Could this REALLY be anxiety?

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Hi all,

Im new here. Im posting this in anxiety because thats what my doctor thinks i have. I didnt know where else to post it.

So for the past 9 months i have been feeling off balance, dizzy, very mild veritigo (not very often) mild right sided headaches, lightheadedness, feeling like im going to die, blurry vision, feeling like my brain is foggy, sudden fatigue (its pretty bad) and head twitches.

Lately it seems that its all getting worse. Iv been having difficulty breathing (i can breathe but i feel like i cant and im constantly thinking about making sure i remember to breathe and to breathe deep enough). Its funny because if i go for a walk or do yoga i dont feel that the breathing difficulty gets worse.

Iv also been having some sleeping problems.. as im falling asleep i get this kind of rush of .. i dont even know what to my head and it scares the hell out of me and i spend the rest of the night worrying about it happening again. Its not painful at all but it feels like a zap or a rush of butterflies.. or electricity or energy..

Also my throat randomly closed up the other night.. so i stayed awake for another hour or so googling symptoms and eventually went back to bed.

I also get this feeling during the day.. its very hard to explain, but it kind of feels like i go unconscious for literally 2 seconds.. or like some organ stops working... or my heart stops.. or i forget to breathe.. or even kind of like an out of body experience..

I google symptoms everyday. I cant stop worrying about whats wrong with me. i am mortified that its physical. it HAS to be physical. It feels way too real to be in the mind.

Iv had a blood test.. all clear

a head MRI.. all clear 

checked my blood pressure everytime iv seen the doctor.. all fine

had that heart test.. the one that goes for about a minute.. all fine

even seen a naturopath and taken some herbs..didnt work

Could this really be anxiety? sad please someone help!

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    Have you had a quick test for Lyme? Otherwise sounds very much like a panic disorder. Try taking b complex, b12 sub lingual, vit c, vit D and use ginger for dizzy and fresh basil to eat at least half a cup a day. That will arm your body and help you feel a bit better. The ginger is great for balance part.  Learn belly breathing and mindfullness and cbt so you understand whats going on and be patient with yourself. You are not alone. 18% of the population is with you.
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      No i havent! I might have to look into that.

      I was actually taking multi vitamins before.... but i found they gave me even more anxiety =/ but i will try the ginger! 

      thanks so much for your reply

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    Could definitely be anxiety. It is very cruel. It can wreak havoc with everything in your body and make you think something or everything is wrong. It's a vicious cycle. When it gets worse, it makes your symptoms worse and when the symptoms get worse it makes your anxiety worse. There are thousands of us on this page and we all didn't believe it was anxiety at first. You have to take control of it and not let it control you. I got mad at it and said you are not going to do his to me. I jhadto say it so many times until I believed I could beat it. This was almost 3 years ago and I have mostly beat it now. Anxiety causes your body to react just like if you were walking in a dark alley and a person with a gun stepped in front of you. Your body does all the things to you that would happen in that situation. It can go on for minutes, hours, days or weeks...until you MAKE it leave through determination. It can be done. Don't let it stay. Remember, these fears aren't real. Make your mind and body realize it.
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      Thanks for your reply!

      I have these symptoms everyday from the moment i open my eyes in the morning till i fall asleep... and then somewhere in between it gets really really intense. i call it death hour haha. Were your symptoms 24/7 too?

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      I have them mostly under control now, but I used to be bad from the moment I woke up until about 7:00pm, was relatively better until waking around 3:30am and it would start all over! Breathing, hearts, arm pains, leg pains, headaches, nausea, incredible fear, about nothing and everything! Came out of nowhere.
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      I just noticed your little haha with "death hour". That is the attitude that will beat it...laugh at it, yell at it, tell it "this is not real and it is ridiculous". Take control of it and show it. When it hits, get up and move around. Do more and faster intentionally to keep it from controlling. You can do it!
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      I replied earlier, but i think i kind of swore in my comment so it didnt end up posting haha. Yea iv actually thought about doing that. It sounds crazy but iv actually spun around and hit my head to make the dizziness worse (only on a pillow). Sometimes i get so frustrated i actually want to make it worse and make myself even angrier by kind of..... experiencing the full effect? I dont even know lol!
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