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Cystoscopy Bad Experience! 59 yrs-Male

Went into my local hospital yesterday and had my Flexible Cystoscopy.

I, like many others was stressed and worried about the procedure!

Went to the hospital for 11 o'clock appointment scans, x rays, blood test, then the dreaded Cystoscopy and left at 4pm

The staff, through the whole day, I must say were brilliant and reassuring!

However, I found the whole experience of the Flexible Cystoscopy a very painful one.

The so called anesthetic jell that was applied was very painfully administered, and the camera went in straight away[u:1adfd9fe7e] very very painful[/u:1adfd9fe7e] My fingerprints are firmly embedded into that bed rail :x Was this because I was the last appointment on a Friday afternoon and everyone wanted to get home? :lol: My sense of humor has returned!

I have since read that its normal procedure to wait 5-10 minutes for the jel to take effect! If they had waited the asaid time would it have been a little more comfortable, if I can use that word!

I have a very good pain threshold, and found this to be excruciating!

Then came the first wee after being home for an hour, I wasn't ready for this one, bloody hell, after all this my lovely wife tells me I'm still not ready to have a baby (I DONT WANT ONE!)

Thankfully the outcome gave me the all clear so for that I am truly grateful :D

Lots of people have had this procedure and found it to be not too bad.

I would like to add that this was my experience and I dont want you to think I am scaremongering

Good luck and God bless to anyone having this done in the future


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