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Hi guys

So I got my CT scan results yesterday, and as I expected it came back with nothing. I have gallbladder-like problems and have had them for 7 years now. I asked about a HIDA Scan and the doctor didn't even know what that was. I am so confused and don't know how to move forward. The digestive issues, pale/loose stools and on/off abdominal pain is really annoying.

Any ideas what to do next? Because now the doctors just shrug me off.

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    Oh I should add that I've had three US, one endoscopy and one colonoscopy as well. Came back negative too.

    The doctor who gave me my CT scan results basically said if there are no stones, then the gallbladder is good. He said this when I mentioned the HIDA scan.

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      Also if he said no stones show good Gallbladder he's also wrong. Wife has no stones but Gallbladdr working at 27%. Dr put her on low fat diet. It's called gallblader spasms. Gallbladder contracts but not properly. Kinda like a heart when it goes into A Fib. Best solution is low fat diet or surgey

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    CT on mine showed nothing, but ULTRASOUND showed stones up to 12 mm. I'd start there. If Dr doesn't know what a HIDA scan is you need another DR

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    Hi! I cannot believe he doesn't know what a HIDA scan is. You need to see another doctor. All tests could be negative with no stones but your gallbladder might not be functioning right. Maybe there is another name for the test that he only knows it by. Either switch docs or ask again if u don't want to switch. If the test is neg then you'd have to see a surgeon and he would know what he's doing. Hope you feel better soon!

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      Also, maybe you should have a gastric emptying test. Maybe your stomach is taking to long to empty. I think they have meds for that. If you're seeing a Gatrointestinal doctor, they should know. Feel better soon.

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      I know right! I was baffled! I have contacted my GP and hope I can get referred to a HIDA Scan through him. Since US and CT doesn't show, it seems like that's the only way to go. But what if my GP doesn't want to refer me?

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    I went to the ER and was told I was fine because I didn't have stones on an U/S. Went to my GP to get a referral to a GI and was basically mocked with sarcastic comments by my GP who thinks I'm a hypochondriac for not feeling well. The GI sent me for a HIDA which was 21%. Meaning that my gallbladder is only shrinking or contracting at that low percentage. I had mine out and feel so much better! It's frustrating dealing with doctors! I want to take my gallbladder and go slap my GP with it! Get a new doc if your GP can't refer you for the test. They obviously don't know what they are doing if they are a GI and don't know what a HIDA scan is.

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    If you are in the UK, you could print off the info on Hida scans from the nhs site and show your dr, they don't like it but I had to do this with another condition.

    If they refuse and you are not happy with your treatment, you could approach PALS who can advocate for you.

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    My history is repeated below and at first I was told it was sludge build up but after the op the biopsey report indicated no stones but an abscess behind the Gall bladder which didnt show up on any of the scans I had and I had them all.

    It was this abscess that caused all the re infections and I am glad to be rid of the GB. Just keep on at them as I had a very uncomfortable year with infections on and off till the op



    I wrote this before

    Saw this forum and thought how good it was that people are sharing experiences. The NHS is a very good system but having worked in it at one point know that sometimes the details get missed even if overall the service is good. In this case I would have liked to have had far more tutoring in the way the post op recovery goes.

    Briefly my history is

    Had operation. 2hrs later I was given a large meal of steak and kidney pie, potatoes and veg which set me off and had to have morphine to see me through the night.

    Been taking the odd pain killer and Lactulose to keep me regular as opiates like Tramadol do bung you up. Waterworks OK which was a relief as my hernia op the year before they packed up for 24hrs due to the anaesthetic they used but being ignorant of this I was in a right old panic.

    So 10 day went by and on the fast track to recovery... oh deary me no. I tried to do too much in physical exertion and full of confidece went out for a meal which  was a bit spicy on the friday 10 days after the op . 

    About 1 hr later  I keeld over at home with great pain in the side, hardly able to breath and sat up all night watching TV as I simply could no lie down.

    Went to the local Out of hours service on the Saturday and Sunday but in the end decided to hang on till I could see the consultant instead of the convoluted A&E pathway.

    The PALS service in the hospital is so good if you need help do contact your local one. Anyway got to see the consultant on the followig Tuesday and had an x-ray and bloods taken showing no infection of respiratory problems. Still in pain it seemed all the good recovery was set back to worse than zero but during the following few days it has got very slowly better.

    I have noticed severe bruising on my side which I think someone else said they didnt notice till 10 days after the op.

    Any way I am taking it very easy, no walks just pottering and Hanna my wife does any lifting. It is now just over two weeks since the op and I guess I feel about 2-5% better per day.

    I have 1 tramadol at night around 10pm to help me sleep but at least I can just about sleep lying down with 2-3 pillows under my head.

    I take 15ml of lactulose once at 9am and one at 9pm to help things go through.

    Foodwise I am now eating smaller portions maybe 5 times perday eg breakfast is about two tbl spoons of alpen plus skimmed milk (< 1% fat)

    and mid day its clear home made soup and or 1 ham sandwich,with lettuce 

    Evening is 1 ham sandwich and maybe 1/4 tin of manderins in fruit juice .

    So as I am also diabetic it is low fat, low sugar,carbohydrate and only Ham or white meat so not a gastronomic experience but it hlps.

    So far the regime is working but the recovery rate I calculate puts me up to average fitness in a minimum of 4-7weeks ie: driving, walking light lifting ad normal low fat diet  not the 10 days that is indicated by the NHS doc which says this is the time before return to work!!!!!!!

    So much detail has been left out of the information provided by the NHS but I guess if I had read this site before the op I might not have had it. As it is my gall bladder didnt have stones it seems but had an abscess due to all the reinfections so removal of this was paramount to prevent worse things happening over time.

    Dont get me wrong the NHS system is I think one of the best in the world and the staff at the hospital wonderful. I am in next week for a follow up ultr-sound to see if there are any retained micro stones or any other untoward problems, but hopefully the post op problems were down to my impatience to get better too soon so beware after the op TAKE IT EASY for a minimum of 4 weeks.

    Anyone care to comment please let me knowReport this

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      Good luck! Hope you can have that test soon. Only a few hospitals in my area did that test because it's special raditation equipment. It's about a two hour test I think. My test showed mine was functioning at 21%. 35% is the starting range I think. Had it out last Friday and still recovering. Waiting to see how I feel. My surgeon did say it was diseased and was covered in fat. Not sure what that's about. I will see when I go back in a few weeks. He told my husband that it is most likely why I wasn't feeling well. The only other test you may need is a gastric emptying test. It's a radiation test also. Maybe you could look that up. So if all your tests are okay except for your HIDA scan then that's got to be it. Feel better soon!

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      Thank you so much Cathy! I will definitely look into that! It's guys like you who make me not giving up finding a solution! Very much appreciated smile hope you have a speedy recovery and feel great!

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      Thanks Tom!

      I'm gonna check up on you and make sure you get better real soon. Prayers being said!

      Ps it makes me feel better talking to someone that is going through the same thing as me!!!!!! So thank you!

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