Diagnosed with a few ovarian cysts and have a doctors appointment tomorrow...

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This past Thursday I went to my urgent care thinking I had appendicitis, but instead they told me they found three ovarian cysts. The largest one is 10cm and the other ones are 2.7cm and 1.5cm. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to see what the next step is.

My question is, will I need surgery? I am a little scared because I have never had any type of surgery or any type of problem like this. I have been reading these forums and it feels good to know that my symptoms are normal and other people are going through the same thing.

I have been experiencing bloating for a very long time, about two months ago, I switched birth control methods from Ortho Evra to the Depo Provera. Since then, I have lost about 10lbs but my stomach has been feeling bloated and the 10lbs that came off have not shown at all. I do not know if 10 lbs is enough to show a difference, but I believe so (correct me if I'm wrong). I feel like I look like I am pregnant when I have my tummy to its full extent. If I do have surgery will my stomach go back to feeling and looking normal?

Any information will help : )

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    Hi kelso-kels

    Sounds as though the cysts you describe may need surgery. But you don't need to worry as you won't know anything about the surgery as you will be given anaesthetic. Afterwards your shape should be as it was before, as mine was. You sound quite young so you should recover quickly and feel much better once the cysts have been removed.

    It's a common complaint and a routine operation for the surgeons so try not to worry about it you will be in safe hands.

    Ann X

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    I think you will be offered surgery because of the size and also your symptoms. They might be able to do keyhole which is less invasive and shorter recovery time but if not open surgery is around 12 weeks recovery. It's major surgery and is scary but my experience is symptoms disappeared and life after recovery was back to normal. They will put you under and give you excellent pain relief so you won't feel anything. I'm awaiting surgery for my second large cyst. I can't wait to feel normal again. Your dr should explain everything that will happen etc and always ask questions if you're not sure but also feel free to ask me anything about surgery (I had open in 2012), recovery etc. Good luck!
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    Sorry to gate crash the convo ladies who have had a cyst removed before can you help?

    I had a large cyst removed by laprosocopy a week and 3 days ago.

    I am still suffering with aches and pains all over my body particulaly my back and legs

    . My diaphram feels very swollen still and my ribs feel bruised on the inside? I had diahorrea these last few days and my tummy is very upset .

    is any of this normal? I feel like im unable to do anything without being physically exhsused and aching everywhere. I also have constamt night sweats!

    Did you experience any of this?

    Thankyou any response would be much appreciated

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    Hi! I am hoping someone can help! Right before my cyst was found (days before) I had a panic attack. It was found on a routine exam, they did an ultrasound on it and then didn't tell me much, just that I had a cyst on the right ovary and to have another ultrasound done mid April to check it. But, all month I have been having muscle aches and weaknesses everywhere, urges to urinate and pains in my stomach and vagina walls at times and that I also got my period a week early. Then, this past week I feel very bloated like my stomachs full, I've lost about 12+ lbs, which has me at like 96 lbs or less!! Also, I can't seem to push my stool out all the time, and today it seemed like I was peeing funny, not my normal stream. Is this normal? Should I be worried? I think I'm going to call my gynecologist doctors office and ask more because I was never even told the size of this cyst or anything!!
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    kelso_kels, I think you will have to have surgery as generally, very large cysts don't go down on their own sad

    "Large" is anything above 5cm. I currently have a 12cm X 9cm cyst at the moment and I am currently going through the processes. Just had an MRI last week and now waiting on results and surgery date. Like you I have never had surgery either sad

    Did the Dr tell you what type of cyst you had? Functional, Complex, Dermoid etc?

    Sboverly, weird you say about panic attacks as I have been having "almost" panic attacks where I just get random waves of panic for no reason sometimes since I have had my cyst, maybe that is linked.

    I get lots of muscle aches, random pains and I need to wee ALL THE TIME lol drives me nuts!

    I have lost some weight with my cyst as well, although not as much as you. Maybe 1 or 2lbs. I put this down to not being able to eat as much as I have lost my appetite and I can't eat much without being so stuffed I want to cry. I can manage about half of what I used to eat..... can't wait to get it out so that I can start eating again! hahaha

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    I had my doctors appointment today and the doctor said I will probably need surgery, but she couldn't tell me very much so I have to go to a specialist and the doctor that will be preforming my surgery. I have a transvaginal ultrasound on Wednesday, so we'll see how that goes.I still don't know what type of cyst it is, the CT Scan was very vague so I will know more on Wednesday.

    I did ask the doctor what kind of surgery I would most likely get and she said a laprosocopy. Also, the doctor said to take some stool softener medicine so I went and got that and it also has a small bit of laxitives and so far that has helped a little bit.

    I can't wait to feel normal again also, aliceb; and thank you!

    Beccy53756, I too have loss of appetite sometimes, and I can't decide if I'm hungry or not so I just eat when I feel like I should. It's very annoying because of the constant bloating feeling rolleyes

    I went grocery shopping with my boyfriend today after the appointment, thinking I would feel well enough, but after a while I started getting really hot and my stomach was hurting a lot! I am not sure if this is because I didn't have enough to eat today, or I just did too much. All I did was walk around the store, but It felt like so much more. I actually feel really good right now and I am kind of surprised.

    I had actually gone into the doctors office a few weeks ago because I thought I had a UTI since I was peeing all the time, at least now I know the reason ahaa.

    Thank you for all the replies!

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