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Did anyone else have this? I need reply please

I am 19 years old and I am suffering from Hypochondria and GAD. I have weird diplopia not like other diplopias that are caused by serious illnesses I guess. I want to point out that I have lived with this for 5 years as this was not that problematic for me, but now since I worry about everything I think it is related to smth serious even if it has been 5years with this without getting worse. So I have double vision on nearby objects that are not focused. Lets take an example of my phone. When I look at my phone the phone is one but that background is doubled. If I change my focus to the background object it appears back as one although the phone seems doubled. The nearer the objects the worse the double vision. Can this be related to something else or is it an eye problem? Also I should point out that for many years I've played computer games NON-stop as a child, can that be the cause? I have an eye doctor appointment but it's next month and I am kind of anxious, nervous. Please I would appreciate help a lot.

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