Depression after co-codamol withdrawal is spinning me out!

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21 years on co-codamol, 10 days into withdrawal. Physical symptons (joint pain, stomach cramps, diarreah, sweating, restless legs, not sleeping at night, feeling lost & weird!) almost gone ... then this depression about 3 days in wasnt expected! Especially in the morning. Flashbacks, tears, feelings & memories ive never experienced or wanted to. Im having a few beers in the evening to try and calm me down, vitamins and just ordered some Lysine as thats supposed to help. I understand my brains relied on opiates all thee years so now my brains like 'wtf'. Hoping its not here for too long as i dont like feeling out of control and having, dark,crazy thoughts that i cant explain or rationalise with. Who would think that a GP, regularly prescribed fizzy pill for hip pain can cause this. 

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    Hiya mrsj

    I really feel for you, a bad hip and now you have to go through withdrawal. From something you've been prescribed.

    We have different stories but an opioid is an opioid I'm not saying you were an addict.

    I was a heron addict no no I know it's not the same as yours was medication.

    The symptoms you've described are the same as withdrawing for heroin.

    Did the Dr not give you anything for the sleep?? I know buscopan is very good for your stomach cramps. The aches you could have ibuprofen.

    The sweat and cold are horrible I know as you're cold but sweating.

    I have to say day 3 seemed to always be worse when I unsuccessfully tried to come off.

    I like you got an overwhelming feeling of loss dispare dark thoughts.

    Your brain and body has had a drug in it now it hasn't your receptors in your brain are going mental.

    Did you have you Dr's advice before this??

    You are doing really well this is natural you're on day 10 that's massive.

    I hope you are not upset but as you know they are both an opioid.

    I just wanted you to know it does make you feel terrible but when you are out the other end you will be so pleased.

    I would say keep busy if only a bath t v ect.

    It will get better it will take time.

    Take care

    Vicki xx

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      Thank you Vicky. As you say an opioid is what it is whether its GP precribed or bought on the streets. Its something you try or take without thinking about it then BOOM!. Ive enjoyed the feeling for 21 years and never ever expected this so i know i will never have them again no matter how much pain im in. Ive suffered anxiety for about 30 years (Im almost 47!!) but i can cope with that, ive never experienced depression, the dark feelings, the tears, the sadness, the hopelessness, the regrets about everything in my life. Then i look at my wonderful handsome husband of 25 years and my 4 grown up kids, lovely house and think 'sort your head out woman'. Ive been in the garden for 2 days flat, sipping beer, avoiding sad music and reading too much stuff on Google. Day 11 today and i actually woke up feeling normalish, no dark thoughts, the big black dog has been with me now and again today but nowehere near as much as he was with me yesterday. Thank you for responding & messaging,x

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      Mrs J

      You will get through this take it from me.

      You said today is a little better and tomorrow will be it's a process.

      I'm not saying it's an overnight thing oh no and you know that.

      Please know there's light at the end of the tunel. I put all opiates down 13 March 2016. Very hard but worth it.

      Please don't be offended by my comparison I know that you were not on Heroin.

      Opiates of any kind are a horrid drug to come off.

      Well done one day at a time.

      You have 4 kids and a husband you will get through it.

      The dark feelings may come and go and you may feel more heightened to this at present.

      You brain and body is going through withdrawal. Sounds sily it will realise that there is no more and it will settle...

      Tale care now

      Vicky xx

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    Hi Mrsj

    I know this may seem a little patronising but have you had blood tests done and explained this to your doctor

    The reason I ask I should because I a few weeks back took a considerable ammout of co-codomol and as a result I was very ill I know there's a difference however I'm wondering whether you overdosed and as a result may have damaged your liver as the storms you describe are the same as I experienced

    If not a good way to check if you have any liver probs as it's the bank holiday is buy as I did the urine test sticks over the counter use as directed my flag positive for absolutely everything leukocyte, nitrite,protein,pH,blood,ketone,and glucose if this happens to you too when you test yourself get your self in to the doctors and tell them they will most certainly send you for bloods

    Thinking of you mike

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      My GP didnt even know i was on them, he stopped giving me them a while ago, i was buying them off friends who found it easier to get them (i just heard you groan out loud haha). The reason i stopped was when my kids who are now older and notice everything, kept commenting on the foil wrappers that the codeine was in and the amount of times i was taking the fizzies.I actually felt like an addict and knew time was time. I only have 1 kidney anyway but apart from being pleasantly obese, im healthy. I liked them and they loved me, simple. Its like stopping smoking i just need to re-evaluate and re focus, change my habits. I just cant get to grips with the depression. Ive read so much stuff over the years but never experienced it and now its hit me i just dont know what to do. I just keep thinking, 7 days ago it was unbearable, each day its easing if only slightly. yesterday it was it was ok. Ive bought vitamins and a supplement called LYSINE that ive read in lots of places can be effective. Anythings worth a try x
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    Oh ps

    Another thing although I hope again not to patronise alcohol is a depressant it feels like it helps at the time but if your liver isn't working properly it's possible this is causing your upset mornings

    It kinda leaves you feeling as empty as the bottle you drank from

    I do hope you get the help and understanding you need Mrs j

    Thinking of you

    Mike x

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    You are experiencing paws post acute withdrawal syndrome and depression can last many months I've now been told it can last up to 2 years after opiate withdrawal. You could ask your doctor to prescribe pregablin as this is helpful at relieving many of the symptoms of opiate withdrawal the restless legs and anxiety I have been through this journey and still battling after be placed on subutex for codeine addiction which was a terrible error as 11 years later I'm still battling I am getting detoxed off this on the 5th June and will be experiencing many of your symptoms but hopefully things will start to improve for you best of luck x

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      Hi Tez. I miss the buzz but now ive come this far i will never go back. I just wasnt prepared for mental issues after the physical. Im an intellugent woman so didnt do my research or prepare well enough. I think the Lysine has helped and keeping busy. Im not going to read too much into it today as im having a good day so far and i think with mental illness, the more you read can sometimes cause more symptons. The brain is so complex. Sending you lots of love and good vibes for next week. Keep me up to daye with your progress. X
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