Could Somebody Tell Me If These Symptoms Are Normal?

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Male, 40, 6' 3", 18 Stone, Celiac

I was diagnosed with diverticula about 18 months ago whilst having a colonoscopy for other reasons.  It wasn't even discussed with me, my wife found it at the bottom of the results from the hospital and I'd never heard of it.  My GP is less than fluent in English and when I've tried to ask him about it he gets flustered and moves on.  So, I'll describe the symptoms that I've been having for about 5 years and you tell me if that's normal and I should calm down...agreed?  Watch out, it's going to get icky.

2-3 times per month I have wrenching stomach pains that have me running for the toilet, (not always in time, it's that urgent)

Bloodied stools erupt for a few minutes, purple in colour, close to liquid in consistency

I'm left breathless and with 'after-shock' pains

Once I get up I have about 45 minutes until this is going to happen again, (oh, I know this for a fact)

However, this time I get the bonus prize: no stools, just bright red blood, with the occasional clot, that will start like a slow tap and then become a steady drip after about 3-4 minutes.  This steady drip will last between 30-45 minutes.

I estimate that there's about 200 ml of fluid, (no I haven't measured)

There willl be a similar but less dramatic recurrence with a few hours

Then it takes about 3 days to return to 'normal' although the only real symptom during this time is the presence of bright red blood after every bowel movement

If this happens at night, I don't wake, I just ruin another bed

There's no pain after the first time, just some muscle spasms

When this is not happening I am broadly fit and well.  I smoke, I drink, I have a long history of recreational drug-use.  What the hell is wrong with me?  How can this be going on for 5 years, and I've been to several different GPs, with little or no interest from the doctor?  The advice that I received?  "Take iron supplements and these antibiotics when it happens".  It got so bad 2 years ago that I was admitted with a suspected heart-attack when what I actually needed was a blood-transfusion, (3 pints, that you very much to Mr Hancock).

Yes, I am English and not comfortable discussing this subject.


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    Hi I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis about 3 years ago. I woke up in the middle of the night with violent stomach pain and bleeding. I was awake all night while the symptoms continued. I phoned my local surgery the next morning for a house call and when the Dr called he said I had gastritis. The symptoms continued so I phoned for another house call and the 2nd Dr admitted me to the hospital. 

    I had blood tests and an examination but had to wait in A&E for a bed on the ward. While I was waiting, I felt weird, all of a sudden, so went out to the corridor where the nurses were and told them I felt as if I was going to pass out. They fetched a wheelchair and that's all I remember. I woke up in a cubicle with Dr's and nurses around me doing different tests. I was taken to a ward and was on  drips for a week. My Potassium and other things was very low that's why I collapsed and was unconcious for a minute. I was told the bleeding and diarrhea caused this.

    When I went to the hospital for a follow up appointment 6 weeks later, I was told if I bleed again to call an ambulance straight away, but no problems since. My Diverticulitis was mild. Don't know what would happened if it was worse. I am surprised your Potassium and other things are not affected becuse yours have been going on for a long time.  

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    You poor little poppet.   Goodness me you are going through it.     Not that I condone anyone taking recreational drugs, but you dont deserve all this.    I have minor symptoms to you , I am 69 female, the urgency to go to the loo is controlled with codeine tablets, my diet is controlled taking Fybogel morning and night.

    As for the doctor getting flustered, I dont care who he or she is , they get paid a heck of a lot of dosh and if he/she cannnot understand to help , then sorry he/she should get a second opinion.     This business of just letting normal folk just get on with it is not right at all.   If we were the Royal Family , we would all be seen to immediately and I cannot ever imagine anyone telling any of them that they are not interested.  Makes my blood boil it does.

    I have to on occasions where Tenna Pants (Men can wear them as well).    If you feel that awful feeling that you are not going to make it, wear a pair under your jockey shorts of whatever you have, no one will notice, they are brillient, they can be disposed of , no washing, no beds ruined or clothes.   These can be purchased in Supermarkets.   I buy a Large size.

    Chin up.   I hope others reply and help you.


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    Ok, so sounds like it is the same thing, albeit a little more pronounced.  Damn, was hoping to hear that it was a well-known side-effect from eating mangoes or some such.

    I work overseas which makes it difficult for me to get to the GP and have one of those wonderful surgeries where you cannot guarantee which doctor you'll see.

    Potassium etc: I wouldn't be surprised if I'm lacking in a whole bunch of areas, I eat relatively healthily, (being celiac doesn't give me much choice), but even so I'm constantly tired and very susceptible to coughs / colds etc.  Of course, the fact that iron gives me raging headaches and I'm also alergic to ibuprofen, (given my drinking habits I'm not a huge fan of paracetemol), that just makes life even sweeter.

    Thanks for the warm feelings and the suggestion, (although I was hoping to wait for another 20 years before needing Tenna pants: lucky me, I'll be sporting the latest in executive wear at my next board meeting).  Now, who do I get God to smite for revenge?  

    ps. Recreational drug use: I'm prescribed morphine by the doctor, the stuff that I've wolfed-down over the years has nothing on those babies ;-)

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    Go the HOSPITAL.  Any fresh (bright) blood should not be ignored.  This is not right and should be taken seriously.  If the doctor on duty at the HOSPITAL does not have English as their first language and you struggle to communicate, ask to speak to someone else.  It is your health and life that is at risk.  Please do not delay.  Good luck and let us know how you get on.
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    you have answered your own question. Smoking , alcohol, and drugs 

    you seem to have abused at least one of your organs.and are now reaping the


    Have you thoght about changing your G.P if ther is a language problem, and do you not call 999 if things are so bad??

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    I would go back to your GP and ask for a referral to the hospital, in my experience, accident and emergency will not sort it really, although you could try this as a last resort.  The bleeding could be aby number of things and definitely needs to be checked out.  I have bleeding and I have ulcerative colitis which is no fun I can tell you.  Go to the GP and demand a referral, it is your right.  Would love to hear how you get on over the next few weeks.  Good luck.


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