Could someone help me please! Going on 4months Post op

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Tomorrow will be 4months since GB removal. Wish I could go back and change everything. Does anyone have problems with eating and watching their fat intake. When I eat the smallest of fat I almost die with severe chest pain, Not indigestion but chest pain! Been to the ER twice thinking I was having a heart attack. Also I'll have severe pains in my shoulder blades. I just had an ultrasound which came back fine. No gallstones in my bile duct. Does ANYONE have this kind of pain. I don't have stomach pains. Just severe chest pain and shoulder blade pain. I remember having this kind of shoulder pain before I had my GB taken out. But I have never had this kind of chest pain. Could it be indigestion. I've been on nexium and carafate forever. Also had an endoscopy not to long ago. I don't know what to eat. It's caused me so much depression. And I'm loosing weight. Please anyone!! If you have this type of pain let me know its not just me. I will so appreciate it.


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    Some of it. Gas pressure can build up so badly that it can feel like heart attack. I have gsstritis from the surgery. Pain in stomach and sometimes in chest is unbearable. Gasping for breath accompanies mine at times. Meds also can cause the chest pressure side effects. Wish I didn't have the surgery because I am so sick and in so much pain. Can't eat or drink hardly anything anymore.

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    Hi, sounds like something I had in the past. Have you been checked for something called H pylori? (helicobacter pylori) if not you should ask for one from your doctor.

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    Ok I have just responded to someone else on this. Shoulder pain right hand side is your Liver, you can be pretty sure of this. However you would need to post a bit more of your history to say yes or no for definite. If you also having heart burn then I would assume this is a bile problem and this could as I say with your history of Gall Bladder will prove the point, also eating fatty food provokes the problem points to this. Some people can eat what they like after extraction but as you will read in here a lot of people suffer. The test you have had done seem to indicate also that it is indeed your liver. When the Liver is being a problem this is where the pain is but usually right shoulder but can be both. The trouble with both shoulders or in between, leads you away from the Liver but you also have other organs, such as the Pancreas which are attached to the Bile Duct. No stomach pain would also point to Liver but that would then suggest its not Bile thats the problem? So with all that in mind you would need to know your history but I reckon with you this is a diet issue and your Liver is saying "pack it in". The other person I have responded to, gave the answer to her problem with, she takes Apple Cider Vinegar and it stops.

    Without doubt this proves in her case its the Liver? I am not a Dr so I can't speak in those terms but I have done a lot of research about the Gall Bladder, I can also tell you I still have my Gall Bladder in and it is with drinking ACV in the morning and night that has helped. It does not have to be ACV but this is known for being a healer, the taste takes some getting used to and you do need to be able to eat but you can drink small amounts of fresh squeezed Lemon juice and the easiest Orange Juice, its the acidity your looking for. So your going to at first treat your self as if the Gall Bladder is still there with diet, No Fats. If any of the above remedies do not help, then I don't know. I take ACV with Lemon juice and Olive oil about 2 table spoons of Olive oil ( a quality one ) 1 table spoon of Lemon and 1 of ACV. You may find doing this before bed is a good idea but I do both bed and morning. as a real treat you can add honey to this as well. Honey has good properties with healing so you have scope to how you make your healing drink. I am about to start making my own ACV as you can make it more palatable. I can tell you that I go to Hospital In Jan and I am fighting for a HIDA test and if these morons refuse then I shall be taking matters in to my own hands.

    I do agree with you that Extraction should be a last result but the HIDA test is crucial, even with to making this decision to have it removed. It is unfortunate that our Dr's do not know of the information that is out there on the Internet and America is really taking this on board, in the UK, well I won't say anything!

    Try these drinks which ever one you decide and how you can take the taste you will know quickly within a day or two if it works. APC needs to be a good one such as Braggs RAW and that is what I use, it is expensive about £10 pounds 945 ml, from a health food shop but cheaper if you get it from online such as Amazon I believe I got it £7 from there, the hazard there is shipping cost.The problem with standard shop purchased ASV is they have been filtered, Its a huge bottle and don't think its a waste, you can use ACV around the home such as cleaning it really is this good, washing your dog makes their coat really fluffy, also treats their skin. So IF this works you will know its a diet change but can be more such as Gall Bladder stones, yes I know we are talking Liver but they are still called Gall Bladder stones, its a very long story. When I joined this site I wanted my Gall Bladder FOR SURE but since I have come up against uniformed Dr's and Hospital Consultants, I now know 80% of the time the Gall Bladder does not need to be removed and I would advise most strongly that people also research this on the Internet, type in "How to cleanse the Gall Bladder" to your search engine. I was also encouraged by my brother who I thought was mad, as he will not have his out and he suffers worse than me, so this shows you how eager I was to having mine out ha ha ha. I have since told him once I know what the Hospital say, I will let him know what my actions produce.

    I sincerely hopes this remedy helps you and wish you a Merry Christmas

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    Hi Carla. Had my gb out 7 weeks ago approx and my digestive system was up the left. Taking digestive enzymes and they appear to help. Had a lot of constipation but that seems to have passed. I now suffer with bad pains (at times ) in both shoulders and middle back. Had OGD done about 2 weeks ago and awaiting results back from biopsy although I was told (or read it in the letter to my GP) that I had a 5cm agitated are in my esophagus. No indigestion and though I eat, but not after 6pm, I never feel hungry. I stay away from red meat and most dairy products. Going to try what Julian 58133 has suggested below to see if it helps and will be in touch on this forum. I also take Lansoprazole 30 mg daily and have for years as I have a condition known as Barretts Esophagus.

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      Hi Thomas, I cant help you with knowledge on Barretts syndrome although I have heard of it.

      When they take your Gall Bladder out the Liver then drops a continued dripping of Bile into the duct to the duodenum and small intestine if I remember rightly.

      Lansoprazole is used to neutralize the acid or the Bile in both cases with you. This Bile can burn the wall lining of either organ and this would cause an alternating between constipation and diarrhea and normal bowel movement.

      The normal advice with this is to eat small meals regularly which then soaks up the Bile. I would be careful about adding Apple Cider Vinegar or acidic fruit juice to your tummy or for your throat problem. Also you say the Left side of body? Your pain in the back could be this Barrett thing, especially if this is acid reflux?

      ACV will burn your already sore throat or indeed your tummy????

      The not eating after 6pm is wise for throat. I would look for a spoonful of Honey to help both conditions, once again in the morning and at night. Do not get confused here Thomas and do not go against your Dr prescriptions meds.

      Have a wonderful Christmas yo ho ho

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    Carla i can assure you It's not just you. judging by all the replies on here it's a lot of other people that suffer after the GB removal. 4 months after my op i had to call an ambulance and ended up in A&E. I. was in agony and found it hard to breathe. The doctor there said a stone could possibly been left in there. I take omeprozole for indigestion and no longer eat meat (only chicken). Maybe eating small meals regularly may help. Do hope you feel better soon. I'm sure it will improve. Seems to be a common occurrence.

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