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    Cbt helps. Depends what's the course of it is. Talk to your doctor c If you can get referral to phycologist. They don't automatically out you on anti depressants but don't rule out tablets sometimes they are needed. 😀
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      My doctor was really good. And allowed me time. She also suggested cbt as well. Etc. give it a go. Hope it works out ok. Xx
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      It's cognitive behaviour therpy. Helps you to correct damaging thought processes caused by circumstances and they way life has Molded you. Which may have caused you to become depressed. So instead of going straight to a negative thought you can rewire you brain to go to a positive. Hope that makes sense. If you look on patient.info I seem to remember it has a section on this type of treatment. Xx
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      Thanks Tamar.  Yes, it DOES make sense.  Might take a bit of strong positive focussing to immediately stop thinking negative to begin with but I'm definitely going to try!  Will also look it up to read more about it.

      Thanks again.

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    Hi Julie,

    I was very much the same, didn't take or want to take tablets when my Doctor first suggested, but after 6 months things are finally settling down. I think that is quite good as it can take some longer as we are all different. CBT works for some and doen't for others so if you give it a go I hope it does work for you, if it doesn't so be it! When things didn't go the way I hoped in the early days it was frustrating. It was a little scary too as I didn't know what was happening, but with my partners support and the Doctor's knowledge of Cita (not all GPs are as up to scratch - no disrespect meant!) things finally started to get better. The worse symptom I had was vivid dreams and reduced these by taking Cita just before bed (this doesn't work for everyone mind) and there is one other, if you can call it one, and that is I haven't cried in 6 months. Now and again, I have a wave of emotion that comes and goes just as quick, but never any tears. I guess Cita recognised I needed this and I do believe it has helped (although, I used to enjoy a bit of teariness when watching "It's a Wonderful Life", but that's just between you and me ok?).

    My counselling sessions that the Doctor put me forward for help, never, ever materialised. Obviously, there are more deserving cases out there, I have come to realise there are a lot more of us out there since becoming ill.

    My therapy has been with the help of angels and they are to be found here! Try, which is difficult, to go with the flow, keep posting and reading here - it really does help!

    Bon Voyage!


    I have a long way to go, but it does get easier. I personally feel that a change of lifestyle has helped (need a little more exercise though!) cutting right down on alcohol (in fact did not drink for 4 months) stopped smoking and just recently ended my employment as, that was what was making me ill.

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      Hi david

      This really got me thinking i not goling to give up am going to do best i can to get over this, my biggest problems are i get so upset when dealing with stuff. you have really got me thinking, its annoying when people offer help an it doesnt happen isnt it. i need to set targets each day an achieve i fine in comfort zones, but it i out out it i panic.

      in time u will get through it which i will to just so tough at times isnt it,

      you got me thinking over the drink as well as i do drink alot when with parents or sometimes at home as have no friends as such can doi things with but i do have a hgelpful church family.

      my mum pays for gym for me so i get to go a few times a week an i try to go swimming once a week as can only do that set times in gym a go to.

      i have let hopuse go to a mess an finding that strggle to get back on top of but will get there in time

      thanks david for really getting me thinking

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    Morning Julie,

    Just remember that, thinking can tire you too, so don't over think and take one day at a time. On the days where you don't want to get out of bed, stay there until you do. If you find things get too much then remove yourself from that situation (even the ironing! Lol!). On the days you feel like everything is right with the world (Ok quite an over exaggeration there, but we can all hope and pray one day it will), but on those days make the most of it to the best of yer ability at the time. Always be aware that you will be down as well as up.

    There is another thing no one has mentioned for a while and that is being able to really let it go, express yerself and work out with a scream and shout, stick the radio on and dance away those blues! This came up as a post a few months back and really got us all talking about it after someone said they couldn't "scream and shout in someone else's house" and many joined in and started talking about dancing, signing, shouting and in my case wailing! I was glad I wasn't the only one who, even when feeling down (with the radio on in the background) while say, doing the dishes I went for it! Neighbours or not! I find Radio2 (UK) has a good mix (of course I must add here that, there are other radio stations available and other countries!!).

    Thinking about this, it is strange every time I go into the kitchen my partner turns the radio on?!

    Anyway, house work, whenever! The good thing about this time of year we can open the windows and let a bit of fresh air in to help air our homes. It helps to bring a little more life in and wildlife! But hey! everything has it's place.

    So, go for it, but in yer own time, as a holy person once said (no names no pack drill (and there are other deitys available, No dis to those who don't)) ...

    "everything in moderation, even moderation itself!"

    Welcome to the club and you'll always have friends here.



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      hi david

      sorry not replied sooner, 

      yer i know what you mean about thinking to much, an some days i dont want to get out of bed, will start doing that if dont want to get up instead of forcing myself as some days i have a set rountine others io dont, i had to do that at voluntry work last week remove myself from something an i calmed down easier for doing it, yer realised to somew days i feel better in myself then others ,

      like bit about letting self go i will remember that as never thought of that

      as find doing the swimming really helps me at moment so going to try to do that more then 1 day a week as do gym at least twice but coluld do with doing more an sitting in front of tv for hours doing nothin helps me

      i find i enjoying some thingws more then others so try to do more of what i enjoy

      yer find sites like this help some nice people speak to u espically u u seem a nice person.

      take care we will both get there in end an it helps knowing that not on own

      take care




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