Diazepam Withdrawal after short term use?

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Hi. I have a horrible panic disorder and depression.

A couple of months ago I was prescribed Diazepam 2mg which I could take as and when needed. I didn't fancy using it but after a really bad day I took 2mg. It didn't do that much for me but helped me sleep.

Since then, I've had 2mg maybe once or twice a week to start with. I started Citalopram 20mg around the same time was getting increased anxiety and the doctor said I could up my Diazepam to 4mg. I've had this probably no more than once a week, maybe twice a week on the odd occasion.

Now I don't know whether the symptoms I am getting are due to the Citalopram or Diazepam. I was blaming the Citalopram but now I'm beginning to wonder if I'm getting Diazepam withdrawal.

I started getting this awful internal shaking in my legs all the time. I had to keep moving my legs around and couldn't get away from it. I've had new symptoms since being on the drug(s).

About a month ago, it all got terrible. I couldn't sleep all night because of the horrible shaky feeling all over. I'd had 4mg of Diazepam about a week before this. I took 4mg again that morning to try to calm things. The shakiness continued all day but calmed a bit in the night.

I now find if I take 4mg Diazepam, the panic symptoms are still there all the time but are dulled for a few days. Then suddenly about a week later, they become really intense. I have adrenaline rushes going up and down my body like crazy - hideous. And my hands and legs shake.

A couple of days ago, it was horrendous. I'd had Diazepam about 10 days prior do that. The anxiety symptoms were there but muted but on the 10th day, I had unbearable adrelanine rushes up and down my legs, in my arms and hands, in my neck and was so shaky. I tried to play the piano but my shaky hands kept slipping off the keys and I couldn't do it.

I was awake all night, pacing and terrified. There was no way I could sleep. In the morning I took 4mg Diazepam. It calmed things down for a couple of hours but I felt out of it and awful. The adrenaline rushes came back and lasted all day and evening - I was going crazy. Last night I slept about 9 hours - the most sleep I've had since my breakdown 3 months ago. I've woken shaky (hard to type) but less rushes.

I've been blaming the Citalopram for all this but now I'm wondering if I'm experiencing Diazepam withdrawal even though I've only had it on and off for a couple of months and at a low dose.

It's possible my own anxiety has deepened although when it's like this, I have no control over it at all.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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    I'm a mental health nurse. I'm licensed to prescribe drugs. Citalopram may possibly be the cause. I think you should have your blood sodium levels checked as it can cause low sodium and the restless legs can be a symptom of this. Please don't stop the citalopram unless you're asked to, then your GP will help you to reduce the dose, stop and start another drug (eg venlafaxine) if neccessary. Doesn't sound like it's the diazepam to me, though good that you use it sparingly. Good luck!
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      hey, question for you, two nights ago when I woke up in the middle of the night I kept hearing a noise but I couldn't find where it was coming from, and then last night I felt like someone sat on the bed with me but there was no one there, and then when I woke up again I vaguely saw a small boy running down the stairs and its like he approached me and stared for a second and then disappeared. I think I was hallucinating but I'm not sure what from.take 80 mg of Prozac but ive taken that before, and then 4 weeks ago my psychiatrist added 300 mg of Wellbutrin, and then for the past couple days I have taken a 10 mg of valium, is that what caused it? I read that OCD can make you hallicunate, but I'm scared I'm schizophrenic.? I have extreme stress and anxiety and OCD because I stopped taking my medicine everytime I felt better (this is my 4 th time on Prozac) and I've started it again about 5 weeks ago, but feel no relief?

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      hope you can help had awful panic attacks all day. On mirtazapine for 10 days and put on diazepam but only taken 5 or 6 of 2mg tablets. Haven't taken any diazepam today but wondered if should stop taking mirtazapine as although it gets me off to sleep waking up panicky and shaky. Feel desperate. 

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      Hi Samantha im not a Doctor but ive had similiar experience..i would have sleep tests done be evaluated for sleep apnea. Having this can and will have you hallucinate as well as feel an evil presence from time to time simliar to having or feeling something holding you down you cannot wake up. And or waking at night and seeing animals or people that arent really there ..take my advice bring this up to your Dr. And also if and when you see a Dr for sleep analysis he or she can explain more in detail. But my strong Advice sleep apnea. Hope you get answers... not sure how old your posts is or if ypu will see this ..Best Wishes
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    Hi I just found this post , an it is 100%. The diazepam as I lay here going thru the same exact thing.....durning the summer I was prescribed lorazepam an after six weeks use I noticed it was telling me two hours before its time to take next pill that I needed more so I told Doctor I wanted off so he gave me the equivelent to this in valium(diazipam) because it had a longer half life meaning each does stays in your body longer,so I started a tapering program with the Valium first 5 mgs twice a day for a week then 4 mgs day 5 at nite then 4 mgs day an nite then three mgs day 4 nite then three day an nite then two  day 3 nite then two day an nite then 1 day two nite then 1 day an nite then half all a week at a time, the just half once a day for a week, then none about a week later I started to wake up feeling on easy an he gave me two mgs Valium said take them when u feel u need them, wasn't thinking about all I went thru to get off them just wanted the uneasy feeling to go away so I started to take them every 4 days cause that's when this feeling came about inside me like waiting for the other shoe to drop feeling.two wasn't working so I took 4 mgs every time I felt like this which was about 4 days then it went to feeling like this every 3 days then two, then I woke up with my jaw trembling an feeling panicky  an took the Valium but only two mgs cause I didn't want this becoming an issue of depending on them. Then 2 days go by an same thing jaw trembling an insides trembling too, go to the doctor an he gives me clonadine to take away the trembles never telling me that the trembles are Valium withdrawals, so even tho I was on it for a short time an got off it still caused withdrawals the doctor finally admitted it to me that it was that, if I had known that the feelings I was getting we're withdrawals when I was done tapering I would have rode out the onconfortabilness,instead of start taking them again , now it's harder to get off them because I woke up something called gabaa in the brain,an it's looking for these pills, an the clonadine was working till yesterday now I feel the tremors in my jaw coming back an heart beating hard yesterday, an your leg issue could be restless leg syndrome, hope this helped an hope u r doing better,,,
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