Diagnosed with anxiety....I want to know peoples physical symptoms

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I wrote on here a couple of days ago that I think I may have anxiety. I went to my doctor today and told her all my symptoms and didn't mention anxiety (because I wanted to see if she would come up with that conclusion on her own) and sure enough she told me I had anxiety. She felt my back and told me that was truly shocked at how tense my muscles were and said that she thinks I'll need physical therapy just to get my neck back to where it was. I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that this is indeed anxiety because of all the physical symptoms I have so I'm going to list the long list of symptoms I have and then you tell me if you have similar ones. I've had medical problems for over a year so I'll start from my first symptoms.

About a year ago I had

Shortness of breath

Books (haven't had one in a while but was getting them all the time)

Stomach pain(thought I had ulcers these symptoms have also gotten much better and now I just get bloaded)


Memory loss

Now my new symptoms that started about 3 weeks ago and all came down on me at oncw and literally had me feeling like I was dying

Heart palpitations ( these would only last about 10 secs and it happened about once a day)

Heat flash

Shoulder pain

Neck pain

Feeling like something was swollen in my neck

Pins and needles feeling everywhere

Extreme itching with no rash ( this symptom has literally been driving me mad)

Brain fog (had this bad today I kept dropping things and it felt likw my brain was not working)


Feeling in my head like a balloon is inflating

Then like right now my head will Bob around like it's to heavy for my neck.

I don't know to me this seems like a lot to just be anxiety but I guess it makes sense because I have high levels of stress in my life and in my job like way more then what someone should be dealing with so I can understand how I would develop this I'm just having a hard time excepting that my symptoms are just anxiety.

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    Books as meant to be boils lol
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    Heart palpitations that last all day until I sleep, about 2 seconds but comes non stop.

    De realization that will come on in a second and last for a couple hours

    Feels like I'm dreaming

    Shaky legs

    Tired all the time


    Those are just the common ones that come to mind

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      See and I've had that de realization feeling all day today and I can't shake it. I was even worried about driving today because I was in that foggy mind frame but I needed to go to the doctor. When you have the de realization do you bump into things like is your coordination all off

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      Yea I do, I can't remember the exact post but it really helped me to overcome it, the biggest thing is to just "let it be" don't freak out or worry about it

      Just watch a movie or 2 at home and realize it's just panic disorder acting up and it always goes away soon

      The real best cure is sleep but I have sleep anxiety and the last thing I can do when any anxiety symptom is present is nap

      Movies always help or video game

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      See I guess that's one good thing that I haven't seemed to have gotten with my anxiety is any sleeping issues. Fortunately I sleep quit well. I did just drink a ton of water because I looked it up and it looks like dehydration can be a issue with anxiety and I feel a ton better so I'll continue with the water and hopefully that will help. I have hard time watching movies anymore it's been really hard for me to sit still the whole time.

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      I'm tired a lot of the time, I'm just very nocturnal and get anxiety about sleeping when the sun is out for some reason but when I do sleep it's 12 hours+ easily haha.. Without an alarm

      Water is great I've been drinking around a gallon a day for several years since I stopped all suger or caffeinated beverages water always calms me down.

      my great grandma contributed her long life of no health problems to drinking plenty of water she died a week after telling me at the age of 98 in her sleep, so I've always been very into water since then haha

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    Let's see

    Shaking (arms, legs, whole body) sometimes I wake up shaking.

    Muscle pain


    Stiff neck

    Heart palpitations

    Nightmares/not sleeping



    Tingling (especially hands and feet)

    Sore muscles

    Weak hands

    Weak legs

    I'm probably forgetting some because I've had so many!

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      Ya I think I'm forgetting stuff as well. Another concern of mine and this is a personal question and I'm not sure if the two are linked but I'm wondering if you or maybe if you've herd if its common but sometimes I bleed in-between periods can that happen from stress or anxiety. I asked my obgyn and he said it was spotting from ovulation but I don't think that's it because I will bleed like a whole nother period.

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    Hi Tricia I know exactly what you're going through when I first started eight years ago I had a medical problem they found I had tachycardia took medicine for my heart inside you went away it's now back again usually by end of day I'm feeling myself because I just keep myself going in the mornings that's worth like right now my neck and head feel like somebody squeezing it together I have palpitations all the time it is tough but it takes time to get to the root of the problem but once you get it under control you will be ok I don't take my medicine I'm very sensitive to them anytime I brought it doesn't feel right that's what makes me go into anything so they just make me worse it just make you tired and calm you down but the symptoms are still there keep your head up and anytime you need to talk I'm here

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      Ya I was prescribed some meds but haven't even taking them yet. I'm trying to tough this out and I'm worried about how these meds will make me feel. I feel so much better today. I drank a ton of water (I'm a caffeine fanatic) and I think have been dehydrated because the water made me feel a ton better.

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      O I'm so sorry, yesterday was my absolute worst day. My neck hurt my head felt like something was swelling in it and so did my neck. I was so dizzy I kept running into things and losing my balance, my vision was all blurry. I just made sure I told myself it's nothing and that I needed to relax and I drank a ton of water. Forced myself to go to sleep ( I had a hard time with that last night my heart kept racing and waking me up in the middle of the night) and then by this morning I felt way better. I'm still a bit light headed and my head still feels like it's inflated but not as bad as yesterday. I hope you feel better soon.

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