Decided To Take The Bull By The Horns & Go Cold Turkey

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Hiya...... wrongly or rightly I'm on day 3 of doing cold turkey.

I've been on Mirtazapine for only 3 months at 45mg...

Sadly the side affects (2 stone increase and inability to move hips, knees, ankles, twist etc) were unbearable and sadly my gp was one focusING on my anxiety which has significantly reduced.

However, side effects were debilitating in themselves..... so I decided to go it alone.

I'm on day 4 .... no mirtazapine at all. The insomnia has crept back in, I've had flu like symptoms and an upset tummy.... slight moments of paranoia and panic


However, I'll go see my gp at day 7 and see if there's a need to go onto something else as the Mirtazapine is well out my system I'm guessing....

Clearly this isn't a recommended way of doing things hut sadly my GPS only action to to continually increaee dosage or suggest I'm not allowing the drug time enough to work....

Sure there's a better drug that doesn't cripple u with weight increase on a BIG scale or cause your joints to hurt so badly you scream out in pain just sitting on the toilet.

This help site has been invaluable and I thank everyone for your support, knowing you can spk to people who will never nudge you and who only want the same outlook for everyone here us amazing and comforting. ..

. Thank you xxxx

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    Sorry about the spelling errors... damn auto correct 😆
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    Hi I'm on day 2 cold turkey ...I was desperate too! To be fair the heart palpitations I'm get I was getting before other than that I'm ok ... A little anxious but nothing major. My doctor doesn't believe the side effect of weight gain ..die to see doctor on the 1st April, he'll probably tell me off but just cause I had anxiety and depression doesn't mean I can be fobbed off and that I don't care what I look like.
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      I put 2 stone on in 6 weeks.... that's completely unacceptable and impacts on me physically and mentally .... I understand how you feel.

      I've had a panic today, first time in 5 weeks BUT DO U WANT TO KNOW WHY? Well, it was because I caught a glimpse of myself in a store mirror.... I couldn't breathe and ended up hiding in the toilets for 45 minutes.

      I know this won't be easy and I know my GP will be annoyed but it's time I took an element of control.... I think it will get better.... it has to x

      Fingers crossed for u hunnie xx

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      I know exactly how you feel I've put on 2 stone too and I've got to the point I make excuses not to go out because I'm disgusted with my weight. Weight has always been an issue for me but this is ridiculous... I have never been so ashamed of myself and how I look. 

      Just be be careful not to make yourself ill coming off them you may need to come off them slowly. 

      Im going to tell my gp I'm not going on any medication, as unfortunately I do not trust my doctor now which is a shame. 

      Keep eps me posted on how you get on but just be careful and look after yourself x

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      Will do hunnie..... although I've gone from 45mg to nothing, I've got a few 45mg left which I've halved just incase. ......

      It's not as bad as I expected, it's just the return of the panic attacks and anxiety I need to monitor.

      By the time I go to my gp I won't need weaning so can start a new medication if necessary...

      Good luck hunnie, stay strong and remember to surround yourself with people who understand you without you having to say a word. Good luck xxxx

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    Hi I am so pleased someone else has bought up joint pain, I had only been on 15mg for about 5wks when my wrists started to really ache but I thought I was coming down with something but then it was every joint I could hardly walk I just cried in pain, it was only when my dad said its not a side affect of your tablets is it so I googled it to find out it was so I am tapering off this drug and I to have put on a stone in about 9wks. It's going to be interesting to see if my weight drops once off them. 

    Hope it carries on going ok and you don't suffer to bad.

    Karen 😃

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      Kate, to say the joint pains were horrific was an understatement. Crying just to get out of bed, or to try using the loo or even going downstairs, was not a nice feeling at all.

      My GP would not see the correlation between the high dose of this drug and the pain. ..

      I'm onto a week with no meds and guess what, NEXT TO NO JOINT PAIN...! I can't believe the difference.... my kids have noticed a huge improvement too, walking down the stairs normally not one step at a time crying with each step. I've also lost 5 lbs and that's not from dieting, my appetite has kinda returned to normality, I'm not craving the sugar or food in general. ..

