could I have LS?

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I've been reading around and am starting to think that LS describes all my sympotoms but I thought if i list them here someone might be able to tell me whether it does sound like it or not.

Basically, the most noticeable one is splitting. I've been with my boyfriend 5 years and been basically unable to have sex for about 3.5 of them. The skin around the vaginal entrance feels really really tight, even when the muscles are totally relaxed, and my perineal skin leading down from the vaginal opening usually splits a little bit (not deeply) when my partner tries to penetrate me, even with me controlling it and almost swimming in lube. the times we have managed to get it in, sometimes i will actually enjoy it for a bit once its in and the pain of the little tear sort of gets overridden if you know what i mean. so i know for a fact the muscles are relaxed, but then sometimes the skin will just split suddenly anyway. so i'm convinced its the skin and nothing to do with me tensing the muscles.

i noticed also that i have little splits often up the sides of the clitoral hood, sort of between the outer labia and the inner ones, in the crease. i used to think i just got sore there but after inspection realised they were papercut-looking things. at the top of where this happens i have sort of white blotches on my skin, although they don't look like the pictures i have seen of LS so that's why i'm not sure.

my perineum will also split during bowel movements and sometimes i will even feel a little split leading backwards from the anus up towards the butocks kinda thing. i have often noticed that when i look to see when i've split, the skin aroudn my anus and particularly on my perineum does look whitey and dry, both before and after washing. which i do with just water by the way, and use aqueous cream.

sometimes i will even just be sitting on the sofa or something and if i sit with my foot underneath me i realise i am sore from splitting when i havent even attempted sex or been to the loo. i also appear to get thrush very easily although that could obviously be totally unrelated.

if anyone thinks this does sound like LS then please say? cos my doctor basically said she couldnt see anything wrong, i think she didnt believe me. but i want to know if i should be more pushy.

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    sorry forgot to say too, im always itching down there, my boyfriend asks me if im ok all the time cos i sit on the sofa and squirm lol. but when i look to see whats ithcing theres not usually anything visible? also, if i ever try to shave down there my entire vulva flare up in this red itchy rash, but i can't wax either cos that causes splitting.

    sorry im just ranting now!

    would be very grateful for an outside opinion


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    hi hjou, I'm fairly new to this forum, was diagnosed by a gynaecologist back in march so i am by no means any sort of expert on LS but in my experience neither are most G.Ps. What you describe sounds very much like LS to me. You need to ask your GP (or another G.P) for a referral to either a gynaecologist or a dermatologist and have this properly diagnosed.

    A steroid cream will help instantly to ease the pain, itching and \"repair\" the cuts and that will give relief. In between using steroid on flare up's try to keep the area lubricated, i was prescribed Dermol which is probably a lot like aqueous cream (mild), used twice daily i find this reduces the frequency i need to use the steroid (i use Trimovate but a lot on here use Dermovate - same % of steroid). Also use a non perfumed soap in this area (no shower gel etc) and use non-bio laundry detergent, my gynaecologist recommended I reduce contact with harsh chemicals and it has helped. Just find what works for you to give you relief and reduce the symptoms, you'll read a lot of different approaches on here. I'm still getting my head around it all, it sounds like you have been suffering alone with this for too long. This forum is good but doesn't seem so active, another one worth looking at is it's good for hard facts (assuming this is LS) tips on treating it and for knowing you're not alone.

    Sorry, I can't give as thorough advice as probably many other long term sufferers on here but hopefully my limited experience is a start for you. Really just wanted to acknowledge your query, I'm sure you'll get others input.

    Keep posting, take care and request a referral and steroid! No one wants to use a steroid in this area long term but once it has got your symptoms under control you can work on reducing it, it will help no end in giving relief.


