to cover enough. It took away nausea, lump in my throat, and the mucus but the rest of the symptoms remain even with all of the lifestyle changes. My breathing and dizziness are the worst symptoms for me. I hope you get the help you need to sort out your symptoms. Good luck

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    Best of wishes the barium test will help to further diagnose your difficulties and you will get relieve from your suffering.  Wondering if there is some kind of reflux supplement you can drink to help with the weight loss.  I also get the reddening on my face. When I was getting blood work done asked if they could test for lupus but it was negative. Also sensitive to cold weather with ice hands, feet, nose. Wondering if there is more to reflux than stated in the medical literature. There seems to be common themes among us whether it be mild or intense as you are having. Anyway you will be in my prayers, let us know how you are doing.

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