      I'm not suggesting going cold turkey is for anyone other then me, but I couldn't bear the side effects anymore and my gp was just not hearing that....

      I know there's probably a hill to climb yet in terms of overall wellbeing, but I've found a massive boost from just taking some control over what's happening to me....

      I'm not sure if the joint pains etc will subside but general research seems to suggest the higher dose increases the pain, goodness knows why,

      Keep on at your GP if you're suffering, you're supposed to be improving with the meds not feeling worse ....

      Good luck, stay in touch xxx

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    Well nearly a week now and my appetite has decreased like you wouldn't believe!!!! I'm feeling ok too ....insomnia creeping back in but I still get some sleep so not too bad. Hope it's going ok for you xxx
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      Same Hunnie! My appetite is what I would suggest is normal (if there is such a thing)

      I CAN WALK up and down stairs and Get out of bed first thing with significantly reduced pain, something which hasn't happened since my dose was increased to 45mg.

      I've had one of 2 panic attacks, one if which set me back and made me question if I was doing things the right way, but once I'd come out if that 'attack' I felt able to carry on with the plan I'd put in place.

      I am EXHAUSTED all the time and idly, I'm sleeping 6 or 7 hours (with multiple pee wakes still lol) and yet insomnia was one of the reasons this particular drug was prescribed.

      I'm trying to remain positive and it sounds like you are doing exactly the same.

      Just remember to Call on help if you need it. ..

      Well done you! It's an achievement to take control of things that have previously dominated your life, expect minor setbacks and accept you're not super human and you will have moments where you question yourself.

      You're part of a bigger family who understand the battles you/we face..... you and I will get to where we need and want to be...

      Chin up xx

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      Sounds like you're doing really well 😀 Keep it up and how amazing that you can do things like walk without feeling crippled.....fantastic! 

      God it's been amazing having this support network, real people experiencing real effects and being honest which is more than can be said for some health professionals. 

      There are times I feel panicky but I've been ok and above all I'm looking forward to the weight loss .... Hopefully that starts to happen. 

      Weird you you mention control cause that's how I'm feeling control, one of the reasons I went on these cause I felt so out of control. I suppose there will be days you question yourself but I suppose if we know the difference between just having a bump or desperately needing help we'll be OK.

      Hope this positivity stays. As you say we'll both get to where we need to be 

      😀 Xxx


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      You're so right with everything you said. We started this journey in a very bad place, the medication has allowed us the opportunity to get some kind of normality in our lives, it's bought us time we probably never realised we could have as the anxiety/depression/feelings of hopelessness had taken a tight hold and had taken us to a dark place....

      For me, I realised that in addition to the side effects, the meds had detached me from all things real.... the past 4 weeks have been spent accepting that fact and finding the strength to come out and tackle the issues head on... the meds gave me the breathing space and the time I needed to 'heal' and realise that I can find a way forward and as we've both said, take control of a situation that had control of us....

      I think it's crucial to make clear that this route is not for everyone, some people chose to stay on medication for significant periods of time or on the opposite end of the spectrum, some decide after a few days it's not for them.

      Each person has to follow the route they've chosen ONLY because they've chosen it. Not because someone convinces them they should or worse, that person feels the world is expecting them to do it....

      Each person is their own person and their journey is their own..... you can chose when to change direction, go back or discover new things.

      In the back of my mind, I know I have the safety nets of family, friends, these types of forums and medical professionals should I think I need help, although I've chosen this route, I know, I can change it at a time if I'm struggling or need support with anything...

      It's amazing how talking to strangers who have experienced the same or similar problems within their personal life, can help heal, support and teach....

      Never lose sight of the person you were at the start of this long journey, acknowledge exactly how hard the way has been and the amazing progress that has been made, when you do look back, accept that this was part of what made you the person you are right now..... well done hunnie, Ive never met you but we have a common bond that unites us.

      Plz stay in touch and keep smiling xxxx

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