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    hiya, thanks for the quick reply!

    i couldn't care less if youre an expert or not, its just nice to have someone agree and back up that it sounds like ls, cos its so easy to start self-diagnosing and get carried away, yknow? but i think im pretty sure. i think i will go back to the doctors, see a different one though. the first one didnt seem like she wanted to look too closely, not that it even looks bad in the way that ive read about with lots of other women.

    i agree with you that i would probably need a little while of steroid cream to get rd of it initially, thats what i got from the doctor fist time round and usd for a week on perineum only but didnt seem to make much difference, think it was quite a weak one.

    good idea with the chemicals thing too, ive found a site called (i think its .com anyway) that has lots of stuff liek burts bees and things, was surprised at how normal the prices were. i dont use bubble bath or stuff liek that anyway but am now considering becoming a total hippy and using natural face washes and everything. and eco balls sound good for washing, have you heard of them? theyre on that site.

    is your ls quite extreme? my problems dont really interfere with things like sitting or walking, only sex, exercise and toilet visits really. just figured if it is ls that id rather not let it go untreated.

    glad to know yours is improving a bit though smile

    thanks so much for your advice! the only other person i can really talk to is my bf but i dont want to put him off my lady bits completely lol

    oh and a had a peek at that other message board, it does look very helpful, emu oil sounds promising?

    thanks again, but i really hope its something else instead and its curable! hahaha will post when (if ever) i get referred or whatever


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    hi hjoui

    good to hear you're going to go back and push for a referral. i chose to see a female doc about this thing and she too didn't want to peer to closely and was a bit \"'s very red\" but at least she admitted to total bafflement at that stage and referred me! i was past caring after having been in and out of docs with my lady bits god knows how many times post birth!!...

    i too don't have anyone to talk to so forums are good - at least we know what eachothers on about! my bf is understanding as is sister and mum but they understandably don't have a clue and it's not at all easy to describe!

    no mine isn't extreme thank god but there is always the concern that it could get worse, i don't actually know if there is evidence that it can get worse or remain constant? i know it can go into remission but it seems you're never completely free of it :shock: i need to do more research into it - gone into a bit of a lull but there doesn't seem to be much out there. i use trimovate steroid every 7-10 days and dermol twice daily which definately helps reduce the frequency of steroid - i used to use it every few days. It effects the whole area front and back. It doesn't effect me in daily life as the steroid controls it but sex can make it worse sad All in all can't complain when i read what others are dealing with.

    i'll prob have to go more eco too, reducing contact with chemicals made a big difference but i'm sure there's more i could do, i'll check out that site, i use burts bees for my daughters bath, prob wouldn't risk it myself - i'll stick with the bar of tesco's unperfumed!

    do you know what may have triggered yours? (whether it's LS or not) how old are you?

    hope you get a referral soon, think you're defo on the right track.


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    Hi there,

    Good to see a new post on the site, it seems to be quite quiet at the minute. I have had LS diagnosed by biopsies (read my story under Papillon).My GP referred me to a gynae consultant straight away but she was unsure until the results came back. I looked at the medical photos posted showing the condition, and I have to say,like you, they didn't look like mine- so don't go too much on that alone, everyone is different. But I do hope you get referred and ask for a biopsy (its the only way to really know), otherwise you could be treated for the wrong thing. The splitting, redness and pain all sound like LS-I was prescribed Trimovate but like some of the others on site, I only use it rarely, relying on Aqueous cream liberally applied after every loo visit. Unless I absolutely HAVE to I have ditched wearing knickers and trousers, fresh air eases it a bit. I am also learning some foods make it worse (curries, spicy food, sugary food - and I am suspecting bread (yeast content) so have started to eat soda bread(yeastfree). Trial and error I suppose, but like all of us on this and the other site, we are finding the medical profession don't have the answers.I hope you get some help to get a proper diagnosis, keep posting, Papillon :wink:

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    Hi hjouiop,

    just so you know, i'm exactly the same as you, our symptons sound very similar, i also think we're the same age, funnily enough our relationships are mirrored (i've been with my boyfriend for 5 years too)

    my symptons don't seem half as bad as some of the other ladies on here, also i've seen photos which (thank god)don't look like my lady regions!

    i just get little paper cut thingys and i am prone to thrush, although, now i have changed my pill, i think, i've not had thrush since, just minor irritations.

    i noticed your last post was a few months ago, i hope you come back and read this... and reply.

    hope you've had some luck with your situation.



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