Day 11 and still no loss

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Am feeling totally fed up - day 11 and still no loss on the scales! What's wrong with me??

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    Hmmm, would have thought you'd be seeing a difference by now.

    Suggestion - register on the mapassist website, print off their daily food diary and fill it in for a week. Log everything you take in (even cups of tea/coffee). Maybe that will help.

    Also be careful you aren't getting dehydrated.

    Are youy also trying to follow a LC diet? It isn't just fats that affect us!

    Mind you, I stand need to talk, I haven't lost anything for 5 weeks! I know how frustrating it can be.


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    I have joined the mapassist website and I already keep a log of everything that I am eating.

    I only drink water (with the odd skinny cow hot choc now and again when I need a chocolate fix) and I have upped my water intake over the last week as I was aware that I've not been drinking as much as I perhaps should be...... but still nothing!!

    I really want to cry - I had thought that finally I might have found something to help with my ongoing battle with the bulge but the lack of results are just making me want to pop to the shop and buy copious amounts of chocolate and crap!!

    I really am losing any enthusiasm I had x

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    OK, lets reverse this.

    Have you put any weight on?

    If not then that is a good thing.

    I have just totted up my food for today so far. I would have estimated maybe 600 cals but it came in at nearly 1000! Shocked? You betcha!

    Surprisingly, the biggest contrubutions were \"good calories\" i.e. fruit. That equated to 400+ so nearly half.

    So, I guess the next step has to be to increase exercise as I can't eat any less otherwise i will binge.

    The fruit is my boredom comfort and keeps me off the crisps and chocolate.

    So, I suggest you analyse your food intake. Hopefully you will also get a shock!

    Stick with it Hippo! I'll keep ya company!

    Lelly xx

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    No I have not put any weight on but I seemed to have stuck at this weight for a long time before going on to Orlistat (despite the numerous diets I've tried!!)

    I know I too should up my exercise levels but unfortunately I have torn the ligaments in my foot and i'm currently hobbling around!!

    I will stick with it until the end of my months supply but if there is still no weight loss at this point I think it will fair to ask the doctor for some reductil!

    I hope you get a good weight loss again soon - I share your frustrations in not seeing the dial on the scales move!

    Hippo x

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    It is always good to know someone else is in the same position. I know my problem is thatI eat when I am bored so it is stopping the urge to eat taht is most critical. I am perfectly capable of sticking to low fat or fat free options and I don't cheat or snack. I just need to \"not want to eat\".

    Well unless the chemist can get some orlistat soon I will be going back to the docs and asking for reductil. I think i will after this next px anyway.

    Mind you, I'll have to see if the reductil is contraindicated with ante depressants as that could be an interesting combination!

    :diva: :magic: :tomato:

    Lelly xx

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    I'm a student midwife and managed to get my hands on a copy of the BNF book that doctors use when prescribing meds.

    It would appear that although depression is listed under the cautions when prescribing reductil it is not a contra-indication. On the other hand, Acomplia (another appetite suppressant) clearly states that it should be avoided unless there is no alternative in someone with depression. I don't know if this helps at all.

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    Hi Lelly,

    Have you thought about CBT - the Nurse has referred me for it - so I'm hoping that it will train my brain to not eat food when I really don't want it,

    mind you I don't know how long I'll have to wait for it but hoping that the reductil will stop me eating!!

    Why not ask the nurse next time you go.


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    Hi Jane,

    I may do that. I have looked into overeaters anonymous but found that a bit too religion centric for me. I need to take control and responsibility not put myself in the hands of a supreme being!


    Lelly xx

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    I know the feeling,i've been on them for 15days and still no weight loss,i dont know what im doing wrong.I will give it a few months though before i stop them.If they dont work im getting refered to the weight loss clinic so that should hopefully be good.


    I never knew you couldn't get reductil while takin anti-depressants,thats a bummer sad

    I agree with you though id rather be fat n happy than thin n depressed :D


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    Hi Clare

    I'm sorry to hear that you too have had no loss.... although it does reassure me to know that it's not just me!!

    I am going to stick with it for now and refrain from weighing myself until I have to go back to the doctors.... hopefully will avoid depressing myself with feelings of failure this way! What happens at a weight loss clinic then?

    Hippolump x

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    Hi ladies n gents,

    Day 5 just began so i jumped on the scales and got annoyed first time showed 4lb loss so i jumped on again to show my hub and it showed no loss at all, i should have stopped at the first time lol so i decided my scales are rubbish and ill have to wait till the drs appointment beg June, long time with no feed back will drive me nuts.

    On the subject of eating when bored i tend to fill my spare time card making, something i love doing it takes me out of the real world and time passes so quick a couple of hours has gone without me knowing, im a heavy smoker too but once i get cutting sticking n playing pretties i dont even light up now that is unheard of, maybe you need to find something to occupy your mind and hands in the same way. Reading is a no no i tend to reach for a book and nibbles, sweets, crisps ect and pig out when reading so im not touching a book till i break the bad habbit, smae with watching tv, i sit and watch but im thinking hmmmm whats nice in the kitchen all the time. We all have danger times its just working out when and what they are and avoiding them like the plague till we can be good girls n boys. Also now i make so many cards i am selling them to family and friends so i can buy more craft supplies smile Try watching Create and Craft tv on sky 671 or there web site has a player on it. thats what got me hooked.

    busy hands and minds stop the thoughtless nibbles

    Glitter xxxxx

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    Hi Hippolump,

    Sorry about the late reply :lol:

    I'm not too sure what happens at the weight loss clinic .I think it's a strict diet you get and counselling etc ..


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    Hi folks,

    I am also very fed up as I am still not losing weight. Tried increasing the fats but that didn't help. Not dehydrated. Just really fed up.

    Glitter - I am also a crafter (machine embroidery) so when i am at home it is easy. It is just the times when i am at work and fed up. The snack machine is too easy to get to. But I do manage to resist most of the time.

    Lelly xx

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