depression and anxiety, how to bit it?

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When I was 30 years old I had my first panick attack and I was working at that time when it hit me. I was so stressed at that time that I was drinking a lot of coffee and redbulls just to keep me going. I did not realize at that time that I was going down. It happened so suddenly and the panick attacks continued. I was diagnozed with panic attacs and depression. I started having different sorts of thoughts and fears. I was so scared and I thought I had schizophrenia, because my brother was diagnozed with it and I thought I had it too. So the doctor prescribed me cipramil for my depression and anxiety. I took it for the last 6 years. I was feeling OK. I tried to stop medication a couple of times, but I couldn't. I had always the fear that I was getting schizophrenia. In december 2013, I got another big blow of anxiety and depression. I went to a psychiatrist and he prescribed me olanzopine and something else. I cannot remember the name right now. I asked him if I had schizophrenia and he said no, but when I read the leaflet that comes with the olanzapine box it said that it it is used to treat schizophrenia, but I am still scared. How can I shake this feeling off? How can I be sure 100% that I am not getting it or I am not schizophrenic? And how can I get better? What should I do to bit depression?

I don't think I have paranoia or see people that don't exist or hear voices. The feelings that I have most of the time are:

- my energy is drained away

- I cannot enjoy the time with my daughters

- I don't feel much towards my daughters or wife

- I feel like I have not achieved anything

- i feel like people don't like me

- i feel like people don't respect me

- i have been doing the same job for the last 10 years and I am not getting anywhere

- i feel lonely

- the world looks dark and pointless

- At some moments I thought perhaps God has panished me and if I die I will go to hell (is this paranoia).

- I am afraid that something might happen in the future, like i will get more depressed or really ill and I will not be able to work or hold my family and I might lose it

- I am afraid that I might not get better

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    Sorry to hear of your panic attacks.

    Just because schizophrenia is listed as a condition treated by the drugs you are on doesn't mean you have it.

    Drugs are used to treat many illness, look at Viagra!!! It is a heart drug which helps other things and women are being prescribed it now.

    You know I'm sure that what we are eating/taking is causing stress and depression. My Thyroxine of 200 mg a day has been reduced to 100 mg a day and is no longer depressed or anxious.

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    Thank you for your reply. It gives me hope somehow. How long have you been using Thyroxine?

    Are you working at the moment? I am currently working and this perhaps causes my chest pain as I worry much about work and other things.

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    Hello Burrerifort

    All the symptoms you describe are very, very familiar to me because I have experienced them too. I had a major depressive/anxiety phase when my first DC1 was born, and I was diagnosed with Post Natal Depression, and everything you've listed is everything I felt too.

    But, I was treated with anti-depressants over a period of 2 years, and I made a complete recovery and was completely fine for the next 10 years.

    Then after a very stressful 18 months, I found myself starting to slide back into anxiety/depression just before Xmas last year. And once again I'm on anti-depressants (amitriptyline) - and just like you I find it very difficult to feel anything for my husband or children, I can't enjoy doing anything 'nice' or anything at all, really and I'm worried sick that this is going to last forever.

    Objectively I know it's NOT, but I'm not really capable of being objective at the moment.

    I'm certain you are not schizophrenic, your psychiatrist is an expert in this field, and they would know, and they would tell you I promise. It's very, very common for certain medicines to be prescribed for a variety of different conditions.

    I am currently taking beta blockers for my anxiety, and technically they're NOT liscened for anxiety, but they are very regularly prescribed for anxiety nonetheless (I have a friend who is a GP, and she told me this).

    I also take amitriptyline for my anxiety, even though it's actually an anti-depressant - but myself, my GP and my CBT counsellor all agree that I'm not depressed, but amitriptyline is well known to be very beneficial for people suffering with anxiety.

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    what you are experiencing is the usual symptoms of depression and are perfectly"normal" It is not your fault and there is no need to make it worse by feeling bad about feeling bad. Trust me I have been there many times. I am looking at the concept of mindfulness at the moment- I think it will help you too. Good luck
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    Hi burriefort

    I have been n Thyroxine for about 5 years now and I am still working - hoping to win the lottery any day now. ol

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    Hi liz54943

    thank you very much for your comforting words. I almost cried here at work when I was reading your text. I cannot keep my tears. I just pulled them back otherwise people here at work will look supprised.

    I wish you will get happy very soon. I have the same thoughts as you have now. It seems that I will never get better.

    I see that you have a CBT counsellor. Do you think it will help if I get one as well?

    I have a lot of difficulties at work. I cannot concentrate and do my work easily. I thought to stay at home but my wife said that I get sick whenever I stay at home on long leaves. But at work I am not concentrating either.

    This weekend I was worrying a lot as I thought I cannot do my work and I was getting chest pain.

    I will check with my doctor to see if I can get the same medication "amitriptyline" as you are getting.

    I don't know why I worry so much about my work that I cannot do it or that I might get fired. I just want to stop worrying about these wordly things: like work, having friends, etc. I want to find pease in my mind and body.

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    Hi howie74276, thank you as well for your comforting words. I will have a look at concept of mindfulness. Is there any book about it? Where are you reading it?
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    I'm sorry I think I posted in the wrong forum. Good luck to all and stay close, it helps…xx
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    Hi again. The book I am reading is called The Mindful Way through depression. Its written by 4 guys and comes with a meditaion CD. I am trying to do away with anti-depressants as they are not working, but thinking differently is having some effects at the moment. Good luck
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    Hi, I'm no doctor I've experienced some of the same things you have.  Sounds like you are depressed and you might be dealing with a little bit of an inferiority complex.  Just because you feel like you havent accomplished anyything and people dont respect you doesn't mean your paranoid.  You might just be comparing yourself to others or be measuring yourself against an unconscious yardstick your ego uses to gauge where you are in least that's what i did to myself for years and it created a lot of feelings of loneliness and darkness.
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