Day 19 Citalopram Increase (would love to hear your success)

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I'm on day 19 of my increase from 25mg to 30mg . Finally slept through night. I actually got pretty good sleep. Also helpful that I haven't stayed up past midnight in these last 2.5 weeks.My new bedtime is 10:30ish which is pretty cool.  My internal alarm is waking me up at 6:00 am daily now, which is partially annoying on the weekends.

My morning anxiety is what gets me the most right now. I wake up and my stomach is in knots. Which usually sends me to the restroom.  It's not as bad as it was on day 1 but it's still there. I noticed on Saturday and Sunday when I woke up with nothing to do I immediately began to lay there and think about anxiety, and how I was going to feel the rest of the day. This really throws me off at times. 

The racing thoughts on how I feel are probably the hardest thing for me to overcome right now. I don't feel as detached from the world as I was on Day 1. My students (I'm a teacher)  also haven't been questioning if I was okay. It was really hard for me to talk. 

What's really weird is at the end of the day I feel dang near normal. I'm not sure why. It was even weird last night I was excited to wake up for work this morning (which is day 20) When I woke up I of course had this dreaded morning anxiety.  I guess the one question I have for anyone who ask is, will this morning anxiety ever pass?  In all honesty I know the answer to this because I've been through this before. 

I would love to hear some success stories if you have them? 

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    Yes! It took 6 weeks for me to feel more normal in the morning
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    Hi. I have been on citalopram for a couple of months now. I am so much better but if I'm going to struggle it will be in the morning. Everyone says morning anxiety is the hardest thing to kick. I had a blip this morning. Frequent trips to the restroom. Feeling panicked. However I know tell myself it will pass and you will he fine. I just let tge panic come over me and it went after a while. I had a chat with ky mum on the phone and did a couple of bits around the house. Hang in there. There will he a day when it doesnt trouble you

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    Hey Mylo,

    Good to hear your experience, I’m at about the same point as you. Feel so drowsy and tired all the time (doesn’t help that I worked a 6 day week last week) think I may have to copy you on 10:30pm bedtime!

    I feel like the 30 is helping- I’m just looking for a more consistent dose, where i have less serious blips, so that I feel less of a need to visit this site... (as much as I love everybody!) lol 

    But yes just very drowsy, milder anxiety and bad stomach. With intrusive thoughts looming in the background. I’m not so scared of the anxiety as such, more the intrusive thoughts... but they do seem to be improving. Head still seems a little heavy. 

    I also have really good days... and not so great days, but am viewing this all as a ‘balancing out’ period. 

    & in answer to your question, yes it will pass (I too have been there before) but we all need some reassurance sometimes! It’s getting to me too- however not as bad- it’s more of a mild stomach drop and negative feeling.

    I also, made the mistake of feeling much better last week and missing a dose of 30mg. Sent me 2 steps back. Definitely don’t advise. Lol

    Lu xo.

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    Hi Mylo

    I have recently restarted Citalopram after a short break and I think the morning anxiety has been the worst but today is the first day I’ve not felt it. I totally empathize with how you’re feeling. It’ll take time but it will get better. 

    For me the worst thing is laying in bed predicting how rubbish the day will be or how I’ll feel. I’ve found picking up a book and reading helps me to disengage from my negative thoughts and sometimes helps me to drop back off to sleep. If reading isn’t your thing then maybe try to not allow yourself to stay in bed thinking or challenge those thoughts about how you’ll feel - you’ve already found that you feel better by the end of the day so there’s evidence you’re getting better. 

    Try to keep yourself busy and fill your day with nice / distracting things if you can. You’re doing great, it can only get better. 

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    Oh and by the way Citalopram has worked wonders for me in the past and massively helped my anxiety. It doesn’t stop me getting anxious at times but it’s taken away the crippling anxiety that had me worried about everything all the time! 

    It took probably 3-4 weeks to really kick in but it helped immensely. I also think having CBT alongside helped too

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    Hi Mylo, I also feel fine in the evenings, its hit and miss but I go to sleep thinking ‘I’m fine’ then wake up feeling not so good again with all the anxiety... Its really annoying.. I am also on Citalopram but I have just started taking it now so early days.. 

    Ive been thru so many forums and they all mention that its a good tablet so I suppose we have to wait and see how it goes... 

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    Hello Mylo88, my name is Karl and have been taking Citalopram for close to 6 months. I’m taking 30 mg after a short stint at 20 and before that 10. The 30 seems to be the most effective dose for me. I am doing so much better. The thing that concerns me is the lingering anxiety that is still there but again, much better than before. I am experiencing a shortness of breath. Most likely due to anxiety. Do you or anybody else have this particular symptom. Is it something I should be concerned about. I will google ‘shortness of breath and Citalopram’ to see if it is a common side effect of the drug. Thanks 🙏 

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    I have been on Escitalopram for 8 weeks now, started of on 5mg and now at 15mg (I increased myself to15mg) and whilst I do feel better (maybe 80%) I too still have that dreaded morning anxiety. I did have 2mg daily of Diazepam for a couple of months but my Dr won't prescribe anymore.

    My question is exactly the same as yours even now (it's 10 am in the UK) I still have that stomach churning underlying anxiety not nearly as bad as I was admittedly, but it is still there and I find myself trying to think of what is making me anxious, which is nothing but that sets my anxiety off, its like a vicious circle.

    Sorry to be graphic but this too gives me loose bowels. I am due to see the Dr in just over 2 weeks and will be asking for an increase to 20mg in the hope it takes away that last bit of underlying anxiety.

    It is only in the morning that I feel this way and as the day progresses it goes completely and I feel normal. I do think this drug is working for me but I don't think I'm on the right dose.

    As for your waking I too am exactly the same it's like my body says right your having 8 hours of sleep and no more, no matter what time I go to sleep! I take my dose at night at first I started at 8pm and found myself awake between 5-6 am. I now take them about 10pm and now sleep until 7. I will add I am still on 7.5mg Mirtazapine (for sleep) but feel now I could drop this as the Escitalopram alone makes me sleep ( I know this as I always fall asleep after taking it but before I take the Mirt).

    I know the above post doesn't answer your question about the morning anxiety but I know exactly how you feel and could of wrote it myself.

    Does your anxiety decrease as the day goes on and what time of day do you take yours?

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